Chapter 1307 - The Profound Dragon Space

Chapter 1307 - The Black Dragon Space

As Battle Will rose from Mu Chen’s body, he flew like a bolt of lightning into the passage that was gradually stabilising.

The sudden change of events had also caused Mu Chen to be a little astonished. He never expected there to be the inheritance of the Black Dragon Battle Sovereign in the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy’s inheritance as well. Furthermore, he was shocked that Wu Tong was speaking about the Black Dragon Army.

It was a powerful army that could be comparable to an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, and such a level of an army wasn’t something that an ordinary supreme force could manage without a long time and an unimaginable amount of resources.

Thus, even as a Battle Formation Master himself, Mu Chen never intended to forge an army himself, since he knew that he couldn’t afford to waste time and resources...

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