Chapter 1301 - Pellet Beast

Chapter 1301 - Pellet Beast

“Someone is controlling these mosquitoes?!” Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li were startled upon hearing Mu Chen’s voice and Wen Qingxuan’s face instantly turned cold. “It must be the Wu Clan, they’re trying to stop us!”

“Any idea on how to capture the ones behind it?” Wen Ziyu looked at Mu Chen. With someone messing around with them from behind the scenes, even if they could get through this ocean of mosquitoes, it would be a great exhaustion to them.

Mu Chen’s gaze lightly flickered as he looked at the ocean of mosquitoes. “These mosquitoes are communicating through noise, and the controller behind it should be using noise to control them as well.”

“Big Sister Ling Xi, can you construct a Soundwave Spiritual Array?” Mu Chen asked as he looked at Ling Xi.

Most of the Spiritual Arrays in his arsenal were mainly offensive types, so their efficiency would be lacking. However, Ling Xi wasn’t the same, since she focused on Spiritual Arrays, so her foundation in this matter wasn’t something that Mu Chen could compare to.

Ling Xi nodded her head and her finger tapped out. Spiritual seals swiftly integrate into the surroundings, and in the next moment, an exquisite Spiritual Array appeared before everyone.

There was a light in the Spiritual Array and fluctuated like a drum.

As the Spiritual Array circulated, the drum vibrated and thunderous roars rang out between the heavens and earth, before the noise of those mosquitoes was suppressed.

When the drum rang out, the mosquitoes went into an uproar. Those mosquitoes that were fearless just a moment ago were frozen while facing the attacks coming from Mu Chen’s group and they swiftly dispersed.

“Let’s go!” Mu Chen immediately grasped the opportunity and the barrier flew out.

As the drum constantly rang out, they navigated their way through the ocean of mosquitoes. A few minutes later, they could see light again before they finally got out of the mosquito ocean.

When they turned their heads back, they could see an endless ocean of mosquitoes currently dispersing, and they were no longer in an orderly manner.

“Sure enough, someone is controlling them.” Wen Qingxuan’s face turned colder at this scene.

Mu Chen’s eyes were looking down at the forest before he abruptly looked at the north direction. He could feel a subtle Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

It was when Mu Chen directed his gaze over, a silhouette flew into the forest and attempted to escape.

“Trying to leave?!” Long Xiang’s gaze turned sharp as he stomped his feet, he turned into a beam of light as he burst forth.

When Long Xiang dived into the forest, a violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation soared shortly after. It lasted for ten-odd breaths before Long Xiang returned with a grey-robed silhouette without any vitality.

“This fellow is truly ruthless. The moment he was captured by me, he immediately chose to kill himself with poison.” Long Xiang threw the corpse out and spoke in shock.

Clearly, grooming such warriors wasn’t something that could be done by an ordinary force.

“It’s a Martial Servant of the Wu Clan.” Wen Qingxuan instantly recognised the identity and her gaze coldy stared at the depth of the mountain range. “I know who the Wu Clan has sent.”

“Who?” Wen Ziyu immediately asked.

“Wu Tong.” Wen Qingxuan continued in a cold voice, “This level of a Martial Servant is extremely precious, even in the Wu Clan, and there aren’t many that could command them. Wu Tong is one of them.”

“That fellow?!” Wen Ziyu’s face changed with a trace of fear. He wasn’t unfamiliar with that name.

“Wu Tong is the most outstanding person amongst the younger generations of the Wu Clan and is rumored to be the next Patriarch of the Wu Clan. This person is extremely talented and has reached the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm in mere decades. Even within the Wu Clan, he is amongst the top. Furthermore, he is also ruthless with his means, he’s not an easy opponent to deal with.” Wen Qingxuan turned her head over and explained to Mu Chen’s group.

However, Mu Chen casually nodded his head. He hadn’t heard of Wu Tong’s name before, but no matter how troublesome he was, you couldn’t stop a wave from coming.

“Looks like the Wu Clan is determined to obtain this Spirit Pellet Legacy…” Wen Qingxuan pursed her lips together and snorted, “But regardless of anything, it won’t be easy to seize something from me, Wen Qingxuan!”

