Chapter 1348 - Violet Cloud Sect

Greatlaw Continent, Northern Region, Mu Abode’s Main Hall

Experts were all gathered in the hall, and as the most powerful force in the Northern Region, the Mu Abode was, undoubtedly, an overlord with all the other forces in the Northern Region bowing down to them. As countless experts joined them, the Mu Abode has grown more prominent.

But at this moment, the experts were all gathered in the Mu Abode, and the atmosphere felt immensely suppressed.

Seated on the golden throne was the petite Mandala in a black dress. As the acting-ruler of the Mu Abode, her fame had practically reached the extreme.

After the Mu Abode was established, Mu Chen was the Abode Ruler, but had yet to return. Thus, all the matters were being managed by Mandala.

This had also caused everyone in the Northern Region to know about Mandala’s name. As for the mysterious Mu Chen, no one knew anything about him…

Beneath Mandala was Liu Tiandao, the Myriad Saint Ancestor, Netherworld Palace Master and the other old-time forces of the Northern Region. But right now, all of them were under the umbrella of the Mu Abode.

Beneath them were the other experts and, compared to before, it was much stronger.

Mandala gently knocked her fingers on the armrest as she looked around. A brief moment later, she slowly said, “I’ve received news that the envoys of the Violent Cloud Sect will be arriving at the Mu Abode soon.”

The entire hall was silent with the faces of many people changing to fear upon hearing the three words, Violent Cloud Sect.

The Greatlaw Continent was one of the Supercontinents in the Great Thousand World, with vast land and, according to the allocation, the Greatlaw Continent was being split into five domains, Northern, Western, Southern, Eastern, and Central Domains.

The Northern Region was situated at a tiny corner.

Although the Mu Abode had become the Overlord of the Northern Region, it could only be considered as ordinary in the entire Northern Domain. The Violet Cloud Sect that Mandala had previously mentioned was one of the three overlord forces in the Northern Domain.

It was said that every single Elder in the Violet Cloud Sect was comparable to a Perfected Earth Sovereign, having a robust foundation. 

Compared to that, Mandala, who was alone supporting the Mu Abode, was undoubtedly akin to a firefly.

Water ran too deep in the Greatlaw Continent. In the past, although the Xia Empire and Saint Demonic Palace had a reputation, they still paled in comparison to those veterans.

Therefore, that was why everyone was shocked when they heard of the Violet Cloud Sect.

“What does the Violet Cloud Sect want?” After a brief moment, Liu Tiandao asked with a stern expression.

Mandala sneered, “What else? They want our Mu Abode to be their subordinates, and the contest for the Overlord of the Northern Domain will soon be here. The Violet Cloud Sect clearly wants us to be cannon fodder for them to fight with the two other Overlords.

“In the past, the Northern Region was in a mess, so it couldn’t capture anyone’s attention. But now that our Mu Abode has united it, we are naturally being eyed on by others.” Everyone’s faces were unsightly when they heard that. They had just united the Northern Region, but they were eyed on by someone else before they could even enjoy the glory.

“The contest over the Northern Domain’s Overlord position will undoubtedly be brutal. It's a fight with three Overlord-class forces, and every single battle will erase many forces like us. If we interfere in it, I’m afraid…” The Myriad Saint Ancestor said.

“But if we refuse, then we will not be giving the Violet Cloud Sect any face. With their power, we do not have the qualifications to refuse.” The Sky Serpent Old Ghost argued.

“But neither can we become the cannon fodder of the Violent Cloud Sect!”


A commotion rang out in the palace with everyone panicking about the Violent Cloud Sect arrival.

When Mandala saw this scene, her brows were raised. She initially just wanted to ruler the entire Northern Region and strengthen the Mu Abode. But who could have expected that they would attract the Violet Cloud Sect’s attention?

‘This is getting troublesome now.’

“Where’s the Abode Ruler when we need him?” As a commotion rang out, an unsatisfied voice resounded.

“Ever since I joined the Mu Abode, I have never seen that mysterious Abode Ruler of ours. Lord Mandala is managing everything.”

“Seems like the Abode Ruler is too young, and he’s only a Lesser Earth Sovereign. Even if he returns, he won’t be able to do anything to help.”

Hearing that the topic was getting drifted away, Mandala’s face turned cold and she reprimanded, “Silence!”

Instantly, everyone in the palace turned quiet. They were intimidated by Mandala’s pressure.

A cold flicker flashed in Mandala’s eyes and everyone diverted their gazes away. A brief moment later, her expression suddenly changed and she looked at the door. “Friends of the Violet Cloud Clan, show yourselves since you’re already here.”

