Chapter 1328 - Reappearance of Shi Tianyou

The demonic statue blazing with black flames brandished its fist with space erupting underneath it. Thereafter, the destructive energy and heat ferociously smashed towards the Great Netherworld Celestial Body. It was a fist that could easily kill an ordinary Perfected Earth Sovereign.

Standing on the Great Netherworld Celestial Body, Mo Xin looked at the fist coming in his direction and sneered before forming a seal with his hands together. “Illusory!”

The massive Great Netherworld Celestial Body rippled before its black silhouette had turned illusory, allowing that fist to pass through.

“The Netherworld Palm!” When the Great Netherworld Celestial Body turned illusory, Mo Xin stomped his foot and the palm of the celestial body turned substantial along with an icy aura that struck against the Flame Demon Statue.

The massive palm had caused the Flame Demon Statue to tremble before it was blown back with an overbearing...

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