Chapter 1306 - Profound Dragon Army

Chapter 1306 - Black Dragon Army

At that moment, when Wen Qingxuan tossed herself into the cauldron, the cauldron soared with blazing flames that looked azure, giving off a gentle sensation. But everyone knew that it was merely the appearance. The fire that a Heavenly Sovereign used for alchemy could instantly turn any Perfected Earth Sovereign into ashes…

Wen Ziyu and the other experts of the Wen Clan looked at the cauldron with nervous expressions. Their backs were covered in a cold sweat, and if Wen Qingxuan failed, it’s not something that they would be able to accept.

That’s because, the moment she failed, Wen Qingxuan would be reduced to ashes.

Dong Shan and the rest were all looking at the cauldron. If Wen Qingxuan succeeded, then they would have to make a full effort to seize the inheritance.

Thus, the violence here had calmed down for the period with only one exception, Mu Chen’s battles.

The two Martial Servants did not have any intellect, and they only knew how to slaughter. So they would not be bothered with the...

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