“Haha, we’ve heard that the Abode Ruler of the Mu Abode is special, and now, we’ve witnessed it for ourselves.” When Mandala’s voice fell, a burst of ridiculing laughter resounded outside the palace.

Hearing that voice, the experts of the Mu Abode’s faces changed with rage in their eyes, since someone actually dared to mock their Lord Mandala!

Mandala’s gazes also flashed with rage, but she calmed her temper and coldly looked outside the gate. She saw a flickering spiritual light before three silhouettes entered.

They were three geezers with violet clothes. The leading one had a smile on his pale face that looked like the skin of a baby and white hair.

Standing beside him were two other geezers with pride and indifference.

When they appeared at the palace, massive Spiritual Energy swept out that caused the nearby Mu Abode’s experts to be blown away.

“Perfected Earth Sovereigns?!” The faces of Liu Tiandao and the others changed. They never expected that the three envoys dispatched to the Violet Cloud Sect would all be Perfected Earth Sovereigns. It looked like the strength of the Violet Cloud Sect was deep and unfathomable.

“Impudent!” Seeing how the three of them acted so fearlessly, Mandala’s eyes coldly flashed before she threw a palm out and pierced through space. The energy was heading in the direction of that pale geezer.

When the pale geezer saw this, he sneered and threw a jab forth. Violet light flickered on his fist. It was like a purple moon as it clashed with the incoming attack.

Violent Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc, causing the hall to tremble. The pale geezer took several steps back while Mandala’s petite figure shook with cracks spreading on the armrest that she was grabbing.

The confrontation between the two of them was actually on the same level.

“Haha, truly befitting of the Primordial Mandala Flower, what power. Zi Tianbei greets the Mu Abode’s Ruler.” The geezer swept a glance at Mandala before he said with his eyes narrowed.

Without any expression on her face, Mandala said, “I’m not the Abode Ruler, I’m just the Acting-Ruler. Furthermore, what is your Violet Cloud Sect doing in the Northern Region?”

The geezer smiled. “I believe that Abode Ruler Mandala must know that the contest over the Overlord of Northern Domain is arriving soon, and I’m here under the orders of Sect Master Qin to invite the Mu Abode to join us. In the future, when my Violet Cloud Sect rises, the Mu Abode will be rewarded with territories for their effort.”

As he spoke, he retrieved a violet jade book with spiritual lustre glittering on it that faintly emanated a pressure. Flicking his finger, the violet jade book flew towards Mandala.

Mandala sent it back without any change in her expression and faintly replied, “Our Mu Abode is weak, and I’m afraid that we won’t be able to help much even if we’ve joined the Violet Cloud Sect. So please invite someone else, instead.”

The geezer chuckled, “Abode Ruler Mandala, no one has ever dared to deny the invitation sent out by my Violet Cloud Sect. Please be cautious with your reply.”

Although he wore a smile on his face, his tone was filled with threats.

Mandala’s face also flashed with rage.

The geezer casually said, “Furthermore, I’m afraid that our mood won’t be good if we can’t accomplish our objective. At that time, we will not take responsibility if anything happens to the Mu Abode.”

Although there’s only three of them,  all of them were Perfected Earth Sovereigns. As long as he hindered Mandala, the two others would be able to wreak havoc and sweep the Mu Abode clean.

Hearing his words, the experts in the hall changed their faces with rage and fear. Evidently, no one had expected that the Violet Cloud Sect would be so overbearing.

Mandala’s petite figure also trembled from the anger. She clenched her hands and fixated her eyes on the geezer. Her face briefly changed before her resistance slowly died down. She wasn’t a match for the three of them.

“Haha, isn’t that right? Following our Violet Cloud Sect won’t be a bad thing for all of you.” The geezer chuckled before waving his hand and the violet jade book flew back towards Mandala.

Everyone watched as the jade book slowly descended with their dazes turning dark. What the Violet Cloud Sect did was completely humiliate their Mu Abode.

Mandala’s hand clenched before she sighed with her eyes closed. She didn’t want to look at the jade book. But in the silence, when the violet jade book was about to fall, a hand suddenly appeared and grabbed onto the jade book.

“Who?” The pale-faced geezer’s face changed as he spoke.

Space distorted and a youthful figure appeared before everyone’s astonished gazes. He held onto the jade book with his brows knitted.

“The Violet Cloud Sect? Are you guys even worthy of having my Mu Abode as your subordinate?” As he spoke, he exerted more force on his hand and the jade book was shattered into dust under countless shocked gazes.

Liu Tiandao and the rest were shocked; even Mandala had widened her eyes as she looked at the familiar figure. Thereafter, exclamations resounded within the hall.

“Abode Ruler?!”

“Mu Chen?”

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