Chapter 1312 - The Corpse Demon Clan

“Respects to the King!” As the voices echoed out between the heavens and earth, it left Mu Chen, who was in the sky, stunned. He looked at the Black Dragon Army with shock. He clearly did not expect such an elite army would acknowledge him as their new King at this moment…

At this moment, even Mu Chen could feel his heart racing, even with his composure. Despite how he tried to remain calm, there was a joy flushing on his face.

In the end, he had given up on hiding, so the joy flushed on his face.

That’s because he knew how powerful this army was, even if some of them were lost due to time, it was still a powerful army that could rival a Heavenly Sovereign.

If there’s a day when Mu Chen could control all of them, he wouldn’t have to fear even a Heavenly Sovereign.

Trying to forge such a powerful army in the Great Thousand World required unimaginable resources and energy that no ordinary supreme force could achieve.

Just like the Wu Clan or the West Heaven Battle Temple. Although they had a Heavenly Sovereign in their forces, they didn’t have this level of army.

If Mu Chen had to forge it himself, he couldn’t even produce 1/10 of them, even if he had completely emptied out the Mu Abode.

Because of all those sorts of reasons, Mu Chen couldn’t control his emotions at this moment.

“Please rise.” Mu Chen finally retracted the excitement in his heart before cupping his fists to everyone in the Black Dragon Army.

Mu Chen was courteous and wasn’t arrogant just because the Black Dragon Army had acknowledged him. The Black Dragon Army wasn’t the same as those puppets that he had previously obtained; it was a living army, so he has to do this to win their hearts.

The tens of thousands of warriors stood up and the robust man spoke in a respectful voice, “Please ascend the stage and receive the army seal!”

His hand was pointing towards the stage in the center. Mu Chen also did not hesitate and landed on the stage, before looking at the Black Dragon Army.

“Your subordinate, Commander of the Black Dragon Army, Jiang Long greets the new King.” The robust man bowed in the direction of Mu Chen before biting his tongue, and a mouthful of blood essence flew out.

After him, the warriors of the Black Dragon Army also did the same and the blood essences swiftly converged into a blood ball that floated before Mu Chen.

The blood ball continuously condensed and gathered before forming into a crimson dragon talisman, absorbing all the blood essences around it.

The dragon talisman hovered before Mu Chen and emanated a profound energy. Mu Chen’s gaze was blazing as he looked at it. He knew that as long as he refined this talisman, the Black Dragon Army would truly belong to him.

Without any hesitation, Mu Chen bit his tongue and a mouthful of blood essence flew towards the dragon talisman, before swiftly merging with it. Soon after, Mu Chen could sense the close relationship being formed between him and the Black Dragon Army.

Mu Chen stretched his hand out and gently held onto the talisman with his hand. At this moment, he knew that he had become the only King of the Black Dragon Army.

When Wu Tong saw this scene from afar, his eyes were filled with greed, as if he couldn’t help wanting to take Mu Chen down and replace him.

At this moment, the regret in his heart was indescribable. If he knew about this, he would absolutely not allow Mu Chen to step into this space. Even if he had to use all his means to block Mu Chen, that way he wouldn’t have to compete with Mu Chen to acquire the Black Dragon Army.

In his heart, Mu Chen was just a Greater Earth Sovereign. If it’s not Battle Will, he was confident that he could kill Mu Chen.

“Damn it! Damn it!” Wu Tong muttered as he constantly cursed. The redness in his eyes was so dense that it could drip blood out.

But Mu Chen clearly did not have the time to deal with the hatred of a loser. Holding onto the dragon talisman, he felt the control he had over this powerful troop with joy in his heart. This time, just this harvest of the Black Dragon Army alone made his trip to the Primordial Sacred Abyss worthwhile.

The faces of the Black Dragon Army’s warriors were pale, since they had exhausted quite a bit of their blood essences to form the Dragon Talisman.

Jiang Long looked at Mu Chen with a satisfied gaze. But just when he was about to speak, the earth suddenly trembled.

