Chapter 1308 - Choice

Chapter 1308 - Choice

As the voice echoed between the heavens and earth, Wu Tong’s eyes lit up with a flash of gratitude on his face before he cupped his fists together. “I am Wu Tong. I have long heard of the reputation of the Black Dragon Army. It’s my honor to help all of you wake up from your slumber.”

Wu Tong’s scheme was deep; he did not express his intention to recruit the Black Dragon Army but had lowered his state to allow the Black Dragon Army to gain good intentions of him.

Although his scheme was pretty good, he had used it on the wrong person because the robust man that spoke out, as well as the warriors of the Black Dragon Army, did not show any joy from being awakened.

“Did the Great Thousand World win the battle in that war?” The robust man asked.

Wu Tong immediately nodded his head. “It was all because of all the Seniors that our Great Thousand World managed to beat the Fiend Clans into retreating.”

Mu Chen raised his eyelids and slowly said, “Although the Fiend Clans have retreated, they still occupy half of our Great Thousand World. Right now, they’re eyeing us like tigers, looking for an opportunity to invade again.”

Seeing how Mu Chen tore his stage apart, Wu Tong instantly directed a glare of fury over.

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, the Black Dragon Army emanated some noises and some warriors gritted their teeth. They hated the Fiend Clans to the extreme.

Seeing that the Black Dragon Army showed no intentions of joining him, Wu Tong instantly grew anxious, but he smiled. “Everyone, my Wu Clan is one of the supreme forces in the Great Thousand World, our Patriarch has also stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. If you guys don’t have a place to go, my Wu Clan opens our doors to all of you!”

This time, the intention behind his recruitment was evident without hiding it.

It’s just that the robust man only cast an indifferent glance at Wu Tong. Although the latter had hidden it well, the robust man also had a keen eye that had instantly seen through the latter’s ambitions.

“Although you have woken us up, that doesn’t mean that we will have to join you.” The robust man calmly said.

The smile on Wu Tong’s face froze and he felt furious in his heart. ‘These fellows must have turned retard for sleeping for so long. Although the Black Dragon Army is powerful, it requires a powerful Battle Formation Master to unleash their powers. Otherwise, not to mention fighting with an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, even a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign can easily slaughter all of them.’

Although he felt furious in his heart, he did not show it on his face and said, “I dare not to threaten with my contributions, but you guys also know that only an outstanding Battle Formation Master can unleash the full potential of you guys. You are all elites that the Black Dragon Battle Emperor has forged himself, you guys also don’t wish to embarrass him after tens of thousands of years, right?”

The robust man nodded his head. “That is precisely why we did not want to follow you and embarrass the name of our master.”

From his words, he clearly did not feel that Wu Tong possessed the qualifications to be the next master of the Black Dragon Army.

Wu Tong’s face twitched and asked, “You mean that there’s someone more outstanding than me?”

Rage blazed in his heart. He initially thought that waking the Black Dragon Army would be able to earn their gratitude. However, he never expected that they would be so picky towards him.

The robust man’s gaze slowly swept over Mu Chen and Wu Tong who were in the sky and said, “Since you’re the one to wake us up, then you should have the advantage.”

Wu Tong’s eye twitched as he gritted his teeth. ‘So be it, at least it’s better than nothing.’

“However, many of the warriors tell me that they’re more interested in this friend over here.” However, Wu Tong’s expression froze under the next sentence that came from the robust man.

At this moment, the robust man was looking at Mu Chen with a bizarre gaze.

Mu Chen was also briefly stunned. He was racking his mind on how to earn the favor of this Black Dragon Army, but who could have expected that they would already have a favorable opinion of him?

Mu Chen was stunned before he looked at the warriors of the Black Dragon Army and realised that they were looking at him. Furthermore, there was a hint of familiarity and revere in their eyes as well.

Mu Chen was still puzzled at the beginning, but his eyes soon flashed as if he had recalled something. With a will, a draconic roar rang out from his body.

A purplish-golden luster soared into the sky and the True Dragon Spirit in his body appeared, forming into a purplish-golden dragon that coiled behind him.

When the True Dragon Spirit appeared, a vast commotion came from the Black Dragon Army down below and many warriors had an excited expression. If it wasn’t for their strong willpower, they would have lost control and kneeled by now.

