Chapter 1308 - Choice

Chapter 1308 - Choice

As the voice echoed between the heavens and earth, Wu Tong’s eyes lit up with a flash of gratitude on his face before he cupped his fists together. “I am Wu Tong. I have long heard of the reputation of the Black Dragon Army. It’s my honor to help all of you wake up from your slumber.”

Wu Tong’s scheme was deep; he did not express his intention to recruit the Black Dragon Army but had lowered his state to allow the Black Dragon Army to gain good intentions of him.

Although his scheme was pretty good, he had used it on the wrong person because the robust man that spoke out, as well as the warriors of the Black Dragon Army, did not show any joy from being awakened.

“Did the Great Thousand World win the battle in that war?” The robust man asked.

Wu Tong immediately nodded his head. “It was all because of all the Seniors that our Great Thousand World managed to beat the Fiend Clans into retreating.”

Mu Chen raised his eyelids and...

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