Chapter 1315 - Promotion Pellet

As the two parties stood in confrontation in the cave, they looked at the entrance with traces of fear on their faces.

Just a moment ago, they saw two silhouettes coming out of the space that Mu Chen and Wu Tong had entered, both emanating powerful fluctuations. Even the Perfected Earth Sovereigns from both sides had felt the aura of death.

Clearly, those two silhouettes were stronger than any of them present!

However, those two silhouettes seemed to be running from something, since they fled at their greatest speed without paying attention to the two teams.

“The Fiend Clans!” Ling Xi looked at those departing silhouettes with a grave expression.

Hearing those words, the faces of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan uncontrollably changed with a flash of worry in their eyes as they looked at the Black Dragon Space.

Since a member of the Fiend Clans fled, that meant that they must have met Mu Chen and Wu Tong in there. Thus, they had no idea about how Mu Chen was doing right now.

Wen Qingxuan and the rest had also thought of this, so they exchanged looks with worries flickering in their eyes.

Those of the Wu Clan had also started to worry. They’re not worried about Mu Chen, they’re afraid of the Fiend Clans, and if anything happened to Wu Tong, their trip would have basically failed.

When Wen Qingxuang and the rest saw Mu Chen come out, they instantly felt greatly relieved and their expressions had also loosened up.

Mu Chen nodded his head to them with a smile. Seeing the lingering fear on their faces, Mu Chen’s heart shook as he asked, “You guys saw the Fiend Clans escaping?”

Everyone nodded their heads before Luo Li asked with a little puzzlement, “What’s going on? Why would the Fiend Clans be in there?”

“That’s the Prince of the Corpse Demon Clan, Shi Tianyou. He followed us into the Black Dragon Space.” Mu Chen’s expression turned grave as he continued, “He even took the corpse of a Monarch with him.”

Hearing his words, everyone’s hearts throbbed. ‘The corpse of a Monarch?’

“Mu Chen, where is our Young Master?!” Those of the Wu Clan yelled and started to panic as they looked at Mu Chen.

Indifferently glancing at them, Mu Chen faintly said, “Wu Tong? He died in the hands of that Monarch’s corpse.”

The Wu Clan’s team’s faces turned pale and Dong Shan’s face was covered with shock. He was clear about Wu Tong’s strength, but even someone as powerful as Wu Tong died in the Black Dragon Space?

Furthermore, it was another matter whether he died in the hands of that Monarch’s corpse or Mu Chen’s hands.

Thus, all of them looked at Mu Chen with shock and fear.

“Let’s go!” Dong Shan’s gaze flickered as he hollered. His silhouette suddenly flew out along with those in the Demon Slayer Team.

Since Wu Tong was already dead, the two sides were no longer standing on the same level anymore. They had completely lost in this competition, so it’s meaningless for them to stay any longer.

Seeing how they decisively left, Mu Chen’s gaze flickered, but he managed to suppress the thought of killing them. That’s because, if a Perfected Earth Sovereign was determined on leaving, it would be a little troublesome, even if he wanted to stop him.

If they fell into any terrifying disaster because of pursuit, then he would be tasting his own medicine.

Mu Chen also wasn’t bothered about whether the Wu Clan might view him as an enemy if they knew that Wu Tong died. The Wu Clan only had a Heavenly Sovereign that must stay to hold the fort in the Wu Clan, so that supreme powerhouse wouldn’t leave the Wu Clan so easily. As for those beneath the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, they couldn’t pose much of a threat to him.

Right now, the important matter was to harvest the treasures in this legacy.

“Hmph, they ran pretty quickly.” Seeing all the enemies left, Wen Qingxuan coldly snorted. She also didn’t have the intention to pursue them, so she turned to Mu Chen. “In this period of time, my Wen Clan should have a war with the Wu Clan. So you don’t have to worry about them possibly taking any revenge against you.”

After all, it was she who invited Mu Chen to help them. Although she had no idea who killed Wu Tong, the Wu Clan would still direct their rage at Mu Chen. Thus, their Wen Clan should also be shielding Mu Chen from the Wu Clan.

