Chapter 1309 - Competition of Battle Will

Chapter 1309 - Competition of Battle Will

“Haha, good! Ignorant brat, you’re courageous enough!” Hearing Mu Chen’s response, Wu Tong laughed out. His laughter was filled with killing intent, causing the surrounding temperature to drop.

As the laughter slowly stopped, Wu Tong looked at Mu Chen with a vicious gaze like a venomous viper. After that, he appeared above the Black Dragon Army without any words and sat down.

“Muster!” Wu Tong hollered with his eyes closed and a boundless fluctuation swept out, swiftly spreading towards the Black Dragon Army.

As the warriors were being enveloped by it, most of them flung their lips aside. If they wanted to resist this will, Wu Tong wouldn’t be able to even muster their Battle Will even if he wanted them to.

However, the robust man snorted when he saw those fellows not reacting.

Seeing the response from their commander, the warriors of the Black Dragon Army helplessly shrugged their shoulders and gave up on resisting. Instantly, their silhouettes flew into the sky behind Wu Tong.

In just ten-odd breaths, there were close to eight hundred warriors of the Black Dragon Army standing behind Wu Tong.

But as the number reached around a thousand, Wu Tong realised that he’s no longer able to increase the amount and had felt his limit.

“Truly the famous Black Dragon Army!” Wu Tong couldn’t help sighing with praises in his heart. In the Wu Clan, he could command at least a few hundred thousands of troops, but when it came to the Black Dragon Army, he could only command a measly thousand.

That meant that this thousand was equivalent to the hundreds of thousands of troops from the Wu Clan.

This truly was an example of rivaling ten thousand with one.

After personally experiencing how mighty the warriors of the Black Dragon Army were, Wu Tong’s greed for them grew even stronger before he coldly looked at Mu Chen. Regardless of anything, he had to get rid of this only obstacle standing before him.

“A thousand of the Black Dragon Army? Not bad, but I wonder how much of their Battle Will you can control.” The robust man’s eyes flickered at this scene. Wu Tong was truly a pretty good Battle Formation Master, but he was clearly too lacking when compared to the Black Dragon Battle Emperor.

“Brat, still not mustering troops? Are you perhaps afraid?” Wu Tong coldly looked at Mu Chen as he mocked.

Mu Chen had ignored his ridicule and sat down on the sky with his eyes closed before a powerful will burst out from his body.

When it enveloped towards the Black Dragon Army, he had encountered some obstructions, as he had expected. After all, this Black Dragon Army wasn’t something that he had forged, so he was unfamiliar with their Battle Will. Thus, it was impossible for them to reach a harmony from the first contact.

But the resistance did not last for long and the silhouettes flew up as they gathered behind him.

In just ten-odd breaths, a vast group had also gathered behind Mu Chen. That amount had also reached nearly a thousand, more or less comparable to Wu Tong.

“This Black Dragon Army is truly much stronger than the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, and even the Demon-Extinguishing Army couldn’t be compared to them.” Sensing the boundless Battle Will gathered by the thousand, Mu Chen was shocked. If a thousand was already this powerful, then if he could command the entire Black Dragon Army, he might really be able to confront a Heavenly Sovereign.

Naturally, Mu Chen also knew that he didn’t have that capability yet…

“Hmph, forcing yourself to muster troops. But a similar amount of troops will exhibit a different level of power in different hands!” When Wu Tong saw the thousand behind Mu Chen, he had also narrowed his eyes as he sneered.

Quantity wasn’t the only thing that would affect the power of the Battle Will. It also depended on how efficient you could control it!

Without any hesitation, Wu Tong’s intent fused with the Spiritual Energy in his body, turning into a unique power that enveloped the thousand Black Dragon Army behind him.

“Battle Will form!” When the unique power entered the bodies of the thousand Black Dragon Army, their eyes instantly turned to bloodlust as they roared in an orderly manner.

The heavens and earth trembled as a massive Battle Will swept out from the thousand Black Dragon Army, emanating a terrifying pressure.

