Chapter 1336 - The New Demon Slayer King

When that bronze disk appeared, the will of the Pagoda Ancestor exclaimed in joy while being surprised. Mu Chen smiled. He had guessed correctly, that disk really turned out to be a fragment of the Demon Sealing Mirror.

That meant that the sensation he felt belonged to the Pagoda Ancestor, since only such an aura could cause the pagoda in his body to be uneasy.

“Haha, looks like you’re really fated to this old man.” Pagoda Ancestor sighed. If Mu Chen hadn’t obtained this Demon Sealing Mirror’s fragment, he might really not be able to do a thing to this soul fragment of the Blood Vampire Sky Monarch.

“Senior, can the Blood Vampire Sky Monarch’s soul be suppressed now?” Mu Chen asked.

“Yes!” The Pagoda Ancestor said without any hesitation. Although the Demon Sealing Mirror was damaged, the Blood Vampire Sky Monarch wasn’t at even 1/10 of his full strength.

Along with the Pagoda Ancestor’s voice, the bronze disk shot out and merged with the Demon Sealing Mirror. The damaged portion was slowly ...

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