Chapter 1307 - The Profound Dragon Space

Chapter 1307 - The Black Dragon Space

As Battle Will rose from Mu Chen’s body, he flew like a bolt of lightning into the passage that was gradually stabilising.

The sudden change of events had also caused Mu Chen to be a little astonished. He never expected there to be the inheritance of the Black Dragon Battle Sovereign in the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy’s inheritance as well. Furthermore, he was shocked that Wu Tong was speaking about the Black Dragon Army.

It was a powerful army that could be comparable to an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, and such a level of an army wasn’t something that an ordinary supreme force could manage without a long time and an unimaginable amount of resources.

Thus, even as a Battle Formation Master himself, Mu Chen never intended to forge an army himself, since he knew that he couldn’t afford to waste time and resources for it.

However, the Black Dragon Army that Wu Tong had previously spoken about was well-preserved. And most importantly, they weren’t puppets but an army that actually possessed vitality.

It’s just that the Black Dragon Army was asleep, and if he could wake them up, they would be restored to become the famous Black Dragon Army from the ancient times.

Aside from Wu Tong, only Mu Chen, who was also a Battle Formation Master, knew how precious an army like that was…

Thus, when Wu Tong’s voice rang out, Mu Chen flew out without any hesitation and entered the Black Dragon Space before Wu Tong could.

No one could react in time when Mu Chen charged out, and even Wu Tong was stunned. But after a brief moment, when he sensed the Battle Will rising from Mu Chen’s body, his face uncontrollably distorted.

He never expected his words to cause such changes!

That’s because he was confident that he was the only Battle Formation Master around, otherwise, why didn’t anyone sense the fluctuation of Battle Will when they were fighting?

But no matter how much disbelief he felt, the cruel reality was placed before him…

Looking at Mu Chen, Wu Tong suddenly felt an urge to slap himself, since he had been too complacent earlier, revealing those secrets. But he did need a piece of shocking information to disperse everyone’s attention so that they wouldn’t disrupt the stabilisation of the passage…

However, he never expected that his words would attract such trouble.

Wu Tong’s eyes had practically turned red at this moment with a sinister expression.

However, Wu Tong hadn’t lost his mind from the anger and sinisterly glanced at Mu Chen. He did not make a move, but he took a step into the Black Dragon Space first.

The important thing right now was to obtain the Black Dragon Army. But if he was tangled up with Mu Chen right now, then there might be other unforeseen events occurring.

The Black Dragon Space slightly fluctuated and Wu Tong’s silhouette disappeared into the passage. It was also in that instant that Mu Chen had appeared by the passage and entered it.

The two of them had disappeared into the Black Dragon Space, while the cave remained in silence and everyone was exchanging looks in shock. They had no idea how they should react to this situation.

“Mu Chen entered? That Wu Tong will surely not let him go!” Wen Qingxuan bounced up and looked at Luo Li and Ling Xi with a worried expression.

“Furthermore, how is Mu Chen also a Battle Formation Master? Can he defeat Wu Tong?”

The reason why Mu Chen would enter the Black Dragon Space was clearly to get the Black Dragon Army, but Wu Tong would surely not let Mu Chen go as he wished. Thus, there would inevitably be an intense battle between the two of them.

Wu Tong’s strength was stronger than an ordinary Perfected Earth Sovereign’s, with lots of trump cards, so he definitely wasn’t someone that could be easily dealt with.

Ling Xi had also slightly knitted her brows, but on the other hand, Luo Li maintained a pretty calm look as she stared at the Black Dragon Space. “Mu Chen isn’t someone that would be blinded by greed. He must be confident since he has chosen to do that.”

Although Wu Tong was powerful, Mu Chen wasn’t a pushover, either. When he was a Lesser Earth Sovereign, he stand up amongst all the Greater Earth Sovereigns. Now that he was in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, Luo Li believed that even against a powerful Perfected Earth Sovereign, Mu Chen wouldn’t be any inferior in comparison.

Seeing Luo Li’s calm expression, Wen Qingxuan felt a little relieved. No matter what, all they could do right now is wait and hope that Mu Chen can obtain control of the Black Dragon Army. Otherwise, if the Black Dragon Army fell into the hands of Wu Tong, it would be a disaster to them.

Thus, the intense battle in the cave had slowly calmed down, since they knew that the decisive battle would occur in the Black Dragon Space…

However, only the two Martial Servants were fighting. Mu Chen had left the black and white-robed Mu Chen for that purpose.

“Wen Ziyu, go and help Mu Chen’s clones deal with the Martial Servants.” Wen Qingxuan said.

Wen Ziyu nodded his head before he turned around and pounced towards a Martial Servant.

When Dong Shan wanted to obstruct him, but Ling Xi appeared before him with a Spiritual Array formed in her hand.

As the two teams stood in a deadlock, they did not notice a black silhouette slowly moving closer to the Black Dragon Space before entering it…

Upon entering the Black Dragon Space, the environment around Mu Chen started to swiftly change, and in the next instant, the spatial fluctuation promptly stabilised. Mu Chen had also swept his gaze out.

This desolate land was filled with ravines on the ground. Mu Chen looked into the distance.

There was a massive general stage, with a few myriads of crimson statues standing there. Every single one of them looked so vivid.

Those stone statues stood quietly on the stage. They were looking at the higher stage before them with revered expressions.

It’s as if there stood their King.

Mu Chen looked at the stone statues and his face gradually turned grave. He could sense a terrifying pressure emanating from them.

“That should be the Black Dragon Army!” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. Only the Black Dragon Army could possess such a terrifying pressure, even though they’re asleep right now.

Wu Tong had also appeared and was looking at that army of stone statues with greed before turning to face Mu Chen with a sinister smile. “Fool, did you think that you can obtain that army by following me into the Black Dragon Space?”

Mu Chen’s face was calm, since he knew that it wouldn’t be that simple. However, he couldn’t watch Wu Tong gain control of that terrifying army.

Seeing that Mu Chen had ignored him, Wu Tong felt bored, so he snickered. With a grasp of his hand, a talisman appeared, and it flew out.

When the talisman flew into the sky, it emanated a dazzling luster that seemed like a warm sun that shone onto the stone statues down below.

Under the light, Mu Chen had realised that the stone statues had started to slowly melt…

“This talisman was made by the Heavenly Sovereign of my Wu Clan, to be used for waking up the slumbering Black Dragon Army!” Mu Chen knitted his brows at those words. Wu Tong seemed really prepared.

Under Mu Chen’s gaze, the army started to melt, and roughly a few minutes later, the stone on them had disappeared, replaced with crimson armor.

Those silhouettes looked robust with crimson skin, and even dragon scales could be seen on their bodies with a draconic might that was quietly being emitted.

However, Mu Chen had also realised that as their petrification got removed, some of the warriors had also been reduced to ashes. They must be those that failed to enter the slumbering stage and got consumed by time.

Under Mu Chen and Wu Tong’s nervous looks, the crimson silhouettes opened their eyes. Their eyes first flashed with blackness before spiritual light started to gather. In the end, they lowered their heads and knelt before the higher stage before them.

The entire region trembled at this instant. As they gradually recovered their memories, they remembered that it was their King who used the last of his power to send them to sleep just to save them…

In the sky, Mu Chen and Wu Tong had also recognised the unusual emotions in the Black Dragon Army. Thus, they did not dare to disrupt it and allowed the Black Dragon Army to reminisce their King who had died.

Roughly ten-odd minutes later, the warriors of the Black Dragon Army then stood up and a silhouette that stood at the front raised his head, looked at Mu Chen and Wu Tong and a solemn voice resounded, “Who woke us up?”

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