Chapter 1356 - Swift Moves

As the atmosphere in the Northern Domain Plains roared, violent Spiritual Energy suddenly soared into the sky and another ten-odd silhouettes were blown away, spewing blood as they fell to the ground.

“It’s already the eighth wave.” Mu Chen miserably looked at those pitiful fellows. Ever since they stepped into the Northern Domain Plains, this was already the eighth wave that obstructed them.

They weren’t weak, and every single wave practically had a Perfected Earth Sovereign existence. But no matter how they attacked, they couldn’t break through the defense of Long Xiang, Mandala, Ling Xi, and Jiang Long.

As for the Mu Abode, aside from Greater Earth Sovereigns like Liu Tiandao, the rest were here for the show.

As for Mu Chen, he still hasn’t made a single move.

Clearly, those obstructions weren’t sufficient for the Abode Ruler to make a move himself.

“What a bunch of flies!” Mandala coldly said. She was annoyed by these people.

“They’re just trying in waves to exhaust us. The moment our aura is weakened, those eyeing fellows will probably come at us.” Ling Xi gently said.

“Then let them come, we’ll see who gets the last laugh.” Long Xiang sinisterly smiled with Spiritual Energy fluctuating around him that occasionally formed into the image of a dragon-elephant, emanating a terrifying power that trembled space.

Jiang Long tucked his arms together. These opponents clearly couldn’t enter his eyes. After all, the opponents that he fought in the past were all Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns. Although it was due to the Black Dragon Army as an entity, he could also be considered as someone that has already widened his view.

“We can be considered to be in the Northern Domain Plains now, and these fellows are starting to be fearful.” Mu Chen gently smiled. He could sense that the obstructions were beginning to decrease. Evidently, after the eighth wave of failure, these fellow have started to lose their morale.

“Let’s go and directly head towards the depths.” Mu Chen smiled and traveled with his hands behind his back, looking at ease. It’s as if those surrounding gazes were nothing.

Evidently, it was because Mu Chen was getting impatient, causing the experts of the Northern Domain Plains to feel fearful and they did not dare to be as fearless as they were before.

Through the numerous confrontations, they could already tell that although the Mu Abode’s strength, in general, wasn’t weak, their top-tiered experts were extremely powerful.

None of those four Perfected Earth Sovereigns were easy opponents, and they could be considered elites, even amongst the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

According to their estimations, they would need at least eight Perfected Earth Sovereigns to stop those four generals.

Furthermore… that didn’t include the deep and unfathomable Mu Abode’s Ruler.

Although Mu Chen only seemed to be at the Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, none of them were foolish. They had received the news that it was this young and mysterious Abode Ruler that made three Elders of the Violet Cloud Sect into Lesser Earth Sovereigns…

Such means could be claimed as unusual.

“This Mu Abode is truly something…”

“They’re pretty capable, no wonder they’re here for the Overlord position. But their greatest obstruction isn’t these people, but the three Overlords in the depths of the Northern Domain Plains…”

“Yeah, those three are existences that have already come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Their strength isn’t something that an ordinary Perfected Earth Sovereign could be compared to. Perhaps in their eyes, the fight here is merely a game.”

“It’s a pity that this Mu Abode will still fail in the end.”


Many forces discussed amongst themselves as they looked at the intruding party. Even if the Mu Abode managed to knock down eight waves, no one was favorable about them.

That’s because the three Overlord forces’ foundations in the Northern Domain was too sturdy.

The party of the Mu Abode traveled through the Northern Domain Plains. Although they weren’t quick, those obstructing their path retreated like the receding tides.

They had realised the gap between them after witnessing the Mu Abode’s strength. So if they went up, then they would only end up like those unfortunate fellows from before.

Thus, the Mu Abode’s party easily reached the depths without any obstructions.

When he arrived in this region, Mu Chen could sense that although the forces have decreased, their quality has risen.

Clearly, anyone that could be here was somewhat famous in the Northern Domain, so they’re naturally powerful.

However, Mu Chen’s expression did not change just because the other party had grown stronger. He led everyone, cutting into the Northern Domain Plains like a sharp blade.

But surprisingly, no one made a move and let him pass through.

When Mandala saw this scene, she wasn’t feeling happy. Her brows were knitted because she could sense that those people were looking at them with ridiculing eyes.

Judging from the looks of it, it was as if there’s a good show waiting for them.

Mandala turned to look at Mu Chen, who did not have any change in his expression as he moved forth with his hands behind his back.

Thus, she also did not speak anymore as she followed him.

After traveling for a long time, the surrounding experts started to retreat and revealed a barren ground with nine people coldly looking at them.

The nine of them emanated powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations that even caused space to tremble.