“Let’s go, we’ll take the opportunity and reach the Spirit Pellet Legacy as soon as possible!” When she finished her words, she flew out first with Mu Chen and the rest following after. They turned into streaks of light and traveled towards the depths of the miasma.

After Wen Qingxuan and the rest left, the shadow of a tree wriggled before it gradually took the form of a blurry figure.

That shadow had traces of an evil aura enveloping it. Although it was just standing beneath the tree, the tree could be seen rapidly rotting away.

It was so much so that even the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth were moving away from the region where that shadow stood.

A pair of grey eyes that emanated an endless deathly aura looked in the direction of Mu Chen’s group before grabbing a handful of mud and shoved it into its mouth.

There was a flash of a bizarre light in its grey eyes and a burst of sinister, odd laughter slowly resounded from the forest.

“There’s truly a Monarch that has fallen on the ground here, what a nice taste…” He smiled oddly and disappeared in the shadows.

The silhouettes of Mu Chen’s group swiftly traveled through the forest while also tasting how dangerous the miasma in this region was.

Ever since they got through the swarm of mosquitoes, they have encountered attacks from ten-odd poisonous creatures. All of them were extremely cunning, and if it wasn’t the fact that they have been maintaining their cautiousness, they would have started to show injuries.

But fortunately, after experiencing all the dangers, they had finally reached the depths of the mountain range without any harm.

“This is our target this time, the Spirit Pellet Legacy!” Wen Qingxuan pointed at the mountains in the distance, which seemed to have been melted and formed a massive cave.

The cave was in the shape of a butterfly. Furthermore, there were five different colors gushing out. This was clearly an excellent cultivation land.

“If this place wasn’t in the Primordial Sacred Abyss, this would really be a good place to set up a force.” Mu Chen looked at the cave and couldn’t help sighing. With such a treasured land, along with the protection of the miasma, this was simply a natural cultivation land.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan nodded their heads in agreement.

“Our target is just right before us, prepare to move out.” Wen Qingxuan retracted her eyes and she looked at Mu Chen’s group. After waiting for everyone to nod their heads, she nodded her head in response, then they turned into streaks of light and flew out, charging into the massive cave.

Upon entering the cave, Mu Chen and the rest realised that light was brighter here than in the outside world. The cave was also extremely spacious, with tunnels spreading out into the depths of the cave.

However, Mu Chen and the rest did not recklessly split up. They determined a path before moving deeper in together.

The path became dark as they moved for roughly ten-odd minutes before they saw a stone palace at the end of the tunnel.

The first thing to attract everyone’s attention was the ten stone beasts, guarding the only path like guardians.

Mu Chen’s and the rest also stopped their steps after seeing the ten stone beasts. Although those stone beasts did not have any Spiritual Energy fluctuations, Mu Chen’s team could sense their extraordinariness.

And as they had predicted, when they stopped their movements, the ten stone beasts slowly opened their eyes with lights flickering in them.

Their roars echoed like rumbling thunder and resonated throughout the stone palace, sweeping up gales in the process.

“The Pellet Beasts?!” Wen Qingxuan exclaimed with her eyes narrowed when she saw those stone statues.

“Pellet Beasts?” Mu Chen was stunned. He was clearly unfamiliar with this.

“They’re a type of puppet. Their movements don’t require any Spiritual Energy, but the godly pellets in their eyes is the source of their power!” Wen Qingxuan replied.

With her reminder, only then did Mu Chen recover. Taking a closer look, he realised that the stone beasts’ eyes were actually flickering pellets.

“Look at the middle stone beast!” Wen Qingxuan’s exclaim suddenly rang out.

Everyone directed their gazes over and saw a massive stone beast, it looked like a dragon and its eyes were flickering with a crystallised luster, along with a bizarre fluctuation emanating from it.

“This stone beast is powerful!” Mu Chen was shocked from the pressure coming from the stone beast, it was equivalent to a genuine Perfected Earth Sovereign!

“The strength of those stone beasts are equivalent to the grades of their godly pellets…” Wen Qingxuan looked at the eyes of that stone beast with fire before pursing her lips into a smile. “If I haven’t guessed incorrectly, the pellets in that stone beast’s eyes should be the items that Wen Ziyu and Long Xiang are yearning for…”

Wen Ziyu and Long Xiang suddenly narrowed their eyes and they exclaimed at the same time, “The Holy Spirit Pellets?!”

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