Chapter 1352 - The Triving Mu Abode

“We’re going to compete for the Overlord position of the Northern Domain?" Mu Chen's voice had caused many people to be dumbfounded. They were clearly shocked by Mu Chen's ambitious plan.

After all, the Northern Region was only considered mid-tier in the Northern Domain. In terms of strength, it's practically impossible for them to get a dip in the fight. After all, even if Mu Chen was compelling, the Mu Abode was too weak and only had Mandala at the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

Looking at everyone's shocked expressions, Mu Chen faintly smiled before he pointed towards Ling Xi and Long Xiang. "Long Xiang and Ling Xi will join the Mu Abode as well. One of them is a Perfected Earth Sovereign, while the other is a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar."

They have already witnessed Long Xiang's strength, so no one was surprised. But when they heard that the white-dressed woman was a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar, they instantly exclaimed in shock as they looked at the latter.

While everyone was shocked, Mu Chen waved his sleeve and a spiritual light flickered before a robust silhouette...

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