Chapter 1303 - Trump Cards Revealed

Chapter 1303 - Trump Cards Revealed

The two teams suddenly met each other in the massive cave, and in the next moment, the eyes from the two groups turned red. In an instant, killing intent started to burst out, causing the temperature in the cave to drop.

The killing intent swept up like a gale in the cave.

“Hehe, enemies are truly on a narrow road, indeed. Brat, you actually dare to stand before me?” Dong Shan took a step forth as he looked at Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan and the rest with a burst of sinister laughter.

“Someone running like a stray dog just moments ago actually dares to be so arrogant now?” Wen Qingxuan snickered as she ridiculed.

“You!” Dong Shan widened his eyes as he stared at Wen Qingxuan with killing intent that seemed to be condensing in his eyes.

But facing his killing intent, Wen Qingxuan paid no attention to it. She directed her cold gaze at the person beside Dong Shan, a man with fiery-red hair.

“Wu Tong, the actions of your Tong Clan are as dirty...

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