Chapter 1351 - Power Struggle in the Northern Domain

“Violet Cloud Sect…” Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Mandala’s expression turned grave before she shot a glance outside the hall and said, “Those three old geezers are Elders of the Violet Cloud Sect with important positions. You're really generous to let them go."

After all, those three were Perfected Earth Sovereigns, which they could use to deter the Violet Cloud Sect from making any actions.

"They're practically crippled for a year, and their strength is only that of a Lesser Earth Sovereign." Mu Chen smiled before he continued, "The seal I left in them cannot be erased unless a Heavenly Sovereign makes a move."

Although he spoke gently, his words had caused everyone's hearts in the hall to jolt with astonishment. This method from their Ruler was too terrifying. He's just a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, and yet the seal he left required a Heavenly Sovereign to remove it?

Mandala was also astonished as she cast a glance at Mu Chen. She never expected that the latter would already be so powerful, and if that's the case, there's nothing she had to worry about with those three geezers.

Before absolute strength, petty tricks were not required.

"You also know that our Northern Region is only a portion of the Northern Domain. Although we have united the Northern Region, our strength can only be considered as mid-tier in the Northern Domain." Mandala said slowly.

Mu Chen nodded his head. The Greatlaw Continent was, after all, a Supercontinent of the Great Thousand World. The scale of this continent was something hardly seen, even in the Great Thousand World, so there were naturally as many forces here as the stars in the sky.

Amongst those forces, there were some that were deep and unfathomable.

"Our Northern Domain has three strong forces right now, the Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion. They're the titans in the Northern Domain with more than 80% of the territories in this domain under their rule." Mandala explained.

"The Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion…" Mu Chen nodded his head. In the past, he had never heard of those names before due to the Northern Region being too chaotic and weak, which resulted in the fact that no top-tiered force tried to dip a hand in their Northern Region.

Now that the Northern Region was unified and was starting to grow stronger with a Perfected Earth Sovereign like Mandala, they have started to pay attention to the Northern Region. Thus, it attracted the recruitment from the Violet Cloud Sect.

"How's the strength of the Violet Cloud Sect?" Mu Chen asked. The Violet Cloud Sect would surely not let this matter rest, so he had to be prepared for whatever may come.

"The Violet Cloud Sect has six Grand Elders, all of them are at the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, like the three from before."

Mu Chen nodded his head, having six Perfected Earth Sovereigns was truly powerful. Even the Xia Empire and Saint Demonic Palace that he had previously encountered, which were quite famous in the Greatlaw Continent, were weak in comparison.

It looked like he had underestimated the Greatlaw Continent in the past.

"Naturally, those six Grand Elders aren't the strongest, but the Sect Master of the Violet Cloud Sect, Violet Cloud Lord. He has been at the Pinnacle Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm for a long time, and rumors have it that he has already started to come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. His strength is so terrifying that he isn't something that a Perfected Earth Sovereign could compete against." As she spoke, Mandala's eyes flushed up with fear.

In the Great Thousand World, there were many experts that have stopped at the level of Perfected Earth Sovereign, and only a few of them could come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. That’s because achieving that step would require them to open up a gate towards the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, so that they had a chance of breaking into that realm in the future.

"He’s starting to come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm?" Mu Chen's gaze flashed with a peculiar light when he heard that before he pondered, "There isn't any Heavenly Sovereign existence in the Northern Domain?"

With his experience and view expanding, he started to find it weird. Many forces should covet a continent like the Greatlaw Continent. So why was the Greatlaw Continent still without an owner after so many years?

It didn't make sense that the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Great Thousand World would let the ample resources of the Greatlaw Continent go untouched.

"Perhaps there a few Heavenly Sovereigns somewhere in the Greatlaw Continent." Mandala shook her head before she continued with a smile, "No, speaking it exactly, the amount of Heavenly Sovereigns paying attention to the Greatlaw Continent is probably outside your imagination."

Mu Chen was briefly stunned before he figured out what was going on. "Looks like many forces have their eyes on the Greatlaw Continent…"

The Greatlaw Continent was a piece of fat meat that even the other forces of the Great Thousand World would covet after. However, there were too many competitors to this piece of fatty meat, which was why no forces managed to dominate it. In this manner, it had formed into a balance instead, with the forces keeping each other in check, resulting in the Greatlaw Continent not being unified.

