Chapter 1318 - Young Master Mo Xin

The indifferent voice resounded as a hand shuttled over towards the bronze disk in Mu Chen’s hand. It was so swift that it would catch any ordinary person unexpected. However, Mu Chen was clearly not someone ordinary.

When that hand stretch over, Mu Chen’s face instantly turned cold with a sharp flash in his eyes.

He did not care about the bronze disk that would soon be seized and pulled his other hand back and straightened his fingers into a knife. At the same time, the Divine Pagoda flashed in his pupils and a powerful Spiritual Energy gushed from his palm like a wave.

With Spiritual Energy gathered in his palm, his palm looked like a blade with flickers on it that caused even space to be torn apart. If struck by it, even the arm of a Perfected Earth Sovereign would be slice into two.

“Mhm?” With that hand hacking over, an exclamation resounded...

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