Chapter 1349 - Ruler of the Mu Abode

The sudden turn of events had left everyone shocked. When the voices of Mandala, Liu Tiandao and the rest resounded, only then did everyone recover from the shock and they focused all their attention on the violent jade book that Mu Chen had crushed.

That jade book represented the Violet Cloud Sect, and no one has ever dared to refuse the invitation of the Violet Cloud Sect, not to mention crushing it in public… Crushing it would mean being disrespectful to the Violet Cloud Sect and cause a great disaster.

"He… he's the ruler of our Mu Abode?"

"Sigh, he's too young and couldn't hold back his temper. Now that he has crushed the jade book, he has caused huge trouble!" An expert of the Mu Abode said with a grave expression.

"He's too rash!" Many experts had their faces ashen. Although doing it had vented out the anger in their hearts, the rage of the Violet Cloud Sect wasn't something that their Mu Abode could bear.

"Looks like a disaster is bound to befall us now. We have to figure out a retreat route for us."

The hall went into an uproar with many experts of the Mu Abode having fear written on their faces. All of them were startled by Mu Chen's actions. After all, not to mention the Violet Cloud Sect, but just these three Perfected Earth Sovereigns here could crush them.

Liu Tiandao, the Netherworld Palace Master and those experts that submitted to the Mu Abode early sighed as they inwardly shook their heads. The situation today wouldn't be easy to resolve now.

As the hall went into an uproar, the three geezers of the Violet Cloud Sect had also recovered. When the pale-faced geezer saw the jade book being crushed, the smile on his face disappeared, replaced with rage surging within his eyes.

"Haha, good! After all these years, this is the first time this old man has seen someone who dares to crush the jade book of our Violet Cloud Sect!" He eerily said as his gaze glared at Mu Chen like a sharp blade.

"Then there's one now." Mu Chen faintly said as he dusted the ashes on his hand. "I'm giving you ten breaths now to get lost from the Mu Abode."

At the same time, his gaze swept across those panicking experts of the Mu Abode. He had remembered those fellows that had chosen to protect themselves in such a critical moment. Those who only thought about themselves had no purpose in the Mu Abode.

Hearing Mu Chen's words, the three geezers were briefly stunned before they burst into laughter that echoed and trembled the entire hall.

Liu Tiandao and the rest exchanged looks. They couldn't figure out why Mu Chen was utterly disregarding the three Perfected Earth Sovereigns.

Their gazes couldn't help turning to Mandala. When they noticed that the latter did not speak, they looked at Mu Chen's silhouette, pondering with thoughts…

"I never expected that the Ruler of the Mu Abode would be such a brat." The pale-faced elder shook his head in pity before continuing, "Since that's the case, then there's no need for the Mu Abode to stay."

When he finished his last word, his clothes started to flutter as boundless Spiritual Energy swept out from his body without any restraint. It had caused the entire hall to tremble on the verge of collapsing.

"Let's start with you!" The pale-faced elder eerily smiled as he took a step forth. His silhouette mysteriously appeared before Mu Chen with his palm slamming down. His palm left cracks in space, showing how terrifying this attack of his was.

When everyone in the Mu Abode saw that Zi Tianbei actually wanted to kill Mu Chen on the spot, they exclaimed. But no matter what, he's the Ruler of the Mu Abode, and if he died, then there's no need for the Mu Abode to exist.

The faces of Liu Tiandao and the rest changed before clenching their teeth. They wanted to help Mu Chen, but they were stopped by Mandala's hand.

"Lord Mandala!" All of them couldn't help speaking out. Not to mention Mu Chen, even they would face death if a Perfected Earth Sovereign attacked them at full force.

Mandala stared at Mu Chen's silhouette. She could feel the vague pressure coming from the latter that made her feel that Mu Chen was no longer the same as he was when he left…

The pale-faced geezer's palm fell under everyone's view. But when it was about to come in contact with Mu Chen's chest, the latter gently raised his hand and smacked the geezer’s hand as if he was beating a fly.

A huge noise was produced from the clash and everyone couldn't help closing their eyes. They did not wish to watch Mu Chen die.

But just when they were about to close their eyes, they suddenly saw a figure being blown out, dragging a long mark on the ground.

Instantly, the atmosphere in the hall suddenly turned quiet when they saw that it was Zi Tianbei of the Violet Cloud Sect that was blown away!

