Chapter 1322 - The Four Saint Pagodas

When the next day arrived, the gathering point in the market was crowded with many people seeing the dominant teams gathering before heading towards the distance.

The large-scaled movement caused a shock amongst the other teams. But because of their inferior strength, they weren’t qualified to participate in the gathering. Thus, it was also impossible for them to obtain information regarding the Four Ancestor Legacies, not to mention knowing the reason for this commotion.

However, some teams had also swiftly moved and followed behind the big group from afar.

The big group also did not pay attention to those following them. As what Qin Bubai had said, the experts of the Fiend Clans would be gathering at the Four Ancestor Legacies, and if a battle broke out, those greedy fellows would be the ones suffering.

Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan and the two other teams also followed behind the big group, keeping a safe distance...

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