Chapter 1306 - Profound Dragon Army

Chapter 1306 - Black Dragon Army

At that moment, when Wen Qingxuan tossed herself into the cauldron, the cauldron soared with blazing flames that looked azure, giving off a gentle sensation. But everyone knew that it was merely the appearance. The fire that a Heavenly Sovereign used for alchemy could instantly turn any Perfected Earth Sovereign into ashes…

Wen Ziyu and the other experts of the Wen Clan looked at the cauldron with nervous expressions. Their backs were covered in a cold sweat, and if Wen Qingxuan failed, it’s not something that they would be able to accept.

That’s because, the moment she failed, Wen Qingxuan would be reduced to ashes.

Dong Shan and the rest were all looking at the cauldron. If Wen Qingxuan succeeded, then they would have to make a full effort to seize the inheritance.

Thus, the violence here had calmed down for the period with only one exception, Mu Chen’s battles.

The two Martial Servants did not have any intellect, and they only knew how to slaughter. So they would not be bothered with the inheritance. What they wanted to do was reduce Mu Chen, who was obstructing before their paths, into meat paste.

But no matter how they attacked, they were tightly bound by Mu Chen. Especially the Martial Servant in the Soaring Flame Array, he was in a pathetic state with one of his arms being destroyed.

Clearly, Mu Chen was in control of the entire situation, and it’s only a matter of time before the two Martial Servants got defeated.

In the next moment, azure flames swept out from the cauldron, along with a pillar that rose up from it, and a silhouette gradually appeared. When Wen Ziyu and the rest saw that familiar figure, joy instantly swept on their faces. It was Wen Qingxuan.

At this moment, her eyes were closed with azure flames flickering on her body. Those flames seemed spiritual as they shrouded her body, forming an emerald glass that looked like a set of light armor that protected her.

Her long eyelashes slightly trembled before her eyes abruptly opened with azure flames flickering in them. At this moment, she looked a little more charming than usual.

She was a little dazed to see the flames on her body before joy flushed in her eyes. That’s because she could sense an entire set of inheritance in her mind…

It was so much so that even the azure flames existed in her body.

Naturally, when she decided to toss herself into the cauldron, she wasn’t turned into ashes; instead, she obtain the inheritance of the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy.

There were tons of alchemy insights and secret techniques. It might be useless towards others, but as an Alchemist herself, it was akin to a treasure.

It was like when Mu Chen received the insights from his mother that allowed him to break through into the High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar Realm, granting a great help to his future breakthrough into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

With this inheritance, Wen Qingxuan would surely be a famous Alchemist in the future, which was a piece of great news to the Wen Clan.

After all, Alchemists were one of the most welcomed occupations in the Great Thousand World.

“The information was, indeed, true!” Wen Qingxuan rejoiced. She knew that it required an act of great courage for her to obtain the inheritance. After all, not just anyone would dare to toss themselves into the cauldron, since they might be reduced to ashes if they were careless.

Between life and the inheritance, most people would choose the former. After all, without their lives, having any inheritance would be useless.

“Damn it!” When Wen Qingxuan obtained the inheritance, the faces of Dong Shan and the rest significantly changed. Since the inheritance of the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy was acquired by Wen Qingxuan, didn’t all the things that they have done go down the drain?

“Haha, you really managed to succeed.” Wu Tong’s gaze flickered as he started to laugh in the Blackwater Prison Array. Pinching his fingers together, a black talisman appeared in his hand. It was engraved with profound talisman runes, emanating a bizarre fluctuation.

He raised his head to look at Ling Xi and gave a gentle smile before the black talisman in his hand turned into flames.

Ling Xi had been paying attention to his movements, so when the black talisman appeared in his hand, it was instantly noticed by her. She had immediately felt that something was wrong and immediately triggered the Spiritual Array.

Boundless black water pressed down along with a terrifying force. Countless black dragons pounced forth towards Wu Tong. No matter what this fellow intended to do, Ling Xi had to disrupt it, no matter what.

“A pretty quick reaction, but it’s a pity that it’s futile.” But facing Ling Xi’s obstructions, Wu Tong slightly smiled and the black talisman in his hand turned into black smoke that enveloped him.

When the black smoke enveloped him, Wu Tong’s silhouette had instantly disappeared.

“Qingxuan, watch out!” Mu Chen, who was facing the two Martial Servants, hollered as his eyes flashed.

A strand of black smoke appeared before Wen Qingxuan and grabbed ahold of the latter’s wrist. It lifted her before slamming her against the cauldron down below.

