Chapter 1356 - Swift Moves

As the atmosphere in the Northern Domain Plains roared, violent Spiritual Energy suddenly soared into the sky and another ten-odd silhouettes were blown away, spewing blood as they fell to the ground.

“It’s already the eighth wave.” Mu Chen miserably looked at those pitiful fellows. Ever since they stepped into the Northern Domain Plains, this was already the eighth wave that obstructed them.

They weren’t weak, and every single wave practically had a Perfected Earth Sovereign existence. But no matter how they attacked, they couldn’t break through the defense of Long Xiang, Mandala, Ling Xi, and Jiang Long.

As for the Mu Abode, aside from Greater Earth Sovereigns like Liu Tiandao, the rest were here for the show.

As for Mu Chen, he still hasn’t made a single move.

Clearly, those obstructions weren’t sufficient for the Abode Ruler to make a move himself.

“What a bunch of flies!” Mandala coldly said. She was annoyed by these people.

“They’re just trying in waves to exhaust us. The moment our aura is weakened, those eyeing fellows will probably come at us.” Ling Xi gently said.


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