Chapter 1316 - Breakthrough

As nightscape enveloped the heavens and earth like a screen, snowflakes were falling on the ground that contained such an unimaginable coldness that even the ground had a layer of ice on it.

Even the Spiritual Energy in this region showed signs of being frozen by the snowflakes.

Several silhouettes sat in a cave with a crimson pearl hovering between them that looked like a volcano, emanating high temperature and expelling the coldness that was in the cave.

There was also a vaguely illuminating Spiritual Array that resisted the invasion of the coldness as well.

“The snow here is so overbearing…” Mu Chen looked at the snowflakes outside the cave and couldn’t help exclaiming. When they left the legacy that was left by the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy a day ago, they were unfortunate the encounter another natural disaster in the Primordial Sacred Abyss, so they had to seek shelter.

“This is the Soul-Chilling Snow, that is rumored even to freeze a person’s soul.” Wen Qingxuan smiled as she pointed at the hovering crimson pearl. “Fortunately, I came prepared and brought along a Spiritual Blaze Pearl. Otherwise, we would have to constantly exhaust our Spiritual Energy, despite being sheltered by the cave, to resist the coldness from invading.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. If Wen Qingxuan wasn’t prepared, they would have to use the most exhaustive method, which might affect their mentality.

“What should we do next?” Luo Li looked at Mu Chen. Her head was slightly turned over with her hair draped down like a waterfall as a smile hung on her face. Her peerless beauty seemed like it could light the entire cave up.

Even Mu Chen couldn’t shift his eyes away from her. On the other hand, Wen Ziyu and the other guys did not dare to look at Luo Li. As for Wen Qingxuan, she had quietly leaned over and sneaked an embrace over Luo Li’s waist with her eyes narrowed from her smile. “Luo Li, you’re becoming more beautiful!” 

Sensing her action, Luo Li sourly looked at Wen Qingxuan before gently flicking her finger to remove Wen Qingxuan’s hand.

“What fortune he has.” Wen Qingxuan retracted her hand before lazily saying, “Our objective now is a city in the Sacred Abyss. According to our source,  it’s a gathering point, so there must be many teams that have gathered over there as well.”

“Oh?” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he asked, “We can get the information that we want there?”

The information which he’s looking for was naturally related to the two ancestors of the Ancient Buddha Clan and Ancient Spirit Clan.

Wen Qingxuan nodded her head. “Back then, in the Primordial Sacred Abyss, there were four Saint Heavenly Sovereigns from our Great Thousand World that fell here. Furthermore, their legacies are the hardest to find. Although there has been some information flowing around, no one was able to obtain their inheritance.”

“According to some reliable source, the legacies of those four Saint Heavenly Sovereign don’t have a fixed location. They’re constantly moving around.”

“Moving?” Mu Chen knitted his brows. If that were true, then the difficulty of them finding those legacies would be much greater.

“So we have to get to the gathering point, since that’s the exchange point for information. Practically all the powerful teams will head there after a brief adventure. We should be able to get some information there.” Wen Qingxuan said.

Mu Chen nodded his head. If that’s the case, then they had no choice but to go to the gathering point. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any result in them blindly searching their way.

But if it was as according to what Wen Qingxuan had said, the gathering point was a messy place. There’s also a high possibility that the three teams of the Ancient Buddha Clan would head there as well.

Among those three teams, Xuan Luo and Mo Xin weren’t friendly with him. So if they met, there would undoubtedly be a fight.

However, Mu Chen had briefly skipped it after a brief consideration. If Xuan Luo and Mo Xin really treated him as a pushover, he wouldn’t mind educating them of his abilities.

“I can give a try at the Promotion Pellet.” Although he wasn’t afraid of them, Mu Chen wasn’t someone that would be careless. Even a lion would use its full strength to pounce on a rabbit, not to mention Xuan Luo and Mo Xin weren’t pushovers. So it’s best that he could use the Promotion Pellet to obtain another breakthrough in his Immortal Golden Body.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen also no longer hesitated and briefly spoke with the rest before heading towards a cultivation chamber that had been opened up.

