Chapter 1310 - More Troops

Chapter 1310 - More Troops

An earth-shattering noise rang out across the horizon as the massive claw clashed against those swords. In that instant of collision, this space collapsed and turned into a black hole.

The colossal dragon claw emanated a destructive fluctuation that had overbearingly shattered those swords.

As the swords shattered, sparkling lights flew in the sky.

Wu Tong’s eyelids twitched at this scene. He never expected that this move from Mu Chen would be so powerful.

“Hmph, I don’t believe that you can destroy my Myriad Sword Battle Image!” Wu Tong gritted his teeth as he controlled all the swords and aimed them at the dragon claw.

The dragon claw endlessly clashed with those swords. But under this impact, the Dragon Claw’s speed had also been decreased, even the Battle Runes on it had dimmed down.

Watching this scene, a sneer appeared on Wu Tong’s face. But it didn’t last long before his expression froze again when he saw that although the swords were slowing the Dragon Claw, it was still slowly moving forth towards his direction.

“How is that fellow’s Battle Will so refined?!” Wu Tong narrowed his eyes. In terms of Battle Runes, he should have obtained a slight advantage, so how was Mu Chen’s Battle Will more sturdy than his!

From a certain degree, didn’t that mean that Mu Chen was superior to him in terms of quality when it came to controlling the Battle Will of the Black Dragon Army?

Thinking about it, Wu Tong’s face turned pale. It was something that he didn’t want to admit.

The commander of the Black Dragon Army also looked at Mu Chen in astonishment. As the commander of the Black Dragon Army, he understood the army too well. So he could naturally tell that Mu Chen controlled the Battle Will more easily than Wu Tong.

With roughly the same amount of Battle Runes, Mu Chen’s control was more sturdy and refined than Wu Tong.

Mu Chen looked at the Dragon Claw as it gradually got closer to Wu Tong under the obstruction of the swords. Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen’s eyes suddenly turned sharp.

The Dragon Claw suddenly grasped and formed into a fist with boundless Battle Will soaring from it. It seemed endless and emanated an indescribable violence.

“Break!” Mu Chen hollered and the swords shattered in the next instant.

The dragon fist violently shattered those swords. Although the fist was also covered in cracks, it was still charging towards Wu Tong with a terrifying power.

As a shadow was cast down from the sky, Wu Tong’s expression had changed and he gritted his teeth as his seals swiftly changed.

The boundless ocean of Battle Will had also swept up and formed into several barriers that obstructed the dragon fist.

The dragon fist crashed against those barriers and they started to shatter. But as those barriers broke, the Battle Runes on the dragon fist also turned increasingly dim due to the exhaustion.

In just a few breath’s time, the few hundred barriers that Wu Tong had formed were all destroyed by the dragon fist. But when the last barrier collapsed, the dragon fist had also reached its limit and crumbled while it was ten-odd feet away from Wu Tong…

As the dragon fist collapsed, Wu Tong snorted with his hair fluttering in the air, and his clothes torn. He looked to be in a pathetic state.

“It’s blocked?” Mu Chen’s eyes had also squinted at this scene. That attack of his was practically the strongest attack he could use, but he never expected Wu Tong to still be able to resist it.

The difficulty of that fellow seemed to have exceeded Mu Chen’s estimations.

At this moment, Wu Tong looked to be in a pathetic state, since he was forced by Mu Chen and his face turned terrifyingly dark. He looked at Mu Chen from afar, as if he would gobble the latter up with his gaze alone.

He initially thought that it would be easy for him to deal with Mu Chen, but after they fought, he realised that this opponent, which he hadn’t cared about, was actually so troublesome.

He started to feel regret in his heart. If he knew about this, he would rather pay a great price than allow Mu Chen to enter this space.

“No matter what, I have to obtain the Black Dragon Army!” Wu Tong’s gaze coldly flashed. It seemed like normal means wouldn’t be able to deal with Mu Chen.

“Since you’re courting death, I’ll fulfill your wish today!” Wu Tong’s face turned sinister and he gritted his teeth and a pellet, which was hidden amongst his teeth, was swallowed.

When the pellet entered his stomach, his body trembled and a powerful energy burst out from his body. Even his intent had started to violently soar.

The pellet that he had consumed was called the Battle Will Pellet. Just as the name implied, it can increase the Battle Will in one’s body. Although the medicinal effect was powerful, there was also a repercussion. If he was careless, his intent would be unstable, and even his mind would collapse.

