Chapter 1311 - Black Dragon Battle Spirit

“Muster troops!” When the two hollers rang out, two powerful intents swept out and swiftly enveloped the Black Dragon Army down below. Under the intent, many warriors of the Black Dragon Army had also been summoned and they flew into the sky.

“This is?!” When the robust man saw this scene, he couldn’t help squinting his eyes with shock as he looked at the two identical Mu Chens.

“Aren’t those spiritual clones? How could they be as powerful as his original body? Even their attainments as a Battle Formation Master is identical as well!” The robust man was shocked. Despite his vast experience, he still couldn’t help being shocked by this scene.

He never expected Mu Chen to possess such shocking means. After all, even their Master couldn’t do it back then.

While the commander of the Black Dragon Army was shocked, Mu Chen felt inwardly relieved. Luckily he wasn’t late, or he would have to suffer today.

Earlier, when he entered this space, he had left his two clones behind to deal with the two other Martial Servants. Thus, his hand was being held up, and before he dealt with the two Martial Servants, he couldn’t summon his two clones so easily. Otherwise, Ling Xi and the rest surely wouldn’t be able to face three Perfected Earth Sovereigns.

So he could only wait till his two clones were free before he could summon them. And fortunately, the two clones appeared in time to stabilise the situation for him.

Silhouettes swiftly appeared behind the black and white-robed Mu Chens, about two thousand warriors. Including the thousand that Mu Chen previously commanded, they had a total of three thousand warriors.

It’s impossible for Mu Chen to command the Battle Will of three thousand warriors alone, but it was fortunate that his two clones could share the burden. Furthermore, the three of them were telepathically linked so they could command them as one. So it wasn’t that different from one person commanding all of them.

After the two clones had mustered their troops, they immediately activated their Battle Wills. Instantly, boundless Battle Will swept out along with a terrifying pressure, causing this region to tremble from the power.

The Battle Will formed by three thousand members of the Black Dragon Army was simply terrifying!

Under that pressure, Wu Tong’s expression had frozen with deep shock. Evidently, he had been greatly shocked by the three thousand warriors standing behind Mu Chen.

He had consumed a pellet, squeezed out his potential before he could command two thousand warriors of the Black Dragon Army, suppressing Mu Chen. So one could imagine how terrifying it was when Mu Chen controlled the three thousand warriors of the Black Dragon Army.

“Damn it! Damn it! How did he achieve that?!” Wu Tong insanely muttered with a flash of fear in his eyes. Facing three thousand warriors, he even felt the urge to flee right now.

But in the end, Wu Tong suppressed that urge. Although he had no idea how Mu Chen was able to muster three thousand warriors of the Black Dragon Army, he didn’t feel that Mu Chen could truly command them.

If he really managed to, then Mu Chen wouldn’t have to fear any Perfected Earth Sovereign with those three thousand warriors.

“He must be pretending! At this moment, he is already a spent force!” Wu Tong gritted his teeth as his expression turned sinister. He no longer hesitated and the spear, which was formed by the Battle Will of two thousand warriors, shot out. The millions of Battle Runes shone, and at that moment, even the Battle Will formed by the three thousand warriors was suppressed.

“Die!” Wu Tong’s roar rang out in the sky.

The spear shot over, aiming for Mu Chen.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked at the spear coming in his direction before nodding his head at the black and white-robed Mu Chens.

The three of them practically formed their seals at the same time, and in the next moment, a deep roar rang out from the warriors of the Black Dragon Army behind him. Boundless Battle Will rolled out and swiftly spread out.

As the clouds of Battle Will violently roared, they looked like an endless Battle Will was being gathered together and was faintly emanating a terrifying pressure.

The spear had pierced through space and shot towards the cloud of Battle Will, trying to tear that cloud of Battle Will apart.

Raising his head, Mu Chen narrowed his eyes at the spear that was swiftly expanding before him. Shortly after, a white mist exited his mouth.

The boundless cloud of Battle Will violently trembled, and in the next moment, when the spear landed, a massive dragon claw abruptly stretched out from the heavy clouds.

That claw was black and looked extremely vivid, like a real dragon claw. When it stretched out, a massive draconic might swept out at that moment.

