Chapter 1313 - Shi Tianyou

When the cold voice resounded from the black silhouette, his eyes gushed with an endless deathly aura. In his path, all sorts of plants were swiftly corroded under the deathly aura with all life force tyrannically drained.

It was so much so that even that area had turned pale-grey with the deathly aura spreading out.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, his eyes slightly narrowed. That deathly aura was too overbearing. It had even contaminated the Spiritual Energy in this region.

If that deathly aura invaded the body, how destructive would it be?

Thinking about it, there was a flash of graveness in Mu Chen’s eyes. It looked like he had to be cautious so that the deathly aura didn’t invade his body.

With this thought in his mind, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and a boundless Battle Will swept out like a massive wave with a flick of his finger, piercing through the sky as it enveloped towards the Prince of the Corpse Demon Clan.

“Hmph!” Shi Tianyou coldly snorted without any intention to avoid. He stretched his pale hand out with demonic runes flickering on it and a torrential demonic aura swept out like smoke in the next instant.

“Demonic Corpse Aura!” The aura gushed out as it clashed with the boundless Battle Will. Instantly, ear-piercing noises rang out as it dissolved the current of Battle Will.

The demonic smoke had gushed out and had utterly obstructed Mu Chen’s Battle Will.

The swift collision had caused Mu Chen’s face to turn grave. He was currently controlling three thousand members of the Black Dragon Army, even a general Perfected Earth Sovereign wouldn’t be able to beat him. However, he couldn’t gain any advantage while facing Shi Tianyou.

Clearly, although Shi Tianyou wasn’t a Monarch, his strength was undoubtedly at the Pinnacle Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

With a grave expression, Mu Chen’s hands joined together and the Battle Will from the three thousand warriors of the Black Dragon Army rolled out along with an earth-shaking draconic roar in the next moment.

The Black Dragon Battle Spirit appeared and took in a deep breath before pouring out a massive breath that had a destructive fluctuation that swept towards Shi Tianyou.

When Shi Tianyou, who was shrouded with demonic aura saw the dragon breath pouring in his direction, a sneer appeared on his face, which was drained of all blood. Opening his mouth, an ash streak of light shot out from his mouth.

“Life-Extinguishing Skeleton!” That streak of light flew out, and a breath later, it had formed into a massive grey skeleton that seemed like it could devour all vitality in the world with its mouth.

The grey skeleton opened its mouth and sucked, devouring the dragon breath that was coming in his direction in a gulp.

After devouring the dragon breath, runes started to flicker on the grey skeleton before it gradually landed down, emitting a cold light in its eyes as it looked at Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen saw his attack being so easily resolved, he couldn’t help pursing his lips tightly. One must know that in the face of his dragon breath, even Wu Tong had fled. But towards Shi Tianyou, it was so easily resolved.

Naturally, Shi Tianyou was more powerful than Wu Tong.

Shi Tianyou folded his arms and fixated his eyes, which was filled with dense demonic aura, staring at Mu Chen. After that, he sinisterly smiled. “Bring out whatever you still have. This Prince will let you know that the elites of your Great Thousand World are pale in comparison to my Fiend Clans.”

“King Mu, we’ll join hands together and slaughter that vile creature!” Jiang Long flew out as he looked at Shi Tianyou ferociously. In the next moment, his body started to expand, and in a few breaths, he had turned into a giant with dragon scales on his body. He looked like a Dragonkin.

Stomping his foot, the ground cracked and he flew towards Shi Tianyou like a cannonball.

When Mu Chen saw this, he did not stop Jiang Long. Shi Tianyou was, indeed, a little abnormal. So they had to capture him as soon as possible in case anything else happened. As for fighting fairly, Mu Chen wasn’t that stupid enough.

Thus, he had controlled the Black Dragon Battle Spirit without any hesitation. As it roared, it brandished its claw in the direction of Shi Tianyou.

According to Mu Chen’s estimation, Shi Tianyou should be equivalent to a Pinnacle Perfected Earth Sovereign in the Great Thousand World. But as long as he was not a Monarch, then there’s nothing for Mu Chen to fear.

Jiang Long and Mu Chen had moved at the same time, and their ferocious attacks were something that even Shi Tianyou made control the demonic aura and grey skeleton to resist their attacks.

