Chapter 1305 - Throwing Herself Into the Cauldron

Chapter 1305 - Throwing Herself Into the Cauldron

The crimson space was filled with violent, blazing Spiritual Energy. A gigantic silhouette stood up in the crimson world that breathed out heat waves, causing space to distort from the heat.

That huge figure was the spiritual image formed in the Soaring Flame Array, formed with the purest Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth. The might of it was deep and unfathomable, it could even face a Perfected Earth Sovereign powerhouse.

As heat waves swept out, the temperature in the cave had also risen.

The commotion from Mu Chen’s side had instantly attracted the attention of others, and when they saw the Soaring Flame Array, their faces uncontrollably changed.

“A High Rank Scholar Spiritual Array?!” Wen Qingxuan widened her eyes as she looked at Mu Chen in shock. ‘That Mu Chen is also a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar!’

‘It’s no wonder why he was so confident in dealing with the two Martial Servants,...

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