Chapter 1350 - Subdue

The entire hall was quiet. Everyone was intimidated by the pressure coming from the youthful silhouette, whether it was the three experts of the Violet Cloud Sect or the experts of the Mu Abode.

Liu Tiandao and the rest were dumbfounded. They still hadn't recovered from the power that Mu Chen has shown.

That’s because they knew Mu Chen for a long time, and when Liu Tiandao first met Mu Chen, he was still holding a grudge for his son. At that time, Mu Chen was just an ant in his eyes that he could easily kill with a flip of his hand.

However, who could have expected that in just a few years, the ant in their eyes would grow at such unprecedented speed? Right now, he had already surpassed all of them.

Watching that youthful silhouette, Liu Tiandao sighed deep in his heart. The reluctance that he had in his heart had been completely erased.

As for the rest, they were squinting their eyes as they started to look at Mu Chen' silhouette with revere.

Back then, when the Northern Region Alliance established the Mu Abode, they were actually unhappy that they had to take Mu Chen as their Ruler. However, while they had to comply due to the pressure of Mandala, they were resentful about it in their hearts. After all, Mu Chen had just broken through to the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm a year ago.

But the resentment in their hearts had disappeared when Mu Chen treated the three Perfected Earth Sovereigns like sandbags.

At this moment, they finally knew why Mandala wanted Mu Chen to be the Mu Abode's Ruler, it’s because his potential was too terrifying.

He had already reached the Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm at his age and even had the ability to fight with a genuine Perfected Earth Sovereign. They couldn't imagine how terrifying he would be when he reached the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

With someone like him as the Mu Abode's Ruler, they're the ones hugging his leg, in some sense.

After all, not even those forces with Heavenly Sovereigns would look at them if they joined their forces, since Lesser Earth Sovereigns could only be considered as a middle power in those forces.

But at this moment, they were actually rejoicing that they were lucky to become part of the higher hierarchy when the Mu Abode was formed back then.

Thinking about it, they couldn't help looking at Mandala with respect in their eyes, since they were impressed by her foresight.

Sensing their gazes, Mandala's rosy lips were raised. She knew that Mu Chen's potential was good, but she never expected that he would step into the Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm in just a year.

She looked at Mu Chen with a complicated gaze. According to what she felt, Mu Chen's fighting prowess had probably exceeded her.

At the same time, she felt ineffable. After all, Mu Chen was the one that would use her as a shield in the past, and she would provide him with protection. But the current situation was completely turned around, making her feel complicated.

However, Mu Chen had no idea what the rest were feeling. His gaze was fixated on the three trembling geezers.

"Ruler Mu, we're only envoys, and no matter what grudges the two forces have, it's not right to kill envoys!" Zi Tianbei said in a trembling voice with his face ashen under Mu Chen's indifference gaze. With his Spiritual Energy sealed, he was no different from an ordinary old man that could be easily killed under Mu Chen's rage.

"I don't think you talked that way earlier." Mu Chen smiled. Zi Tianbei was acting so arrogantly earlier when he thought that no one here could stop him.

Zi Tianbei bitterly smiled in his heart. He never expected that there would be such a terrifying person in the tiny Mu Abode. From their previous clash, it only lasted for an instant, and the three of them were subdued. Mu Chen's fighting strength was simply terrifying, and if he knew about this before, he wouldn't dare to act so arrogantly, even if he had ten more guts.

"This old man was blind earlier. I had no idea of Ruler Mu's might. It was a lesson that I deserved." Zi Tianbei forced a smile. His appearance right now was drastically different from before.

"You do know how to be tactful." Seeing this geezer being so shameless, Mu Chen shook his head and smiled.

The other experts of the Mu Abode felt greatly relieved in their hearts when they saw this.

"Go back and tell this to your Violet Cloud Sect. Although my Mu Abode will not cause any trouble, we're not afraid of one either. If you guys think that my Mu Abode is a pushover, then I'll experience for myself how powerful your sect is." Mu Chen faintly smiled.

Zi Tianbei could only repeatedly nod his head. He did not dare to refute him.

"Get lost." Mu Chen also couldn't be bothered to speak anymore. He had no intention of making these three stay. Firstly, the three of them had a seal on them that would cause them to be extremely weakened for the next year.

"Yes, yes. We'll take out leave." Zi Tianbei felt greatly relieved upon hearing that, so he quickly left with the other two. As for the seal on them, they weren't too bothered about it, since their Sect Master should be able to resolve it.

Mu Chen looked at their departing silhouettes and the corner of his lips were raised. Did those three really think that his seal would be so easy to break? As long as their Sect Master was not at the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, then even their Sect Master wouldn't be able to resolve the seal.

After intimidating the envoys of the Violet Cloud Sect to leave, Mu Chen then turned around and asked, "Where's Nine Nether?"

He couldn't sense Nine Nether's aura in the entire Mu Abode.

"Not long after you left for the West Heaven Continent, she returned to the Nine Nether Bird Clan. She seems to have been triggered by your cultivating speed and intended to start her evolution path and want to see if she could evolve into the Primordial Undying Bird." Mandala explained.

