Chapter 1309 - Competition of Battle Will

Chapter 1309 - Competition of Battle Will

“Haha, good! Ignorant brat, you’re courageous enough!” Hearing Mu Chen’s response, Wu Tong laughed out. His laughter was filled with killing intent, causing the surrounding temperature to drop.

As the laughter slowly stopped, Wu Tong looked at Mu Chen with a vicious gaze like a venomous viper. After that, he appeared above the Black Dragon Army without any words and sat down.

“Muster!” Wu Tong hollered with his eyes closed and a boundless fluctuation swept out, swiftly spreading towards the Black Dragon Army.

As the warriors were being enveloped by it, most of them flung their lips aside. If they wanted to resist this will, Wu Tong wouldn’t be able to even muster their Battle Will even if he wanted them to.

However, the robust man snorted when he saw those fellows not reacting.

Seeing the response from their commander, the warriors of...

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