This time, the violent fluctuation in this space wreaked havoc, tearing huge cracks in the space. The entire region was collapsing outside the battle circle.

Although Shi Tianyou was a Pinnacle Perfected Earth Sovereign, he wasn’t having it that easy anymore when facing Mu Chen and Jiang Long combined. He even showed signs of being at a disadvantage.

When Mu Chen saw this, his heart moved and the black and white-robed Mu Chens joined the fray. Instantly, their momentum rose and even Shi Tianyou was being beaten.

Wu Tong’s face was shocked when he saw this shocking battle. He was greatly frightened when Shi Tianyou appeared, since he never expected a member of the Fiend Clans to be tailing behind them…

Furthermore, the terrifying strength that Shi Tianyou had displayed even made him feel terrified. If they fought one-to-one, it probably wouldn’t take ten rounds for him to fall in the hands of Shi Tianyou.

“This place is too dangerous to stay in.” Wu Tong’s face changed and he immediately felt the intention to retreat. With the Black Dragon Army in Mu Chen’s hands, he had no reason to stay here. It’s also impossible for him to help Mu Chen face Shi Tianyou, since he couldn’t help wishing that Mu Chen’s party would die here.

With this thought in his mind, Wu Tong saw Shi Tianyou shattering the current of Battle Will with a slap before clashing with the fist of Jiang Long, who was covered in dragon scales.

The terrifying power had even shattered space as Jiang Long retreated. Shi Tianyou’s body trembled. At the corner of his eyes, he saw the black and white-robed Mu Chens, who were trying to surround him, with a cold flash in his eyes.

He was already at a disadvantageous position in this confrontation.

“Can’t tangle up with him anymore.” Shi Tianyou’s gaze flickered and his body turned into black smoke, before it disappeared. When he reappeared, he was a myriad foot away, and when he raised his head, a black mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth.

That blood was akin to an arrow as it streaked across the horizon, into the center of the brows of the Monarch’s corpse.

The corpse of the Monarch suddenly opened its eyes with surging demonic aura. His body flashed before he appeared behind Wu Tong and grabbed ahold of the latter’s head.

“Arghh!” Wu Tong was greatly startled at the incoming attack, so he yelled and violently struggled.

But the corpse of the Monarch tightly grabbed ahold of his head. With a tremble, it had shattered Wu Tong’s head with torrential demonic aura pouring into Wu Tong’s body, causing the latter’s body to swiftly dry up.

When Mu Chen and Jiang Long saw this scene, their faces slightly changed before making a move together, with boundless Spiritual Energy sweeping in the direction of the Monarch’s corpse.

The arm of the Monarch trembled before it tossed Wu Tong in the direction of Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen saw Wu Tong being thrown over, his eyes squinted as he hollered, “Quick, retreat!”

He could clearly see that the vitality in Wu Tong’s eyes was lost with the demonic aura wriggling beneath his skin.

When Mu Chen and the rest dodged, Wu Tong’s body exploded and the demonic aura burst out.

Not daring to come in contact with the demonic aura, Mu Chen and the rest swiftly retreated.

“Haha, this Prince will remember this battle in my heart. After I gain full control of the Monarch’s corpse, I will come back and look for you!” When Shi Tianyou saw Mu Chen’s group retreating, his cold voice resounded in this region.

Except his voice was weaker than it was before, which might be the price he paid for controlling the Monarch’s corpse.

“Shit, he’s trying to run!” Jiang Long instantly exclaimed.

Mu Chen raised his head and saw Shi Tianyou had already gathered with the Monarch’s corpse. At this moment, the latter’s head was lowered with its eyes filled with demonic aura looking at Mu Chen.

A brutal smile appeared on Shi Tianyou’s lips as he stroked his hand across his neck towards Mu Chen from afar.

“The next time we meet, this Prince will surely kill you!” He laughed as he swiftly turned into smoke that enveloped the Monarch’s corpse as well before corroding the space open to leave. The black smoke poured into the opened space and he disappeared.

As Shi Tianyou left, this space had gradually calmed down, with the damages on the ground proving the previous battle.

Looking in the direction which Shi Tianyou had left in, Mu Chen slightly knitted his brows.

‘Indeed, the Fiend Clan has also come to the Primordial Sacred Abyss… It looks like this trip in the Sacred Abyss won’t be an easy one.’

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