Chapter 1303 - Trump Cards Revealed

Chapter 1303 - Trump Cards Revealed

The two teams suddenly met each other in the massive cave, and in the next moment, the eyes from the two groups turned red. In an instant, killing intent started to burst out, causing the temperature in the cave to drop.

The killing intent swept up like a gale in the cave.

“Hehe, enemies are truly on a narrow road, indeed. Brat, you actually dare to stand before me?” Dong Shan took a step forth as he looked at Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan and the rest with a burst of sinister laughter.

“Someone running like a stray dog just moments ago actually dares to be so arrogant now?” Wen Qingxuan snickered as she ridiculed.

“You!” Dong Shan widened his eyes as he stared at Wen Qingxuan with killing intent that seemed to be condensing in his eyes.

But facing his killing intent, Wen Qingxuan paid no attention to it. She directed her cold gaze at the person beside Dong Shan, a man with fiery-red hair.

“Wu Tong, the actions of your Tong Clan are as dirty as always. Back then, you guys stole the information regarding this legacy from my Wen Clan, and now, you even sold our location to someone else?” Wen Qingxuan sneered.

The man with fiery-red hair smiled. “There’s nothing too deceitful in war. If your Wen Clan can’t protect the information well, then don’t blame others for stealing it.”

“Since we’re already competitors, does it matter for us to use a little means?” As he spoke, he cast a glance at Mu Chen’s group with a ridiculing smile. “Furthermore, they’re the helpers you got? Although you will know in the end that all of that is useless…”

“Impudent!” Seeing how he belittled Mu Chen, Long Xiang’s eyes blazed with rage. Just when he wanted to speak, he was stopped by Mu Chen. Mu Chen then cast a glance at the man named Wu Tong. He felt an ocean of Spiritual Energy coming from the latter, emitting a powerful pressure that even caused the space here to tremble.

Clearly, this Wu Tong was a genuine Perfected Earth Sovereign.

They’re facing two teams, one which was formed of Demon Slayers with Dong Shan leading, and the other belonged to the Wu Clan. From the looks on the surface, the other party had two Perfected Earth Sovereigns.

On the contrary, only Ling Xi was a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar on the surface of their side, with two Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereigns, Long Xiang and Wen Ziyu, a level beneath her.

So, judging from the surface, the other party had a formation more powerful than them.

Wen Qingxuan also knew about this, but she wasn’t afraid. She clearly still had a trump card prepared…

With a cold expression, Wen Qingxuan did not bother to talk to Wu Tong. She looked towards the depths of the cave and saw a bronze cauldron that looked as exquisite as a butterfly on the stage that seemed to have fire blazing within it.

“Mu Chen, that cauldron was left by the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy, and if we can obtain her inheritance, we will be able to inherit her alchemy skills.”

“Oh?” Mu Chen looked at the bronze cauldron with astonishment. He wasn’t too tempted by it, since he wasn’t interested in alchemy; nor did he have the energy to focus on another path.

“I wish to obtain the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy’s Alchemy Inheritance.” Wen Qingxuan replied seriously.

Mu Chen’s heart shook and he looked at her. “You know alchemy?”

“Haha, Qingxuan is the strongest Alchemist in the Wen Clan right now. If she could obtain the inheritance of the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy, her future attainments might even be comparable to the Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory.” Wen Ziyu smiled with pride.

Mu Chen was astonished. Wen Qingxuan wasn’t into Alchemy in the past. He never expected that she would become one with profound attainments when they met again.

But he was only briefly astonished, since even he had another identity as a Battle Formation Master. So it was natural that Wen Qingxuan became an Alchemist during this time.

“You can have it, if you need it.” Mu Chen smiled as he nodded his head. None of them here knew Alchemy, so there wouldn’t be a use for it, even if they obtain it.

Seeing how Mu Chen agreed to give away the precious inheritance without any hesitation, Wen Qingxuan’s eyes rippled. Even Wen Ziyu and the other experts of the Wen Clan looked at Mu Chen with gratitude. After all, if it was another team, they might even want to have a share in it.

“Thanks.” Wen Qingxuan thanked before continuing, “But I cannot allow you to suffer a loss. We will have a split in 8:2 of the pellets, you will have 8 while I take 2.”

They previously agreed on a 5:5 split, but Wen Qingxuan just gave away another portion of 3 to compensate Mu Chen’s team.

Mu Chen nodded his head and did not refuse, since he knew about Wen Qingxuan’s pride. If he denied it, then she would probably feel uneasy.