Because these warriors had been soaked in dragon blood to strengthen their physiques, that had also granted them the bloodline of the dragon clan. At the same time of granting them strength, it had also caused them to suffer the suppression from the dragon’s bloodline as well.

Mu Chen’s True Dragon Spirit had the purest bloodline in the Dragon Clan, it was royalty in the Dragon Clan. It was also precisely so that the warriors would feel a little familiar and reverence from Mu Chen.

Rather than saying that they’re revering Mu Chen, it would instead be being reverence towards the aura and bloodline of a True Dragon…

“It’s really the aura of the True Dragon…” When the robust man saw the True Dragon Spirit behind Mu Chen, there was an excited expression on his face. From a certain degree, they could be considered one of the Dragonkin after absorbing the dragon’s blood, a branch of the Dragon Clan.

The Dragonkin didn’t have a high position in the Dragon Clan, so when they saw the true Emperor of the Dragon Clan, the True Dragon, it was akin to a commoner meeting the powerful Emperor…

When Wu Tong saw this scene, he was instantly agitated to the point that he nearly vomited blood. He had done so much to enter the Black Dragon Space, even paid the price of a Heavenly Sovereign Talisman to wake them up. In the end, those fools weren’t grateful at all. Not only were they cold towards him, they were also even favorable of Mu Chen. It even gave Wu Tong the urge to annihilate the entire Black Dragon Army, if he had the ability to do so…

However, Wu Tong also felt a little relieved. Although the Black Dragon Army showed a favorable opinion of Mu Chen, they showed no intention of joining the latter. After all, they were also experienced in battle; thus, they had strong willpower. They wouldn’t fall to the point of disregarding everything upon seeing Mu Chen, who possessed the True Dragon Spirit.

“What do you plan to do, then? Since you guys have already woken up, the Spiritual Energy that supports the Black Dragon Space is also insufficient to support the cultivation of all of you. If there isn’t any external support, it won't take long before this space collapses.

The robust man slightly smiled. “That’s true… but a fine bird chooses the tree to nest in, and our Black Dragon Army doesn’t wish to fall in the hands of a mediocre person and embarrass the name of our king.”

Wu Tong coldly snorted, “What else is there to choose? He is a mere Greater Earth Sovereign, how can he compete with me?”

The robust man shook his head. “We’re choosing an outstanding Battle Formation Master, your cultivations are not factored into consideration.”

Wu Tong was angered. Those bastards said that he had the advantage, but in the end, they had been continually helping Mu Chen. What bullshit advantage, there wasn’t any of it!

“Then, how are you guys going to choose?!” Wu Tong asked in a solemn expression.

“Naturally through the method of a Battle Formation Master.” The robust man said as he pointed at the Black Dragon Army. “For fairness, the two of you can choose any amount from the Black Dragon Army and use your Battle Will to fight. Whoever can win will prove that your attainments as a Battle Formation Master are higher.”

Wu Tong’s gaze flickered as he sneered, “Are we going to have similar numbers for fairness as well?”

He was confident in his attainments as a Battle Formation Master. He was someone groomed by the Wu Clan with all their resources, a secret of the Wu Clan. Others only knew the strength of his cultivation, but they had no idea that his attainments as a Battle Formation Master weren’t any weaker.

The robust man shook his head. “It will depend on your ability on how much you can control. There aren’t any limitations on this.”

Hearing that, Wu Tong felt relieved. If the robust man wanted to limit the numbers as well, then they would be aiming at him. After all, he didn’t believe that Mu Chen could beat him as a Battle Formation Master.

“Since that’s the case, we’ll go with your suggestion!” As he spoke, Wu Tong coldly looked at Mu Chen. “It’s just that I don’t know if this brat has the courage!”

Right now, he hated Mu Chen to the max. It was initially something that he could obtain easily, but in the end, the Black Dragon Army had learned towards the latter because of his appearance, causing more trouble for him.

Mu Chen had ignored Wu Tong’s cold gaze and cupped his hands towards the Black Dragon Army, thanking that they did not immediately choose Wu Tong and gave him a chance to fight.

After that, he turned around and looked at Wu Tong with a smile. “Since you dare, why wouldn’t I?”

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