“Die!” As Battle Will filled the air, Wu Tong’s eyes turned red from the unprecedented strength and he let out a sinister smile at Mu Chen before forming seals with a single hand.

A huge hand stretched out from the ocean of Battle Will, covered in densely packed Battle Runes with the space around it showing signs of collapsing.

“7,300,000 Battle Runes.” The commander of the Black Dragon Army, that robust man, looked at that huge hand with a single glance to determine the number of Battle Runes instantly.

Looking at that colossal hand, Mu Chen’s face was calm. He had formed seals single-handedly as well.

“Battle Will form!” The thousand warriors of Black Dragon Army hollered with a powerful Battle Will sweeping out as well.

A colossal fist had also stretched out from the cloud of Battle Will, with countless Battle Runes flickering on it. Every single one of those runes contained a powerful might that could even tremble the heavens and earth.

“7,000,000 Battle Runes.” The robust man’s gaze flickered once more.

In the next moment, the hand and fist violently clashed, sending out massive shock waves that would make even a Perfected Earth Sovereign avoid the impact.

However, since the number of Battle Runes weren’t much different, although Mu Chen’s fist had collapsed first, Wu Tong’s Battle Will had also collapsed next and didn’t obtain much advantage.

Wu Tong’s face was a little dark, with a flash of solemness in his eyes. The attainments of a Battle Formation Master that Mu Chen had displayed was clearly out of his expectations.

“That bastard! Not only are his attainments in Spiritual Arrays shocking, he’s also shocking as a Battle Formation Master!” Wu Tong gritted his teeth as his eyes turned colder. “I have cultivated bitterly in the path of the Battle Formation for decades, with the resources of my Wu Clan as well. I refuse to believe that I will lose to a brat like you!”

Wu Tong’s seals suddenly changed and his Spiritual Energy and intent merged into boundless Battle Will, fusing into the ocean of Battle Will behind him.

The ocean of Battle Will rumbled with endless roars of lightning, with Battle Will surging and gushing out with countless beams of light, forming into numerous swords in the sky.

That swords were covered in Battle Runes, emanating an unexpected fluctuation.

“Myriad Sword Battle Image!” Wu Tong’s gaze turned sharp as he waved his sleeve. The swords whistled out and shot in the direction of Mu Chen.

It was a terrifying attack that would fell even a Perfected Earth Sovereign if they were careless.

Looking at his attacks, Wu Tong was also satisfied. If it was the Wu Clan’s troops, it might be hard for him to unleash such might. But with the Black Dragon Army, he could push the power of Battle Will to the limits.

He intended to use this attack and consign Mu Chen to eternal damnation!

“Now that’s interesting!” The robust man lightly nodded his head as he commented.

Wu Tong’s attainments as a Battle Formation Master was pretty good. He could already start to bring out a little of the Black Dragon Army’s power.

Mu Chen raised his eyelids and looked at the swords coming in his direction. Every single one of those swords contained at least a million Battle Runes. Mu Chen could easily block one of them, but with tens of thousands of them, even a Perfected Earth Sovereign would be fearful of such an attack.

Facing this attack, Mu Chen’s expression turned grave. He had to give it his all!

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen’s intent gradually merged with the Black Dragon Army’s Battle Will. Sensing the robust Battle Will, his heart shook and draconic roars rang out from his body once more, diverting the might of the True Dragon Spirit into the Battle Will of the Black Dragon Army.

At that moment, Mu Chen could clearly sense the bodies of those thousand Black Dragon Army’s warriors trembling and their Battle Will had also turned swift.

Forming seals with his two hands, afterimages flew and he pushed his own Battle Will to the limits.

Dense layers of Battle Will violently rolled, and in the next moment, a ten thousand-foot long dragon claw covered in scales abruptly stretched out from the cloud that contained unimaginable Battle Will.

“Claw of the Battle Dragon!” Mu Chen’s deep voice rang out and the massive dragon claw streaked across the horizon with destructive prowess before clashing with those swords.

The two sides were akin to meteorites clashing together, emanating destructive auras.

Win or lose, all of it depended on this clash!

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