“Splitting the harvest before me. Wen Qingxuan, aren’t you a little too excited?” Wu Tong’s teasing voice resounded as he looked at Wen Qingxuan with a faint smile.

“You only have one High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar and two Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereigns. It’s fortunate if you guys can survive today, not to mention having a dip in the treasures.” Dong Shan said sinisterly.

“Don’t be in such a rush. We’ll know after we fight!” Wen Qingxuan coldly said and her hands suddenly joined together. In the next instant, a crimson spiritual light soared from her body.

“Innate Ability - Bloodline Amplification!” Wen Qingxuan bit on her tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood that fused into the spiritual light. In the next moment, several crimson beams stretched out and stabbed into the experts of the Wen Clan.

Instantly, Wen Ziyu’s eyes dazzled with light as the Spiritual Energy fluctuation in his body rose. In just a few breaths, he had broken through the barrier and reached the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

Furthermore, the other experts of the Wen Clan’s strength had also risen. Although they did not reach the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm like Wen Ziyu, their power had grown by nearly 50%.

Wen Qingxuan’s method had actually risen the strength of the Wen Clan’s experts by another level!

Facing this scene, not only did Wu Tong and Dong Shan’s faces slightly change, even Mu Chen and the rest stared at Wen Qingxuan in shock. Clearly, they never expected her to have such a card hidden…

“Innate Ability?” Luo Li couldn’t help exclaiming. Such a peculiar ability was born from one’s bloodline. Although most of them didn’t possess any offensive abilities, the effects could be considered godly in terms of support.

But the chances of an Innate Ability appearing was too rare. Furthermore, it only worked against the clansmen having the same bloodline. Thus, they were scarce in the Great Thousand World.

“No wonder Wen Qingxuan has such a high position in the Wen Clan despite being only a Lesser Earth Sovereign and even has Wen Ziyu listening to her commands.” Mu Chen instantly understood this fact. It was also at this moment that he realised why Wen Qingxuan wasn’t afraid of Wu Tong’s party. With the enhancement through her Innate Ability, the strength of her team had risen to another level.

At least, through this method, Wen Ziyu would possess the strength to confront a Perfected Earth Sovereign.

After executing the Innate Ability, Wen Qingxuan’s face turned pale, since executing such an Innate Ability had caused some harm to her body.

“No wonder the Elders of the Clan said that as long as the Wen Clan has Wen Qingxuan, they will be able to be famous amongst the supreme forces in the Great Thousand World. So you actually possess an Innate Ability…” At this moment, Wu Tong’s gaze had turned cold with killing intent flashing in his eyes. Although her Innate Ability didn’t benefit her much, it could raise the strength of her team.

And in such a large-scale battle, such an increase would be able to obtain an overwhelming victory.

“But it’s a pity… that a phoenix like you of the Wen Clan will be buried in this legacy!” Two grey-robed silhouettes beside Wu Tong took a step forth and their robes tore apart. Their bodies were covered with ancient talismans, which looked like chains that had deeply stabbed into the flesh and bones of those two.

The two people’s eyes turned red without any emotions. They were akin to beasts with roars resounding from their throats. The talisman on the surface of their bodies emanated a crimson luster.

Their bodies also started to swell at a visible speed, and a few breaths later, they stood in the cave like two giants with violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations emanating from their bodies.

Judging from the Spiritual Energy fluctuations, the two of them have also reached the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm!

“For this legacy, I have practically brought out all the top-graded Martial Servants from the clan. Although they will be disabled after this battle, it’s all worth it to obtain this legacy.” Staring at Wen Qingxuan, Wu Tong continued with a sinister smile, “Furthermore, there’s also you, the phoenix of the Wen Clan, who will be buried with them.”

Wen Qingxuan and Wen Ziyu’s faces slightly changed. Their opponent was powerful. Looking at it in this way, the other party had a total of four Perfected Earth Sovereigns!

It looked like the Wu Clan had really paid a great price just for this legacy.

“The situation is not good. We’ll retreat first.” Wen Qingxuan took a deep breath and said to Mu Chen and the rest. Although the legacy was precious, their lives were more important.

Mu Chen smiled upon hearing her and looked at those Martial Servants that emanated a violent ripple before slowly clenching his hand, emitting crackling noises.

However, his words had left Wen Qingxuan’s party in shock. “Leave those two Martial Servants to us. Qingxuan, you will take the opportunity to seize the inheritance.”

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