Mu Chen nodded his head. Nine Nether possessed the dense bloodline of the Undying Bird, so there's a great chance for her evolution. If she really managed to evolve, her bloodline would undergo a considerable change, and she would evolve into a genuine Primordial Undying Bird that's akin to a Heavenly Sovereign.

The cultivating path of Divine Beasts was unusual, to begin with. Some couldn't evolve even after hundreds and thousands of years, but if they managed to evolve, it would be taking a step to ascend the heavens.

"You've worked hard for the Mu Abode." Mu Chen turned to look around at the experts in the hall and sighed. For the past year, Mandala must have spent quite a great deal of effort to expand the Mu Abode.

But Mandala rolled her eyes at his words, since this fellow had straightforwardly dumped the workload onto her.

"Hehe, so, to thank you for your effort, I brought you a gift." When Mu Chen saw her response, he quickly spoke and a black beam flew towards Mandala with a wave of his hand.

Mandala gently blew out a breath and the black beam stopped before her before appearing in the shape of a black whip with spikes.

"This is…?" Mandala was briefly stunned as she looked at the black whip before she exclaimed, "It's actually a Quasi-Peerless Saint Artifact forged from a Primordial Mandala Flower's branch?!"

She was a Primordial Mandala Flower, to begin with, so she could naturally feel that the previous owner of this branch was certainly a Heavenly Sovereign.

This was an extremely suitable weapon for her.

"The Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid isn't of much use anyway, so it's time to change to a new one." Mu Chen smiled. With the whip, Mandala's strength should be able to undergo a considerable boost.

The other experts were drooling and were startled by this. If a Quasi-Peerless Saint Artifact was to be placed in an auction, the price of it was at least a few hundred million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

"At least you're conscientious. I'll be taking it, then." A smile appeared on Mandala's face. She was delighted with this gift.

Mu Chen smiled before he turned to look at the Sky Vulture Emperor, Sleeping Emperor, and Spiritual Pupil Emperor. The three of them were still at the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, with only half a step away into the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm.

After a brief pondering, he flicked his finger and three beams flew towards the three of them. They then took the shape of three pellets.

"These are the Sovereign Breaking Pellets, and they can help you break the boundary between the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm and Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm. The three of you are already strong enough, you just need an opportunity to make a breakthrough." Mu Chen smiled towards the three of them.

The three of them were real veterans, since they have followed Mandala since the Great Havenlaw Domain, so their loyalty was unquestionable. Since they're strong enough right now, Mu Chen wouldn't mind helping them.

The Sky Vulture Emperor's face flushed with joy when he felt the pure Spiritual Energy in the pellet. Although they just lacked an opportunity, it wasn't something that could come at any time. With this Sovereign Breaking Pellet, they would be able to make their breakthroughs immediately.

"Thank you, Abode Ruler!" The three of them emotionally cupped their fists as they sighed. Back then, when Mu Chen came to the Great Havenlaw Domain, he was still a puny Commander with a drastic difference in status from them. But who could've expected that a few years later, he would reach such heights?

Many experts in the hall looked envious, since it's rare to encounter such pellets that could help one break through. It's also tough to find them in auctions, but they never expected that their Abode Ruler could take them out so easily.

After rewarding the three of them, Mu Chen turned to look at Liu Tiandao and the other Lesser Earth Sovereigns. Back then, when he faced Zi Tianbei, he could sense that they tried to help him.

Although he had slight grudges with them in the past, they could be trusted ever since they joined the Mu Abode, despite their little thoughts.

Thus, he waved his hand and five pellets flew towards the five of them. Those pellets were what he had obtained from the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy, which were extremely valuable.

"The five of you have contributed greatly to help Mandala in expanding the Mu Abode, so it's natural for you guys to be rewarded for your effort." Mu Chen faintly smiled, "These are Tribulation Pellets, they can help you guys rise from the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm to the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm. But whether you guys succeeds depends on your ability."

Liu Tiandao's body trembled when he heard that before joy appeared on his face. They had been stuck in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm for many years, so one could tell how precious the Tribulation Pellet was to them.

Furthermore, those pellets were more precious than what Mu Chen had given to the Sky Vulture Emperor and the rest earlier. If this was placed in an auction, the price of it would surely go sky-high.

"We thank the Abode Ruler!" The five of them carefully received the pellets before cupping their fists. Mu Chen's actions have stated his attitude; he could forget what they've done in the past as long as they remained loyal in the future.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head.

When the other experts in the hall saw the Sky Vulture Emperor, Liu Tiandao and the rest being rewarded; their gazes blazed with envy. But they also knew that those who have been rewarded were the pioneers and they have done a significant contribution.

"The Mu Abode rewards fairly, and as long as you guys have contributions, you will naturally be rewarded accordingly." Mu Chen looked at everyone and slowly said.

"Yes!" Everyone responded with their voices causing even the sky to tremble.

Mandala slightly smiled at this scene. Mu Chen's method was brilliant. He had instantly erased the unfamiliarity over the past year and created a status for himself in the Mu Abode.

In the future, who knows how many experts will do their best from a single word of his.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen turned around and looked at Mandala. "Now… let us talk about what the Violet Cloud Sect is trying to do…"

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