Chapter 1329 - Fighting the Monarch’s Corpse Again

Mu Chen’s voice rang out in this region, which attracted many shocked gazes, since they never expected that the first to stand out against Shi Tianyou would be a Greater Earth Sovereign…

“He’s courting death!” Mo Xin’s gaze turned cold as he looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette. He had already tasted the power of the Monarch’s corpse when he fought against it earlier. According to his estimation, even if he had brought out all his power and trump cards, his chances of winning weren’t high. That corpse was too powerful!

Whereas Mu Chen had stood up against something that even Mo Xin couldn’t accomplish, which in the latter’s view, was merely courting death.

Xuan Luo narrowed his eyes with a mocking arc on his lips. He was also ridiculing how impudent Mu Chen was being.

“Big Sister Qing Shuang, can he do it?” Qing Ling couldn’t help tugging Qing Shuang’s sleeves. Although they had witnessed Mu Chen’s strength, she still felt in her heart that Mu Chen was weaker than...

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