Chapter 1325 - Fighting the Flame Demon

Hearing the roar from his back, Mu Chen embraced Qing Shuang’s waist while turning around and looked at the Commander of the Flame Demon Clan with an indifferent gaze.

At this moment, the latter was looking at him like a ferocious beast.

Facing his rage, Mu Chen did not respond, but merely cast a glance into the distance. Qing Ling, who had fled a distance away had returned at this moment.

“Mu Chen?” When she saw Mu Chen’s silhouette, Qing Ling was stunned. But when she saw Mu Chen hugging the fainted Qing Shuang, her gaze turned complicated. She did not expect that Mu Chen would come to save them when they’re in trouble.

Mu Chen gently patted with his palm as Spiritual Energy enveloped Qing Shuang’s figure and sent her to Qing Ling. “Watch her.”

Qing Ling swiftly held onto Qing Shuang and gritted her teeth as said in a soft tone, “Thanks!”

In the past, she did not hold Mu Chen, who was only a...

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