“Time for us to make our breakthrough as well.” Looking at Mu Chen’s silhouette, Wen Ziyu and Long Xiang had also stood up and said urgently.

They’ve obtained the Holy Spirit Pellet from the legacy, so they only needed to consume it and refine it. With their accumulation, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to break through to the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

The confrontation that broke out in the legacy made them realise that a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign could only protect themselves in the Primordial Sacred Abyss. If they wanted to help, they would have to break through to the Perfected Earth Sovereign.

“I’ll have to trouble you guys with the lookout.” Luo Li gave Wen Qingxuan and Ling Xi a smile before entering a chamber as well. She had also obtained a Promotion Pellet from Mu Chen, which was equally important to her.

After all, the Luo Shen Celestial Body that she cultivated was a genuine supreme Sovereign Celestial Body amongst the rankings!

As they dispersed, the cave quieted down. Wen Qingxuan and Ling Xi exchanged a look before they helplessly smiled. The two of them then closed their eyes and enter a shallow cultivation as well.

In the massive cultivation chamber in the cave, Mu Chen quietly sat down with a crystallised pellet before him quietly floating along with a fragrance emanating from it that caused the Spiritual Energy in the chamber to ripple.

Mu Chen looked at the Promotion Pellet and took a deep breath. Then his hands suddenly came together and formed a seal. A spiritual luster swept out from his body and the few hundred feet Immortal Golden Body swiftly condensed behind him.

The Promotion Pellet could bring a Divine Ability to the next realm, and if you used a Divine Ability that you’re cultivating upon swallowing the pellet, it would raise the chance higher. So Mu Chen wasn’t afraid that his other Divine Ability might be boosted.

But if that happened, then his luck would be too bad.

Once the Immortal Golden Body appeared, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and swallowed the Promotion Pellet.

Swallowing that Promotion Pellet, it instantly tore apart and an indescribably cold sensation spread throughout his limbs. In the next moment, a peculiar feeling rose up from the depths of his heart.

In the next moment, it seemed like he possessed endless wisdom. All the fuzziness that he felt in the past completely disappeared in an instant…

Mu Chen closed his eyes with a calm expression and fell into comprehension. The Immortal Golden Body behind him also showed a cultivating posture with the surface of its body flickering with a purplish-golden luster, as if something was brewing.

The cave had once again returned to silence.

The next day, the snow had already disappeared, and shockingly, ten thousand miles in radius was also swiftly dissolving.

Two boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations soared from within the cave, and closely after, two silhouettes rose into the sky.

The two silhouettes roar rumbled like thunder, attracting Spiritual Energy to whistle in the sky.

“Noisy!” Wen Qingxuan stared at the two of them and roared.

Wen Ziyu and Long Xiang exchanged a look before they quickly shut their mouths. However, the joy in their eyes couldn’t be concealed, since they had finally made their breakthrough with the Holy Spirit Pellet into the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm!

Soon after, a chamber opened up and Luo Li stood out.

“Luo Li, how is it?” Wen Qingxuan curiously asked, since she wished to know if the so-called “Promotion Pellet” was that miraculous.nd

But facing her curiosity, Luo Li lightly smiled. “The Promotion Pellet, truly the greatest work of the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy.”

Hearing her words, Wen Qingxuan grew even more curious. She wanted to ask more, but Luo Li only mysteriously smiled, which left her depressed.

Another stone chamber also cracked open a Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared before everyone.

“Mu Chen, have you succeeded?” Wen Qingxuan looked at Mu Chen.

Exchanging a look with Luo Li, Mu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed. “The Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy, her reputation is fully justified.”

Seeing the two expressions, Wen Qingxuan couldn’t help gritting her teeth. ‘No wonder they’re a pair!’

However, from their expressions, at least Wen Qingxuan knew that they’re satisfied with the effect of the Promotion Pellet.

“Let’s go, to the gathering point!” Mu Chen did not speak anymore and waved his hand towards everyone.

Finishing his words, he tapped his feet andflew out, turning into a streak of light towards the depths of the Primordial Sacred Abyss with several silhouettes following behind him.

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