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded his head. He did not reject Wen Qingxuan’s goodwill before turning his head to the spatial vortex and his hands suddenly joined together and executed a secret technique.

As Mu Chen executed the secret technique, the Black Dragon Space emanated a buzzing noise and the spatial vortex swiftly shrunk before turning into a purple light that fell in Mu Chen’s hand.

This was a black dragon ring that emanated faint spatial fluctuations.

Mu Chen couldn’t help exclaiming at this scene. This was surely not simple, since there’s a space opened up in the ring, a space that could hold living beings.

When Wen Qingxuan and the rest saw how the spatial vortex turned into a ring, they couldn’t help widening their eyes.

“You obtained the Black Dragon Army?” Wen Qingxuan couldn’t help asking out.

Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile. There’s no reason for him to hide, since anyone could guess.

Seeing Mu Chen nodding his head, Wen Qingxuan and the rest took a deep breath and looked at Mu Chen as if they were like looking at a monster. That’s because they’re clear about how powerful the Black Dragon Army was.

If there’s a day Mu Chen could gain full control of them, he wouldn’t even have to fear even a Heaven Sovereign.

Facing Mu Chen’s harvest, even Wen Ziyu and the rest couldn’t help having their eyes blazing.

“Looks like you’re the biggest winner here in the legacy.” Wen Qingxuan teased. However, there wasn’t any jealousy in her words. As a prideful person, she wouldn’t be jealous over the harvest of others, since she knew that it was Mu Chen’s ability.

However, Mu Chen felt a little embarrassed as the information of this legacy came from Wen Qingxuan. If it wasn’t for her request, Mu Chen would surely not be able to find this legacy.

“Let’s do 50:50 for the pellets in the legacy.” Mu Chen said. Earlier on, when Wen Qingxuan obtained the inheritance, she had offered to give a change in the distribution to 8:2.

Wen Qingxuan shook her head as she raised her head proudly. “Since I’ve said 8:2, we’ll go with that. It’s your capability that you can obtain the Black Dragon Army, we have nothing to do with it.”

Seeing Wen Qingxuan’s perseverance, Mu Chen helplessly smiled before he nodded his head and suddenly recalled that he’s currently supporting an army that’s like a bottomless abyss…

If he didn’t have enough Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, the Black Dragon Army would run out of resources in just half a year…

“Let’s clear up the pellets in this legacy first.” Luo Li lightly smiled.

Wen Qingxuan nodded her head and everyone raised their heads, looking above the cave. They saw the starry skies above with every single star being a pellet.

Waving her hand, the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Cauldron flew over with a wave of lustre gushing out, having all of them enter the cauldron.

This lasted for ten-odd minutes before the stars above gradually decreased.

After briefly closing her eyes, Wen Qingxuan counted the number of pellets in the cauldron before astonishment appeared on her face. “There’s a total of 800 pellets!”

When Mu Chen and the rest heard her words, they couldn’t help exclaiming, since everyone knew that those pellets were premium stuff left by the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy. Putting a bunch of them into any auction in the Great Thousand World, it could reach the price of a few millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Mu Chen felt relieved. With these pellets, he wouldn’t have to be troubled with Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for the Black Dragon Army.

Gently flicking her finger, five beams shot out from the Cauldron and they floated before her, emanating a pure and miraculous Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

As those lights gradually dissipated, five crystallised pellets appeared in everyone’s view. The surface of those pellets were covered in natural pellet runes, proving the superior quality of these five pellets.

When those five pellets appeared, Mu Chen fixed his gaze over before looking at Wen Qingxuan with his eyes blazing.

With a smile, Wen Qingxuan responded, “These are the Promotion Pellets.”

“We’ll take one, and the four others will belong to you guys.” Wen Qingxuan pinched onto a crystallised pellet before waving her hand. The remaining four then flew towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen carefully took them and looked at the four perfectly round pellets as if they were heavy in his hands. Thereafter, a smile was uncontrollably raised on his face, since he knew that with this Promotion Pellet, he would have an opportunity to make a breakthrough with the Sovereign Ability of his Immortal Golden Body…

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