Chapter 1330 - Spirit Dispelling Gale’s Might

Hearing Mu Chen’s provocative voice, Shi Tianyou’s gaze flickered with a cold light as he sinisterly smiled. “You think that you can fight with me and the Monarch’s corpse with more people? How naïve!”

After speaking, he waved his hand and brutally said, “Slaughter this entire army and leave no one alive!”

The Monarch’s corpse roared with torrential demonic aura sweeping out from the skeletal body, wreaking havoc between the heavens and earth, causing it to tremble as well.

Facing the pressure, the faces of everyone from the Great Thousand World changed. Their eyes flashed with fear, and even Mo Xin and Xuan Luo’s expressions have sunk.

The Monarch’s corpse turned into a beam of demonic light as it flew towards the Black Dragon Army of five thousand strong.

“Hmph.” Mu Chen snorted and the Battle Will from five thousand Black Dragon Army surged. It had caused the heavens...

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