Chapter 1354 - The Assembly's Arrival

The atmosphere in the Northern Region was elated and fiery. It was due to the appearance of Mu Chen, the mysterious Ruler of the Mu Abode, and his ambition to let the Mu Abode become one of the Overlords of the Northern Domain.

His ambition has caused a significant ripple in the entire Northern Region, causing an uproar in the entire Northern Domain.

In a city in the Northern Region

The inn in this city had also been intense due to the fiery atmosphere in the entire Northern Region.

The hot topic discussed here was also regarding the Mu Abode's intention in becoming one of the Overlords of the Northern Domain…

"Hmph, I'll say this, that Abode Ruler is too arrogant. The Northern Domain is vast, and the water runs deep. Although the Mu Abode has unified the Northern Region, it's around mid-tier in the Northern Domain. The Mu Abode will surely fail to compete with the three powers!"

"At that time, I'm afraid that the rage of the Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and Golden Eagle Mansion will turn the entire Northern Region into a river of bloo...

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