Chapter 1333 - Immortal Lotus

“Three Kowtows of the Corpse Deity, Total Annihilation!” When Shi Tianyou’s voice rang out, it had caused the entire region to freeze before a violent gale blew. The Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth stopped, then all of it was being erased at this moment as the giant behind Shi Tianyou also lowered its head.

In that instant, when it lowered its head, space of around a few myriad feet started to collapse with fragments beginning to fall like rain.

Cracks also started to spread out on the ground and extended towards the surroundings.

When everyone saw this scene, they started to swiftly flee with shock covering their faces. They never imagined that the third kowtow would actually be so terrifying…

Qing Shuang and Qing Ling had also fled as they looked at the empty altar, where Mu Chen’s silhouette was looking extremely frail.

While everyone was fleeing,...

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