Chapter 1344 - Heavenly Sovereigns stood in Confrontation

As the two of them finished their words, space instantly collapsed with them in the centre. The two massive pressures caused the Great Thousand Pavilion to lightly tremble.

However, they had controlled their moves, concentrating the power around themselves. They did not want to destroy the Great Thousand Pavilion since it was a territory of the Great Thousand Palace, even their Ancient Buddha Clan had to give a face to the Great Thousand Palace.

But even so, the pressure from two Heavenly Sovereigns sweeping out could even cause a Perfected Earth Sovereign to be greatly terrified.

“This old man will see who can snatch him away from my hands!” Seeing the two fellows being so overbearing, Celestial Chi Yan was angered before he sneered. The pressure around him started to rise as a crimson Spiritual Energy boiled like magma, causing the temperature in the Great Thousand Pavilion to rise.

Celestial Chi Yan stood before Mu Chen, completely resisting the pressure coming from Mo Yin and Hei Guang.

Seeing that Celestial...

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