Chapter 1323 - Flame Demon Clan

When that aged voice finished speaking, many teams flew out and turned into streaks of light, heading towards the Four Saint Pagoda.

“Let’s go as well!” Mu Chen’s group also moved without any hesitation.

Under their full speed, they appeared before the Four Saint Pagoda in just a few minutes. As they got close to it, they could sense the majestic aura of the Four Saint Pagoda.

Standing before the pagoda, they felt as puny as ants.

They could only see half of the Four Saint Pagoda, with the other half being enveloped by the endless darkness that they do not dare to look at. At this moment, the Fiend Clans must be gathered on the other side as well…

As the teams got close to the Four Saint Pagoda, the gate of the pagoda slowly opened with a deep voice that sounded like rumbling thunder with an ancient aura sweeping out.

When the ancient gate opened, the eyes of many teams blazed, but no one dared...

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