Chapter 1304 - Battle in the Cave

Chapter 1304 - Battle in the Cave

“Leave them to you?” Wen Qingxuan, Wen Ziyu and the rest looked at Mu Chen in shock. They never expected Mu Chen, who had not made a move along the way, to actually request to deal with the two Perfected Earth Sovereigns from the other party. Right now, his cultivation was only at the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm!

“Can you do it?” Wen Qingxuan couldn’t help but ask. Although she felt that Mu Chen has been hiding his strength, she only thought that Mu Chen could fight with a Perfected Earth Sovereign. She never thought that Mu Chen could compete against two.

“Don’t ask a man this sort of question.” Mu Chen gave Wen Qingxuan a teasing smile.

Wen Qingxuan was briefly stunned before her face blushed and she glared at Mu Chen. “Looks like you’re courting death!”

Mu Chen smiled. After easing out the tension in the atmosphere, he looked at Ling Xi. “Big Sister Ling Xi, I’ll temporarily leave Wu Tong to you, just holding him off for a while will do.”

Wu Tong was undoubtedly more powerful than an ordinary Perfected Earth Sovereign. Perhaps even if Ling Xi made a move, she also might not be able to beat him. But with the profundities of a Spiritual Array Master, trying to hold him off wouldn’t be hard.

“Alright.” Ling Xi nodded her head and spiritual light flickered in her hand with countless spiritual seals being formed.

“Leave that Dong Shan to me then!” Wen Ziyu said. He was evidently not Dong Shan’s opponent when he was a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign. But with the amplification from Wen Qingxuan, he’s comparable to a Perfected Earth Sovereign.

“Luo Li, you will lead the other experts of the Wen Clan to obstruct the rest of them.”

Luo Li nodded her head. Aside from Wu Tong, Dong Shan and the two Martial Servants, they’re able to obstruct the other Greater Earth Sovereigns.

“Move out!” After distributing the opponents, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and his eyes turned sharp. In the next moment, he had left afterimages behind as he flew forth.

He slapped the air and boundless Spiritual Energy enveloped the two Martial Servants.

“You’re courting death. You dare to fight with the Martial Servants of my Wu Clan?” Wu Tong was briefly stunned before a mocking smile rose on his face.

The two Martial Servants didn’t have any emotions, and they only had their instincts to kill. The moment they’re in battle, unless they tore their opponents apart, they would surely not stop killing.

Facing those killing machines, even a Perfected Earth Sovereign would have trouble. But Mu Chen was going to face those two with the cultivation of a Greater Earth Sovereign, which in Wu Tong’s view, was akin to courting death.

Dong Shan also shook his head in pity. He initially intended to capture Mu Chen and let the latter understand that the feeling of death was better than living. But looking at the situation right now, even leaving a whole corpse might not be possible.

When Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy enveloped the two Martial Servants, they were instantly being attracted and they unleashed a roar filled with killing intent, along with a violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation that burst out.

The two giants pounced forth like two ferocious beasts, fearlessly charging towards Mu Chen. If they clash, even a Perfected Earth Sovereign would be internally injured from the impact.

Facing the charge of the two Martial Servants, Mu Chen’s figure suddenly stopped before he retreated, intending to avoid the charge.

The two Martial Servants immediately followed after him, brandishing their fists with a crimson Spiritual Energy that had turned realistic with a dense killing aura while charging towards Mu Chen.

Under their ferocious attacks, Mu Chen steadily retreated.

When Wu Tong and Dong Shan saw how Mu Chen was retreating, the ridiculing smiles on their faces grew denser. They initially thought that Mu Chen would have some capability for boasting. But judging from this situation, he wasn’t far from being squashed.

“Get rid of them.” Wu Tong gently waved his hand with his eyes indifferently looking at Wen Qingxuan and the rest.

Behind him, the two teams burst forth with powerful Spiritual Energy, and in the next moment, silhouettes started to charge towards Wen Qingxuan and the rest.

“That fellow, Mu Chen will be fine, right?” Wen Qingxuan looked at Mu Chen, who was retreating, with a worried gaze.

“Rest assured, he’s not someone that boasts.” Luo Li gave an easing smile before nodding her head towards the experts of the Wen Clan. In the next instant, several silhouettes flew out to block the charge from the other party.

“Let’s hope that nothing comes to Brother Mu.” Wen Ziyu also sighed. At this moment, he wanted to help Mu Chen, but he couldn’t afford to do that right now.

Thus, he calmed his mind and moved out. He then appeared before Dong Shan to block the latter’s path.

“Heh, someone like you dares to obstruct me?!” When Dong Shan saw Wen Ziyu, he let out a sinister smile with dense killing intent surging from his body, causing the surrounding atmosphere to gradually turn into ice.

