Chapter 1317 - Market

A primordial aura spread in this region, and the silence that seemed eternal was suddenly disrupted at this moment. Several silhouettes streaked across the horizon, flying towards the depths at an astonishing speed.

As they traveled, the outline of a massive city could be seen from afar, like an enormous beast creeping on the ground.

“We’re reaching it!” Wen Qingxuan rejoiced when she saw the outline of the city.

After two days of journeying, they’d finally arrived at their destination.

Mu Chen and the rest also couldn’t help feeling relieved, since it wasn’t easy for them to travel in the Primordial Sacred Abyss, and they might’ve been hit by terrifying disasters at any time. In the two days that they’ve traveled, they’ve witnessed at least five types of disasters and nearly suffered heavy casualties.

But fortunately, they’ve finally arrived at their destination.

When Mu Chen gradually approached this region, he sensed another team streaking across the horizon from another...

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