Chapter 1337 - Tremble

Sacred Abyss City - Great Thousand Palace

The grey-robed old man before the counter carefully fondled the exquisite jade bottle in his hand. Suddenly, his hand trembled and he abruptly raised his head as a light flickered in his eyes while he looked at the Demon Slayer Plaque at the center of Sacred Abyss City.

Along with his gaze, the massive Demon Slayer Plaque started to tremble…

Everyone practically noticed that tremble, so all of them directed their gazes over. This was the first time that they saw such a commotion coming from the Demon Slayer Plaque.

“What’s going on?” When puzzled voice resounded, a dazzling golden lustre suddenly appeared on the Demon Slayer Plaque. The top of the plaque looked like a blazing golden sun.

Golden light enveloped the entire city. The Demon Slayers in the city could sense a faint pressure.

The golden lustre lasted for ten-odd minutes before it gradually died down. As the golden radiance...

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