With his eyes turning red, he was bearing the intense dizziness that he felt in his mind as his hands joined together. In the next moment, a powerful intent blew out and enveloped the Black Dragon Army down below.

He’s actually trying to muster more troops!

Under his intent, more silhouettes flew into the sky, and in just a moment, another thousand warriors had joined the troops behind him.

“Mhm?” When the robust man saw this, his brows instantly knitted. He could sense the sudden surge in Wu Tong’s intent. According to his estimations, Wu Tong and Mu Chen’s ability to control the Black Dragon Army should only be around a thousand.

“How is this possible?!” Mu Chen’s pupils had also narrowed at this scene. Previously, when he fought with the latter, he had grasped the latter’s ability. With Wu Tong’s ability, it’s impossible for him to control two thousand warriors of the Black Dragon Army!

If he forced his way, then the powerful Battle Will might destroy his consciousness.

Knitting his brows to look at Wu Tong, when Mu Chen saw Wu Tong’s red eyes, he had roughly guessed that the latter must have used a secret technique to increase his Battle Will. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to muster another thousand warriors.

“Brat, I’ll see how you are going to fight with me now!” Two thousand warriors of the Black Dragon Army unleashed their Battle Will into the sky. It had actually caused the sky to distort since the power of Battle Will behind Wu Tong had actually increased by one fold.

Giving a sinister smile to Mu Chen, Wu Tong raised his hand and tapped the sky.

Space trembled and a myriad feet beam of Battle Will abruptly shot out from the ocean of Battle Will behind Wu Tong. It had pierced through space and flew towards Mu Chen without any leniency.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, he had swiftly formed his seals and a boundless Battle Will gathered into a dragon claw once again and flew towards the beam of Battle Will.

As the two clashed, it was the Dragon Claw that crumbled this time. Mu Chen’s gaze was dark as Wu Tong’s Battle Will had completely exceeded him at this moment.

“Haha, weren’t you complacent earlier?!” Seeing Mu Chen being wholly suppressed, Wu Tong couldn’t help laughing out as he waved his hand and Battle Will shot out, trembling the horizon as it flew towards Mu Chen.

Under Wu Tong’s attacks, although Mu Chen had done his best to defend, he was on the losing streak. The cloud of Battle Will behind him had also thinned down.

When the robust man saw Mu Chen being defeated, he knitted his brows as he had also sensed that Wu Tong had used a secret technique. However, they did not have that restriction from before and only depended on the victory to decide.

There was much unfairness in the world, and many times, the outcome was the important one.

The warriors of the Black Dragon Army also sighed in pity. Due to the dragon blood that they possessed, they’re leaning towards Mu Chen more. However, they were militants, so they would only submit to the victor…

If Mu Chen couldn’t win, that meant that they’re not fated. Since that’s the case, they couldn’t force it either.

As Battle Will pierced the horizon, it shattered Mu Chen’s defenses. In the end, the cloud of Battle Will had also thinned down and was on the verge of dissipating.

However, no one noticed that, although Mu Chen was losing, there wasn’t any panic on his face. On the contrary, a cold light gradually condensed in his eyes and his hand had already formed seals. Now he seemed to be waiting for something.

“Brat, if you kneel before me now, I might be able to spare your life!” Wu Tong stood up as he laughed with a sinister expression. At this moment, victory was already in his grasp.

The two thousand warriors of the Black Dragon Army with their Battle Will gathered wasn’t something that Mu Chen could confront.

However, Mu Chen had merely smiled lightly in response.

“Then die!” Wu Tong sinisterly smiled and no longer hesitated. With his hands joined together, the boundless Battle Will formed into a spear of a few hundred thousand feet, covered with Battle Runes that reached an amount of 8,500,000!

This amount was something that even a Perfected Earth Sovereign would have to flee upon encountering!

Looking at the spear, Mu Chen’s finger suddenly trembled before a relieved smile appeared on his face.

“Finally, free now?” Mu Chen raised his face and smiled at Wu Tong. “Let me give you a lesson this time… Next time, when you’re fighting, don’t speak so much nonsense or you will regret it.”

When he finished speaking, the seal that he had already formed in his sleeve suddenly changed.

“Three Pures!” When his seals changed, space distorted around him and two silhouettes appeared, the white and black-robed Mu Chens!

When they appeared, they had immediately sat down and a powerful intent swept out, before a holler rang out in the sky. “Muster troops!”

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