Chapter 1334 - Blood Vampire Sky Monarch

The Monarch’s corpse exploded and a torrential demonic aura wreaked havoc. It was like a black cloud that covered the sky of the altar.

This scene had attracted many astonished voices. Everyone was stunned as they looked at Shi Tianyou’s silhouette in shock. They never expected that he would actually self-destruct a Monarch’s corpse.

Even the experts of the Fiend Clans were dumbfounded. As a member of the Fiend Clans, they knew well the worth of a Monarch’s corpse.

Especially for the Corpse Demon Clan, the worth of a Monarch’s corpse was priceless.

“That fellow is insane!” 

The eyes of Mo Xin, Xuan Luo and the rest flickered. They were previously fearful of the Monarch’s corpse, and now that Shi Tianyou has been heavily injured, along with the Monarch’s corpse being destroyed, the threat from Shi Tianyou had dramatically decreased.

However, compared to those of the Great Thousand World, Mu Chen’s gaze had turned grave as he looked at the demonic clouds, feeling uneasy in his heart.

Shi Tianyou should be clear about the worth of the Monarch’s corpse, but he still decided to blow it up without any hesitation. So he...

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