Heavily clashing against the cauldron, a crisp sound rang out. Perhaps it was because Wen Qingxuan had obtained the inheritance, but she wasn’t turned into ashes by the flames on the cauldron.

But even so, the impact had caused Wen Qingxuan to spew a mouthful of blood, and the cauldron was also blown away.

But after throwing Wen Qingxuan, Wu Tong did not unleash any attacks that everyone had expected. On the contrary, he stopped moving and stared at the place where the cauldron previously resided with a blazing expression.

The cauldron was previously on a stage, and with the cauldron being knocked away by Wen Qingxuan, a Spiritual Array had appeared at the location where the cauldron previously resided.

Wu Tong looked at the Spiritual Array with his eyes blazing and a talisman flew out then fell onto the Spiritual Array.

Instantly, intense spiritual light burst out from the Spiritual Array and space distorted, before a passage was formed.

The sudden changes had caught everyone unexpected. No one expected such an unusual arrangement beneath the cauldron.

“Wen Qingxuan, did you think that the motive of my Wu Clan was only the so-called ‘Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy’s Inheritance’?” Wu Tong turned around and looked at Wen Qingxuan with his eyes narrowed from his smile.

“The information that your Wen Clan has gathered was only related to the Spirit Butterfly Legacy, but you guys had no idea that there’s another inheritance hidden here that belonged to the husband of the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy, the Black Dragon Battle Emperor!”

“The Black Dragon Battle Emperor?!” Wen Qingxuan was shocked. This was something that she was really unaware of. But she knew about the Black Dragon Battle Emperor as well. He was a famous Heavenly Sovereign who was also the husband of the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy.

Furthermore, the Black Dragon Battle Emperor was powerful, not because of his strength at the Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm, but as a Battle Formation Master!

Every single warrior in his Black Dragon Army was poured with dragon blood, forming them into Dragon Warriors. The Black Dragon Army at its pinnacle state could rival the elites amongst the Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

It was due to the great battle that the Black Dragon Battle Emperor had fallen, along with the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy, without any news. Even the Black Dragon Army had disappeared without a trace.

“The objective of your Wu Clan was that Black Dragon Army?!” Wen Qingxuan instantly figured out that the Wu Clan must have gotten the news regarding the Black Dragon Army somewhere, that was the reason why they would head to this place at all costs.

Shrugging his shoulders, Wu Tong smiled. “Although, according to the information, the Black Dragon Army has been damaged, every single warrior is drenched in dragon blood. In the end, the Black Dragon Battle Emperor has turned most of the Black Dragon Army into undead warriors, and put them into a slumber. So this army is quite well-preserved, and with this army in the hands of my Wu Clan, we will be able to control it and annihilating your Wen Clan will merely be a flip of my hand!”

“It’s just that the Black Dragon Space was being guarded by the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy’s cauldron, and with the alchemy flames on the cauldron, even a Perfected Earth Sovereign would be reduced to ashes upon contact. Only those that received the inheritance of the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy are immune to those flames…”

As he spoke, Wu Tong looked at Wen Qingxuan with a ridiculing gaze. “So if it wasn’t for you having that courage, I might have a headache in obtaining the inheritance. After all, that sort of method that risks one’s life isn’t suitable for me…”

Wen Qingxuan’s face paled. So Wu Tong was waiting for her to obtain the inheritance so that she would be the key to unlock the Black Dragon Space!

“You want to obstruct me? Actually, speaking so much with you guys is just a waste of time, I just don’t wish for you guys to disturb the stabilisation of the Black Dragon Space…”

Wu Tong shook his head and looked at the space that was gradually being formed before him before turning his head and gave Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan, and the rest a smile filled with killing intent.

“Now, prepare for when I come out with the Black Dragon Army. I hope that you guys will still have the courage to stand before me…

“Furthermore, let me tell you out of goodwill that only Battle Formation Masters can enter the Black Dragon Space. So you guys can stop wasting your time…

“And it just so happens that I have another identity as a Battle Formation Master.”

Looking at everyone with a pitiful gaze, Wu Tong took a deep breath and entered the space without any hesitation.

But at that moment, a burst of laughter had also resounded in this cave.

“Battle Formation Master?

“What a coincidence, me too!”

Everyone abruptly turned their heads and saw Mu Chen’s silhouette, who was being obstructed by the Martial Servant, fly out. He turned into a bolt of lightning and charged towards that space.

At this moment, there was a peculiar fluctuation rising on his body, the Battle Will that uniquely belonged to a Battle Formation Master!

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