Chapter 1353 - Transaction with the Hidden Scripture Pavilion

Space distorted before Mu Chen, and in the next instant, his view brightened up. It had turned into a starry sky with countless streaks of comets flying through the sky that had long tails.

Mu Chen knew that there must be extraordinary Divine Abilities, Cultivation Techniques, or even Sovereign Celestial Bodies in those comets.

He looked at the space before him in puzzlement. He had genuinely sensed the calling of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion a moment ago, which was why he followed the fluctuation.

However, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion was usually hidden in the Ancient Haven Palace, and only appeared when it found a suitable candidate to enjoy this fortune.

But he had entered here once before, so he had no idea why the Hidden Scripture Pavilion would call him this time.

Just as he felt puzzlement, space distorted and ancient text appeared before him. "You have a Divine Ability that's not in my records."

Mu Chen was stunned when he looked at those words. So it was his Divine Ability that had been noticed by the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. But there were so many...

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