Chapter 1320 - Confrontation

The fight went against everyone’s expectations and the noise here had turned silent with shocked gazes looking at Mu Chen.

Those teams that still previously looked down on Mu Chen revealed grave expressions as they looked at Mu Chen with fear in their eyes.

Indeed, how could anyone that came to the Primordial Sacred Abyss not have a thing or two?

The ruins that Mo Xin landed in exploded and a silhouette slowly walked out. At this moment, Mo Xin was emitting an extremely dense ominous aura as he looked at Mu Chen with killing intent filling his eyes.

Mo Xin clearly never expected that he would be in such a pathetic state from his confrontation with Mu Chen.

All along, Mu Chen was just a sinner without any status in his eyes. Although Mu Chen’s mother had a high position in the clan, Mu Chen never enjoyed any resources from the Ancient Buddha Clan.

Thus, Mo Xin had viewed Mu Chen in contempt, and...

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