Those nine were Perfected Earth Sovereigns and even elites! It was truly intimidating with this formation gathered here.

Mandala, Ling Xi, Long Xiang, and Jiang Long’s eyes narrowed at the nine of them before their expressions gradually turned serious. Clearly, they could sense pressure from the nine of them.

“They’re experts of the Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion. It looks like they finally couldn’t hold back from joining forces to stop us here.” Mandala solemnly said.

Those that obstructed them were the forces under the three Overlords, but the real experts have finally appeared.

Casting a glance over, it was indeed as Mandala had said. Amongst the nine, three of them wore violet bandages, three grey bandages, and three wearing gold bandages.

“These people are practically the strongest amongst the three forces, aside from their leaders.” Mandala explained with a grave expression, which Mu Chen lightly nodded, but his expression did not change.

“A small Mu Abode also dares to rule the Northern Domain? You guys are just courting death!” When they stepped into the region, those nine Perfected Earth Sovereigns cast their glazes over and coldly hollered.

“Scram out of the Northern Domain Plains and hand over the Ancient Haven Palace. Do that, and we’ll let you leave. Otherwise, your Mu Abode will be erased after today!”

Their voices echoed between the heavens and earth, attracting the attention of the other forces. When they saw the nine silhouettes blocking the way, they were dumbfounded. They could naturally tell that those nine were practically just beneath the three leaders…

It looked like the footsteps of the Mu Abode would be stopped here.

“Impudent!” Long Xiang coldly smiled as he looked at the nine silhouettes with a savage gaze. The roars of a Dragon-Elephant echoed around him with dense killing intent flickering in his eyes.

As Ling Xi moved, countless spiritual seals flickered. Mandala, on the other hand, brought out a thorny black whip and Jiang Long also started to unleash a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

Evidently, they’re preparing for a battle.

But just when they were about to move, Mu Chen gently waved his hand. “Let me handle this.”

The nine of them weren’t weak, they were on the same level as Mandala and the rest. In addition to their advantage in numbers, even Mandala and the rest couldn’t obtain much advantage.

Furthermore, they had also experienced many obstructions along the way, which had gradually awakened the killing intent in Mu Chen’s heart. It looked like the three Overlord forces were determined to erase their Mu Abode.

Since that’s the case, then there’s no need for him to hold back against them.

Mu Chen’s expression was calm before he slowly stood out without any fluctuation. He slowly walked towards the nine of them.

“Arrogant!” When the nine Perfected Earth Sovereigns saw that Mu Chen actually dared to come at them alone, their eyes coldly flashed as they sneered, “If you don’t get lost in three breaths, the Northern Domain Plains will be your grave!”

However, Mu Chen did not respond to that, but continued to walk.

“You’re courting death!” Seeing how their speech was ignored, rage rose in the hearts of the nine Perfected Earth Sovereigns.

“Since you want to die, then we’ll fulfill your wish!” Two Perfected Earth Sovereigns couldn’t hold it back and roared with laughter. Stomping their feet, their figures charged towards Mu Chen along with powerful Spiritual Energy.

Two powerful jabs of Spiritual Energy burst out from them and struck against Mu Chen’s body.

The ground trembled, and space fluctuated. However, Mu Chen remained unmoved with spiritual light flickering on his body. Not even the ferocious attacks from two Perfected Earth Sovereigns caused any damage to him.

The faces of those two Perfected Earth Sovereigns suddenly changed, and when their faces changed, Mu Chen’s silhouette suddenly appeared above them with lustre bursting out from the Divine Pagoda in his eyes.

Without any expression, he gently stretched his hand out and made a slapping motion.

A palm had pierced through space and brushed through the head of a Perfected Earth Sovereign, while another hand was gently pushed towards the chest of another Perfected Earth Sovereign.

Two palm winds gently blew and Mu Chen’s silhouette easily passed through the two Perfected Earth Sovereigns as he patted his hands.

Boom! One of the two Perfected Earth Sovereigns had his head burst apart with blood splatting out, while the other one had his chest caved in with blood and flesh splattering from his back.

The commotion here had instantly turned quiet and the countless people had widened with eyes with fear on their faces.

No one had imagined that two Perfected Earth Sovereign actually couldn’t even last a single move from Mu Chen and were killed.

Furthermore, Mu Chen’s decisiveness and ruthlessness had caused a dense chill to rise in their hearts.

Countless gazes were looking at the calm Mu Chen in fear. The latter had remained calm, as if he was just slapping two flies.

At this moment, they finally realised how deep and unfathomable this youthful silhouette was…

His strength had also far exceeded the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

And under those gazes of astonishment, Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the seven remaining Perfected Earth Sovereigns with his voice echoing out with a shivering chill, “All of you can come together.”

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