Chapter 1332 - The Corpse Deity Skill

“Three Kowtows of the Corpse Deity!” When Shi Tianyou’s hoarse voice echoed out, the entire region had turned dark with buzzing noises covering the sky that made others feel fearful.

Mu Chen’s gaze had also turned grave with dense fear rising in his heart. He could feel the aura of death from this attack of Shi Tianyou.

If he couldn’t face it properly, he might die here.

“The Fiend Clans are truly unfathomably weird.” Mu Chen took a deep breath before both of his hands joined together and the massive purplish-golden lustre gathered on the Immortal Golden Body with ancient runes starting to appear.

Those divine runes had separated from the Immortal Golden Body’s body, acting like purplish-golden dragons that revolved around the Immortal Golden Body, emanating immortality.

All of the gazes that were sent towards the heavens and earth were directed to the altar. They were clear that the result of this confrontation would determine the entire battlefield.

Shi Tianyou’s white eyes sinisterly looked at Mu Chen...

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