Mandala nodded her head. "The forces that have their eyes on the Greatlaw Continent even formed a pact that no Heavenly Sovereigns are to descend onto the Greatlaw Continent. This has allowed a competition to exist in the Greatlaw Continent until an overlord appears."

Mu Chen's eyes squinted. If that's the case, wouldn't those top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent have the backing of a supreme force standing behind them?

Seeing Mu Chen's gaze, Mandala helplessly sighed as she nodded her head, "Indeed, the Violet Cloud Sect, Thunder Note Mountain, and Golden Eagle Mansion each have a supreme force backing them up."

"For years now, the three forces have been trying to fight for the Northern Domain's Overlord position, and next month is the date of the power struggle. According to their pact, the losers will have to withdraw from the Northern Domain."

"No wonder they're so aggressive." Mu Chen knitted his brows. No wonder the Violet Cloud Sect would be so arrogant, so they have a supreme force backing them up.

It looked like he had underestimated the waters in the Greatlaw Continent. Initially, he still thought that there were no supreme forces in the Greatlaw Continent. Who knew that many supreme forces have already eyed this continent. It's like a game of chess, which the past him and the Great Havenlaw Domain weren't qualified to become a chess piece on the chessboard.

If that's the case, then the appearance of the Ancient Haven Palace must have attracted a lot of attention as well, it’s just that the appearance of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor had deterred them.

However, the complicated situation in the Greatlaw Continent did not make Mu Chen feel fearful. He was no longer a fledging, and he wasn't afraid of anyone beneath the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Not even those Perfected Earth Sovereigns that have come in contact with the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

As for those supreme forces, he's currently the Demon Slayer King of the Great Thousand Palace. Although he didn't possess the authority of one, the Great Thousand Palace had acknowledged his status.

This was undoubtedly an excellent protection talisman, and if those forces and Heavenly Sovereigns wanted to touch him, they would have to consider the Great Thousand Palace's thoughts.

Not to mention that he still had the stone talisman of the Martial Ancestor.

Whether in terms of his cultivation or other factors, he was no longer comparable to the past. In the past, those things that were unimaginable to him could be accomplished right now.

"How much income has our Mu Abode made in the past year?" Mu Chen suddenly asked as he looked at Mandala.

Mandala was briefly stunned upon hearing Mu Chen's words, before she replied after a brief ponder, "The current scale of the Mu Abode has about three hundred million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid per year."

"Three hundred million…" Mu Chen gently shook his head. He had the Black Dragon Army, which was a bottomless abyss that required a terrifying yearly amount of eight hundred million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Not to mention the Eight-Divisional Pagoda that wasn't inferior to the Three Pures. Although it had a terrifying might, he also needed to spend a horrifying amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to use it.

According to his estimation, he would probably exhaust about one billion annually to maintain the existence of his Black Dragon Army and Eight-Divisional Pagoda.

Evidently, this scale of consumption wasn't something that the Mu Abode could support.

Mu Chen's gaze lightly flickered before he asked again, "How much can the Violet Cloud Sect earn in a year, then?"

Mandala turned to look at the Sky Vulture Emperor, since he currently held the intelligence of the Mu Abode.

The Sky Vulture Emperor swiftly replied, "Reporting back to Abode Ruler, a scale like the Violet Cloud Sect has roughly about 1.5 billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid a year as profits."

"1.5 billion drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquids…" A smile appeared on Mu Chen's face. It looked like it would be able to bear his consumption and even help the Mu Abode expand.

Seeing Mu Chen suddenly smiling, Mandala felt puzzled before she sourly replied, " Right now, you better think of how to deal with the Violet Cloud Sect. They surely won't let this matter rest.

"Furthermore, you've shown such great strength, and I'm afraid that our Mu Abode will be in the eyes of the three titans of the Northern Domain right now. At that time, I'm afraid that we'll be facing more problems."

The other experts of the Mu Abode nodded their heads. The Violet Cloud Sect was one of the titans in the Northern Domain, which made them feel extreme pressure. But Mu Chen wasn't worried about that.

Mu Chen smiled. "There's nothing to worry about… The power struggle for the Northern Domain will start in a month, right?"

Mandala nodded her head, but she had no idea what he was intending to do.

With a smile, Mu Chen's voice echoed throughout the palace that left everyone dumbfounded, "Then, I've decided. This time, our Mu Abode will participate in the power struggle of the Northern Domain to become the Overlord!"

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