Chapter 1302 - Seizing the Pellets

Chapter 1302 - Seizing the Pellets

“Holy Spirit Pellets?” Mu Chen also looked at the pellet beast dragon in shock. He never expected that the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy would be so generous and use the precious Holy Spirit Pellet as the Pellet Beast’s eyes…

According to Mu Chen’s estimation, those two Holy Spirit Pellets were worth at least 80,000,000 in the auction. At that time, god-knows how many of those like Long Xiang and Wen Ziyu would frantically compete for them.

By now, Wen Ziyu and Long Xiang’s eyes had already turned red. If it wasn’t for them being fearful of the Pellet Beast Dragon’s strength being at the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, they would have probably made a move by now.

“Leave that Pellet Beast Dragon to Ling Xi, and we’ll deal with the other nine Pellet Beasts.” Looking at their impatience, Mu Chen smiled.

It would be an easy task for Ling Xi to deal with the puppet Pellet Beasts that didn’t have much intellectual.

“You know how to make use of someone, indeed.” Ling Xi rolled her eyes at Mu Chen, but she did not reject him. She gently moved forth and instantly spiritual seals were sent flying out like stars before they integrated into the surrounding region. 

Ling Xi was truly a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar, and the Spiritual Array was set up smoothly with a peculiar beauty in it. Furthermore, space distorted before her in a few breaths, space started to distort before her and formed into a massive Spiritual Array. The atmosphere in the Spiritual Array was exceptionally sticky, and the Spiritual Energy in it felt as heavy as a mountain…

After the Spiritual Array was fully set up, Ling Xi waved her hand and a beam of Spiritual Energy shot towards the Pellet Beast Dragon.

The Pellet Beast Dragon roared upon being attacked and swept a torrential storm that was towards Ling Xi.

Without any intelligence, the Pellet Beast Dragon did not have any thoughts on retreating while facing the Spiritual Array and charges right over.

When the Pellet Beast Dragon was in the Spiritual Array, it was instantly slowed down and the spiritual light fluctuation in the array had actually formed into a marsh. As the Pellet Beast Dragon violently struggled, the restraints grew stronger as well, binding the Pellet Beast Dragon in layers.

In just ten-odd breaths, the speed of the Pellet Beast Dragon had become extremely slow.

If it was a human with intellect, it would have started to think about how to break free from it. But the Pellet Beast Dragon only grew angrier as it violently struggled, sinking deeper into the marsh, in the end…

“This is the ‘Spiritual Marsh Array,’ that’s good to deal with those who specialise in physical body training. The moment those strong experts fall into it, the more they struggle, the binding strength will get stronger as well. At the same time, the marsh will absorb their Spiritual Energy, and in the end, their Spiritual Energy will be fully drained, and they can only be captured.” Looking at the Pellet Beast Dragon, Ling Xi smiled as she explained to Mu Chen.

“Truly a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar!” Mu Chen, Luo Li, and Wen Qingxuan exclaimed. If it was a frontal confrontation, even a genuine Perfected Earth Sovereign would have to experience an intense battle, which they might not even be able to obtain a complete victory.

But right now, Ling Xi had caused the Pellet Beast Dragon to be powerless. Although she’s bullying the latter for not having any intellect, the ability of a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar could also be seen…

“Let’s make a move as well.” Mu Chen and the rest looked at the nine other Pellet Beasts. Those Pellet Beasts had the strengths of Greater Earth Sovereigns, so they couldn’t pose any threat to them. After Ling Xi, they had also started to make their moves.

Violent Spiritual Energy roared in the stone palace, with powerful Spiritual Energy attacks sweeping out. However, those commotions did not last for a long time before the nine Pellet Beasts crumbled.

Mu Chen waved his hand and eighteen pellets that were filled with Spiritual Energy fell into his hand.

Although these pellets weren’t as precious as the Holy Spirit Pellets, they weren’t ordinary ones. If they’re placed in the auction house of the Great Thousand World, every single one of those could worth over a million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Mu Chen and Wen Qingxuan did not pay too much attention to these pellets, but according to the previous rules that they had laid down, they would each get a 50:50 split.

After clearing up the Pellet Beasts in the stone palace, Ling Xi’s side also had movement. The Pellet Beast Dragon bound in the Spiritual Marsh Array had turned dimmed and couldn’t move anymore in the marsh.

Tapping her finger, a spiritual luster flickered by her fingertips. At the next moment, a violent Spiritual Energy viscously gathered in the Spiritual Marsh Array, and the Spiritual Array had also started to change.

