Chapter 1301 - Pellet Beast

Chapter 1301 - Pellet Beast

“Someone is controlling these mosquitoes?!” Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li were startled upon hearing Mu Chen’s voice and Wen Qingxuan’s face instantly turned cold. “It must be the Wu Clan, they’re trying to stop us!”

“Any idea on how to capture the ones behind it?” Wen Ziyu looked at Mu Chen. With someone messing around with them from behind the scenes, even if they could get through this ocean of mosquitoes, it would be a great exhaustion to them.

Mu Chen’s gaze lightly flickered as he looked at the ocean of mosquitoes. “These mosquitoes are communicating through noise, and the controller behind it should be using noise to control them as well.”

“Big Sister Ling Xi, can you construct a Soundwave Spiritual Array?” Mu Chen asked as he looked at Ling Xi.

Most of the Spiritual Arrays in his arsenal were mainly offensive types, so their efficiency would be lacking. However, Ling Xi wasn’t the same, since...

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