Gazes of disbelief were directed at Mu Chen and they saw the latter maintaining his gesture with his hand out, firmly standing on the ground.

The ferocious jab of that pale-faced geezer actually couldn't even cause Mu Chen's body to budge, while the one punching was blown back?

When Zi Tianbei's silhouette stabilised, he spat a mouthful of blood while looking at Mu Chen in shock. From their previous encounter, he had felt a terrifying force coming from Mu Chen's hand that made even a Perfected Earth Sovereign like him feel shocked.

At this moment, how could he not tell that Mu Chen was faking the pig to hunt the tiger?

"Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign?!" Zi Tianbei stared at Mu Chen and clenched his teeth.

When they fought, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation from Mu Chen's body had reached the level of a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign. But he couldn't believe how Mu Chen could suppress him when his cultivation was only at the Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

When he spoke, everyone in the Mu Abode was shocked. Liu Tiandao and the rest had disbelief on their faces. When Mu Chen left the Mu Abode, his cultivation was only at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, and only roughly a year had passed. Now, he's already a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign?!

Furthermore, it was terrifying that, as a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, he could suppress a Perfected Earth Sovereign like Zi Tianbei!

"This brat is weird, let's go together!" Zi Tianbei hollered. At this moment, even if he's stupid, he knew that Mu Chen wasn't a pushover. Just him alone wasn't a match for Mu Chen.

The two other Perfected Earth Sovereigns of the Violet Cloud Sect nodded their heads with solemn expressions before killing intent condensed in their eyes as they looked at Mu Chen.

However, before they could even join their forces together, Mu Chen had suddenly taken a step forth and space distorted. He then appeared before the three of them.

"Bring out our Sovereign Celestial Bodies!" The three of them squinted their eyes and hollered without any hesitation. Behind them, Sovereign Celestial Bodies started to condense. They felt extremely threatened by Mu Chen.

But when the colossal figures condensed behind their backs, a crystallised palm flew over and pierced through the Spiritual Energy defenses around them before gently patting their chests.

A muffled sound rang out and everyone's eyelids jolted before they witnessed the three geezers being blown away and slam against the stone pillars in the hall.

The three of them spewed mouthfuls of blood before they suddenly realised that the Spiritual Energy in their bodies was starting to disappear. They then saw a crystallised palm print on their chests. As the crystallised Spiritual Energy entered their bodies, the Spiritual Energy in their bodies went out of their control.

It was as if their Spiritual Energy was being sealed.

In just a few moments, the powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation around them had disappeared.

Fear appeared on their faces. The Spiritual Energy in their bodies was being sealed. Mu Chen's method was too terrifying. They never imagined that they couldn't even have the opportunity to bring out their Sovereign Celestial Bodies!

It was no longer something that could be accomplished by a Perfected Earth Sovereign, only existences that had come in contact with a Heavenly Sovereign could achieve that. Like the Sect Master of their Violet Cloud Sect!

Could it be that this Ruler of the Mu Abode has also reached that step?!

"Flee!" Their faces were pale. They controlled the last bit of Spiritual Energy in their bodies and flew out of the hall. They were in complete fear of the strength that Mu Chen has shown.

Looking at them fleeing, Mu Chen's expression was indifferent, but he did nothing to stop them.

But when they flew out of the palace, violent Spiritual Energy whistled and everyone saw the three silhouettes being blown back in and fall in the hall.

"The Young Master hasn't asked you guys to get lost, you three old dogs dare to leave?" A burst of laughter rang out from outside the hall and everyone saw two silhouettes walking in.

The one leading was a charming woman in white clothes with a robust man standing beside her. That man bumped his fists together, looking at the three geezers from the Violet Cloud Sect with an ill gaze. A powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation surged around him, it was another Perfected Earth Sovereign.

It was this man that had blown the three geezers back into the hall.

Mu Chen then lowered his head and looked at the terror on the three’s faces with a calm expression, "Did the three of you really think that my Mu Abode was somewhere you can come and go as you wish?"

The hall was silent with everyone looking at the three trembling Perfected Earth Sovereigns in shock. Soon after, they couldn't help feeling pride in their hearts and their gazes were replaced with revere when they looked at Mu Chen…

Such courage and means… was this the true ruler of their Mu Abode?

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