Sensing the tremors, everyone was briefly stunned before looking at Wu Tong. ‘What is that fellow trying to do now?’

But when they directed their gaze over, they realised that Wu Tong wasn’t doing anything.

“Who is it?!”  Mu Chen and Jiang Long’s faces slightly changed. They had sensed something. They abruptly turned their heads to look in another direction as they roared.

“Keke…” Space distorted in response to their holler and a black mist appeared. In the next instant, it had turned into a black silhouette in the sky.

That silhouette was enveloped with a deathly aura, and the disgusting scent had caused every single warrior of the Black Dragon Army to change.

“Fiend Clans!” Mu Chen’s pupils narrowed. Who else but the Fiend Clans could possess such a disgusting aura!

“Demon, you dare to barge into my Black Dragon Army?! You’re courting death!” Jiang Long furiously roared and his eyes had instantly turned red from the hatred.

Boundless Spiritual Energy burst out of his body, at the level of a Perfected Earth Sovereign. Jiang Long moved and had appeared before that silhouette with a fist jabbed out. Veins wriggled on his arm, emanating a terrifying power.

However, when that ferocious fist reached that black silhouette, it had quickly passed through. The black silhouette disappeared and a few breaths later, it had appeared in another location.

“How rude… But it’s a pity that my motive for coming here isn’t you people.” The black silhouette looked at Jiang Long with its sinister eyes and sinisterly smiled. “But at this moment, you guys are at your weakest. So I will naturally not let this opportunity go.”

He suddenly landed on the ground with an ashen hand on the floor. Raising his head, the black smoke lightly dissipated, revealing a pale and sinister face without any blood on it before he gave an unusual smile at Jiang Long and Mu Chen.

“Stop him!” Mu Chen’s pupils narrowed. Although he had no idea what the Fiend Clan was doing, he felt uneasy for some reason.

“Haha, too late!” The man eerily smiled and a black demonic array suddenly burst out from his palm. It was like wriggling worms that burrow into the ground and shot downwards.

Jiang Long’s face drastically changed as he exclaimed, “He is after the sealed corpse of the Monarch! King Mu, control the Battle Will of the Black Dragon Army!”

Mu Chen ‘s heart trembled upon hearing that. ‘There’s a sealed corpse of a Monarch underground?’

He suddenly grasped on the Dragon Talisman tightly. The ground suddenly, violently trembled as huge cracks furiously spread out on the ground.

Demonic aura rolled from those cracks and a black beam soared into the sky, along with a terrifying demonic aura fluctuation that covered this area.

Mu Chen raised his head in shock and saw a black skeleton. Although the life force had disappeared from the skeleton, it was still covered with a remnant demonic aura.

Judging from the fluctuation, it must have been a powerful Monarch when it was alive!

“Haha, just as I have guessed! There’s indeed a Monarch’s corpse here!” That black silhouette eerily laughed.

Mu Chen’s face turned solemn before he had controlled the Black Dragon Army at this moment. But with his current strength, he could only control three thousand warriors of the Black Dragon Army as before.

Fortunately, that man hadn’t reached the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, according to Mu Chen’s senses. If that’s the case, then he’s not an opponent that he couldn’t face.

Violent Battle Will roared like a current and pierced through space, shooting towards that black silhouette.

Facing the Battle Will that was enveloping over, the black silhouette did not choose to face it head-on. On the contrary, he burst in retreat. He clearly didn’t intend to confront it.

However, Mu Chen had no intention to let him go like that. With a thought, Battle Will charged out, and he could also tell that the target of that black silhouette was the corpse of a Monarch. As long as he could stall the latter and not allow that black silhouette to take the corpse away.

Dodging a few times, that black silhouette was angered by Mu Chen’s aggressiveness and showed a sinister smile with his eyes fixated on Mu Chen.

“Since you’re courting death, then this Prince will fulfill your wish. Remember, the one killing you is… the Prince of the Corpse Demon Clan, Shi Tianyou!”

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