When the dragon claw stretched out, it grabbed ahold of the spear and a dark light burst out from the claw. It only took an instant to stop that spear!

“What?!” Wu Tong exclaimed after seeing how the spear, which he had created by gathering the Battle Will of two thousand warriors, was so easily stopped. While he was shocked, a draconic roar rang out from the sky that was filled with torrential Battle Will.

Eight Desolation Battle Dragon!

The dark dragon claw tightened its grip and the spear was immediately shattered into sparkles of light in the sky.

When the spear shattered, the dense layers of clouds trembled, and in the next moment, a huge shadow soared into the sky.

Every single gaze there was on that huge shadow and sounds of sucking air rang out.

A black dragon appeared in the sky, covered with Battle Runes with torrential Battle Will that wreaked havoc in this region.

Looking at that black dragon, the commander and the warriors of the Black Dragon Army started to tremble with excitement in their eyes.

“It’s actually the Black Dragon Battle Spirit!”

“He actually managed to form the Black Dragon Battle Spirit!”

Excited voices rang out from the Black Dragon Army with many of them looking at Mu Chen.

Even the robust man was excited with a complicated gaze. Although the Black Dragon Battle Spirit was a lot weaker than when they were at their peak, it also meant that Mu Chen had high compatibility with the Black Dragon Army.

If Mu Chen continued to grow, then the Black Dragon Army might be able to reach their pinnacle once again.

Mu Chen was a little shocked as he looked at the huge dragon. He could sense that when this dragon was formed, the Battle Will of the three thousand Black Dragon Army’s warrior had reached a new shocking height.

To form the Battle Will, he had to fuse his intent with the Battle Will of the troops before he could form the Battle Spirit that uniquely belonged to this troop…

Clearly, he had achieved this.

“Is it because of the True Dragon Spirit…?” Mu Chen was also shocked that he had achieved this. According to his estimations, he would still need to train with the Black Dragon Army for a period before they could accomplish this. So it must be because of the True Dragon Spirit that he possessed.

He suppressed the thoughts in his heart for the time being and looked at the shocked Wu Tong with an indifferent gaze. He did not bother speaking. The black dragon roared and it opened its mouth, unleashing a few myriad feet of breath.

Sensing the terrifying Battle Will, Wu Tong was instantly terrified, but when he tried to control the Battle Will, he had realised that the Battle Will behind him seemed to have thinned down a lot.

Turning his head over, he could see that the faces on the warriors of the Black Dragon Army were dazed as they looked at that massive dragon. Their morale had been ultimately affected.

“Bastards, a bunch of garbage!” Looking at the dropped morale, Wu Tong instantly cursed. He also couldn’t overthink it and had started to retreat, abandoning the Black Dragon Army.

“Coward!” Seeing his actions, many warriors of the Black Dragon Army cursed. No one would respect a Battle Formation Master that might abandon his troops at any time.

If that sort of person became their King, there might be a day when he would abandon them as well.

The robust man’s face was dark as he looked at Wu Tong with disgust in his eyes.

When Mu Chen saw this, he waved his sleeve and the dragon breath retracted. In the future, all of those warriors would belong to him, so if he had destroyed two thousand of them, he would undoubtedly feel heartache.

Thus, to protect them, he was somewhat willing to give up chasing after Wu Tong for the time being.

When the two thousand warriors of the Black Dragon Army saw Mu Chen recalling the dragon breath, they exchanged a look and kneeled in his direction.

“We pay our respects to the King!” Their orderly voice resounded.

Whether it was the Black Dragon Battle Spirit that Mu Chen had formed, or how he protected them at the expense of giving up chasing after Wu Tong, he had won their acknowledgment.

The Black Dragon Army down below also exchanged looks before nodding their heads. In the next moment, the multitudes of people knelt entirely down.

“We pay our respects to the King!”

Behind Mu Chen, the three thousand Black Dragon Army were also down on their knees.

The robust man looked at Mu Chen with a gratified smile on his face before kneeling as well. “Respect to the King!”

As the roar rang out in the sky, Wu Tong’s face turned ashen, before being unable to help spitting out a mouthful of blood.

He knew that this time, he had utterly lost to Mu Chen.

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