A world of lightning instantly replaced the marsh. Thick bolts of lightning covered the entire area and crash against the Pellet Beast Dragon. In just ten-odd breaths, the Pellet Beast Dragon emanated a mournful roar before it crumbled.

Clenching her hand, two beads of light flew out from the crumbled pile and fell into her hand, the two precious Holy Spirit Pellets.

“Good!” Mu Chen cheered. As a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar as well, he could naturally tell that Ling Xi had used an offensive Spiritual Array at that moment to replace the Spiritual Marsh Array. It was perfectly done. She had shown the full might of a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar.

Ling Xi also slightly smiled in response to Mu Chen’s cheer before passing A Holy Spirit Pellet to Long Xiang and Wen Ziyu each. Right now, those two required the pellets the most.

“Thank you, Miss Ling Xi!” Wen Ziyu received the Holy Spirit Pellet in joy as he cupped his fist in gratitude.

“It’s nothing!” Ling Xi smiled.

“After we’re done, we’ll look for an opportunity for you to refine the pellet and achieve a breakthrough.” Wen Qingxuan reminded. After all, with the dangers here, if they made their breakthrough, there might be an unforeseen event that could occur. Furthermore, we also didn’t have the time to wait for the two of them to complete their breakthrough.

Wen Ziyu and Long Xiang also knew this, so they nodded their heads and suppressed the excitement in their hearts before carefully storing the Holy Spirit Pellet.

“We’ll continue pressing forth. I wonder where Wu Tong and the rest are now…” Wen Qinguxan looked at Mu Chen and the rest as she smiled.

“Alright.” Mu Chen and the rest nodded their heads. The pressing matter right now was to reach the deepest part of the cave for the real treasures located there.

With a decision done, everyone no longer stayed there and turned into streaks of light that flew out of the stone palace.

After the stone palace, Mu Chen and the rest continued along a long passage. The end of the passage was another stone palace, and the number of Pellet Beasts reached a number of 12…

Looking at this situation, the path towards the deepest part of the cave was obstructed with the stone palaces, and only passing through the stone palaces could they reach the deepest part..

Facing this obstruction, Mu Chen and the rest felt that it couldn’t be helped and they charged towards those Pellet Beasts in the next moment.

Regardless of anything, they would be able to obtain a considerable number of pellets upon defeating them, and if all of them were gathered, they’d be precious resources for the Wen Clan and the Mu Abode…

Harboring such thoughts, Mu Chen and the rest suddenly felt that those obstructing Pellet Beasts were so adorable…

Over the next half-day, Mu Chen’s group passed through ten stone palaces. The number of Pellet Beasts in the stone palaces also increased as they went.

So when they passed through the tenth stone palace, the number of Pellet Beasts have reached over a hundred, and four Perfected Earth Sovereign Pellet Beasts…

But fortunately, with a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar like Ling Xi around, those Pellet Beasts that didn’t possess any intellect were only walking warehouses for the godly pellets.

But even so, when they managed to clear the tenth stone palace, Ling Xi’s face was a little pale, since she had exhausted herself greatly.

After gathering all the pellets and distributing them, even Mu Chen felt happy with the harvest of over two hundred precious Pellets.

The price of those godly pellets was already worth a few hundred million, and if he could contribute them to the Mu Abode, he would be able to allow the Mu Abode to grow more powerful.

“Let’s go, continue!” When everyone recovered, Mu Chen licked his lips and his eyes had turned a little red. After knowing the worth of those godly pellets, he now hoped that the stone palaces could endlessly continue.

Naturally, the pellets left by the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy were located on those Pellet Beasts. So from a certain degree, those Pellet Beasts could be considered a part of the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy’s legacy…

The others have also had their eyes blurred from the pure Spiritual Energy emanating from those godly pellets. Although they have undergone numerous battles, their minds were still in high spirits. Thus, the group stepped out of this stone palace, prepared to welcome even more pellet beasts.

However, when they step out of the stone palace this time, the passage that they had expected no longer appeared. It was replaced with a massive karst cave that was revealed in their view.

The karst cave was incredibly vast, filled with boundless spiritual lights that seemed like endless stars flickering with their lusters.

Taking a closer look, one would realise that those weren’t stars, but pellets.

When Mu Chen and the rest saw this karst cave, they immediately understood that they had reached the deepest part of the Spirit Butterfly Legacy without them knowing it…

But as they felt shocked, a stone gate opened up in another corner and another team came out of it…

The two teams first looked at each other with brief shock before dense killing intent flashed in the eyes of both sides.

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