Chapter 1331 - Three Kowtows of the Corpse Deity

The yellow gale roared in the Divine Pagoda as it blew towards the ocean of corpse aura. Standing in the ocean of corpse aura, Shi Tianyou’s expression was grave. It’s as if he was facing a great enemy.

In that instant, when the yellow gale touched the corpse aura, the dense corpse aura was swiftly dissolving, like snow coming in contact with magma.

Mu Chen’s eyes lit up at this scene. Not only did the Spirit Dispelling Gale dissolve Spiritual Energy, it had the same effect with the corpse aura as well.

Through the previous confrontation, Mu Chen had a taste of how tough the corpse aura was to deal with. It’s filled with a corrosive ability and also devoured life force. If it wasn’t for his Spiritual Energy being amplified through the Divine Pagoda, adding a sealing power in it, he would surely be the one to suffer.

But facing the Spirit Dispelling Gale, Shi Tianyou’s corpse aura was being swiftly dissolved…

Under the protection...

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