Hanging around in the Sacred Abyss Continent for so many years, Dong Shan had undergone countless battles. As someone with ample fighting experience, he wouldn’t be afraid of any ordinary experts.

But Wen Ziyu was an elite from the Wen Clan. Thus, he had circulated the boundless Spiritual Energy in his body with a grave expression before clenching his hand, and a black longsword appeared in his hand. The body of the sword was engraved with ancient runes that emanated a sharp aura.

That longsword was actually a High Rank Saint Artifact!

With the sword in his hand, Wen Ziyu’s expression gradually calmed down and his eyes seemed like a sharp blade that fixated on Dong Shan.

Dong Shan coldly snorted with his eyes narrow. High Rank Saint Artifacts weren’t commonly seen. Even he didn’t possess one after fighting for so many years and felt that those fellows that came from a huge background were unpleasing to the eyes.

With a grasp of his hand, a crimson blade appeared in Dong Shan’s hands that was also filled with killing intent and reeked of blood. This blade was also a Saint Artifact; however, it’s only a Middle Rank Saint Artifact.

Holding the sword, Dong Shan appeared before Wen Ziyu in the next moment with the endless killing intent that followed after the blade and hacked it down.

Wen Ziyu also immediately used his sword to receive that attack, instantly unleashing a violent storm of Spiritual Energy fluctuation from the collision.

“You’re my opponent?” With the battles starting everywhere, Wu Tong looked at Ling Xi with his eyes narrowed and smiled. “What a gorgeous woman. What price did the Wen Clan offer for you to help her? I can pay you twice that.”

In response to his ridiculing words, Ling Xi lightly smiled. “You want to give out a tempting price then?”

Wu Tong chuckled, but in the next moment, his eyes had turned cold. His silhouette bolted out with a jab forth. Boundless Spiritual Energy had immediately formed into a massive fist that flew towards Ling Xi.

“Wasting time with a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar, do you think that I’m a fool?” Wu Tong was also a smart person and had instantly seen through Ling Xi’s thoughts. After all, Spiritual Array Master required time to prepare their powerful Spiritual Arrays when they fight with others.

As the fist flew over, Ling Xi calmly tapped her finger out and space distorted before her. In the next moment, a Spiritual Array soared into the sky, turning into a river of Spiritual Energy that clashed with that fist of Spiritual Energy.

A huge commotion rang out as the river of Spiritual Energy crumbled. However, the water from the river had stuck onto the fist, swiftly dissolving it.

“Nine-Dragons Aqua Spiritual Array!” Along with the changes of Ling Xi’s seals, the river of Spiritual Energy soared with spiritual seals flickering in the sky, forming into a profound Spiritual Array.

The roars of dragons resounded and nine aqua dragons pounced towards Wu Tong.

“Hmph!” Wu Tong coldly snorted and both of his palms joined together before he pushed them forth.

“Greater Divine Ability - Divine Martial Palms!”

Nine golden palm prints flew out and they gently patted the nine aqua dragons. A terrifying force burst out as they were reduced to mist.

“You dare to bring this level of Spiritual Array before me?” Wu Tong coldly sneered.

“Really?” Ling Xi smiled and she started to form complicated and blurry seals. At the same time, Wu Tong realised that the aqua dragons, which he had just destroyed, had turned into countless spiritual seals, which swiftly integrated into space with a shocking speed. Into an array of black water.

The Spiritual Array was akin to a prison of water, covering this entire space, leaving Wu Tong trapped in the deepest part of it.

“High Rank Scholar Spiritual Array - Blackwater Prison Array!”

As Mu Chen constantly retreated, a Martial Servant finally managed to get close to him with a fist that seemed like a streak of light as it flew towards Mu Chen’s head.

Mu Chen’s black pupils flashed with crystals and a pagoda appeared, the Spiritual Energy in his body had also erupted without holding back.

Throwing a fist forth, he had chosen to clash head-on with that Martial Servant.

Space instantly shattered upon contact and the Martial Servant took several steps back. On the other hand, Mu Chen took ten-odd steps back with his fist turning a little red.

Space suddenly distorted behind him and a Martial Servant had already got to his back before he knew it, aiming his violent jab towards the back of Mu Chen’s heart.

But this time, he had no intention to retreat; on the contrary, a cold smile rose on his lips.

Stretching his hand out, he suddenly formed seals while facing that Martial Servant.

Space suddenly burst forth with a myriad of scarlet light. Flickering spiritual seals could be seen in the sky that seemed like an ocean of fire. A terrifying temperature rose and the crimson space enveloped the Martial Servant.

Mu Chen raised his eyelids as he glanced at the Martial Servant that was emanating a violent aura and a gentle voice came from his mouth.

“Soaring Flame Array!” Space had formed into a magma world with a gigantic shadow slowly rising, like an ominous being born from a volcano.

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