Chapter 1300 - Wu Tong

Chapter 1300 - Wu Tong

Along a high mountain range stood a silhouette with his hands behind his back while standing on a lush green mountain. He briefly looked at the mountain range before turning around with a smile. “Brother Dong, looks like our plan has failed, since you came back.”

A dark silhouette stood out from the forest. It was Dong Shan, whom Mu Chen’s party had previously just faced.

“Wu Tong, your plan has failed. That Wen Qingxuan is smart, and it seems like she has figured out our cooperation.” Dong Shan said with a dark expression.

The man who was named Wu Tong had fiery-red hair. He had two metal balls in his hand that were engraved with profound runes. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation that occasionally emanated from his body was as vast as an ocean that cannot be underestimated.

Hearing Dong Shan’s words, he casually smiled. “I initially intend to briefly probe, I never expected you to succeed. Furthermore, even if you failed, shouldn’t you be able to make the Wen Clan lose a little with the formation of your team?”

Dong Shan’s face grew even more ugly as he replied, “They’re unharmed because another team joined in the middle; it should be a team that Wen Qingxuan has cooperated with.”

“Oh?” The metal balls in Wu Tong’s hand briefly paused. “How is their strength?”

“A High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar, and a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign.” Dong Shan replied. As for Mu Chen and Luo Li, the two of them were instantly neglected by him.

“A High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar?” Wu Tong narrowed his eyes before he faintly smiled. “It looks like Wen Qingxuan isn’t foolish, they know how to seek helpers as well. But how can a High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar change the situation?

“For this legacy, my Wu Clan has prepared for years, so how could we give them any chance?”

He turned around and gave Dong Shan a smile. “Brother Dong can come together with us. Rest assured, my Wu Clan will not renege on your reward.”

“I hope so.” Dong Shan snorted, making the scar on his face look even more sinister. To obstruct Wen Qingxuan, he had lost four Greater Earth Sovereigns from his team, which was a considerable loss. After all, those members were elites that had gone through hundreds of battles.

Thinking about it, Dong Shan’s eyes turned cold. “If we can capture them later, you must hand that brat called Mu Chen to me. I’ll let him know that death is an easy way out by offending me!”

“As you wish.” Wu Tong smiled. He wasn’t the least interested in Mu Chen, and in his view, Wen Qigxuan’s team would surely be the loser. As for the outcome of the losers, he couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to them.

He directed his gaze afar, into the depths of the mountain range with greed flashing in his eyes.

“Spirit Butterfly Legacy… Haha, it’ll all depend on this if I, Wu Tong, can become the second Heavenly Sovereign of the Wu Clan…”

“Issue the orders, move out! We must be ahead and prepare some gifts for those fellows.” he then turned around and his voice echoed out.

He first flew out, turning into a beam of light as he headed into the depths of the mountain range. Several black silhouettes that were emanating an eerie aura followed him closely behind.

Ten streaks of light flew across the horizon as they looked at the mountain range.

“The Spirit Butterfly Legacy is in the centre, and with our speed, it should take us another half an hour for us to reach it.” Along the way, Wen Qingxuan approached Mu Chen and her voice transmitted to the ears of everyone under the envelopment of Spiritual Energy.

“However, the Wu Clan should be ahead of us, so we have to hurry up, or they might reach it before us.”

Mu Chen and Luo Li nodded their heads. They traveled over with great difficulty, so they naturally wouldn’t want all their efforts go down the drain.

Thus, they increased their speed and sonic booms vaguely echoed across the horizon.

They traveled at this speed for roughly half an hour before Wen Qingxuan, who was leading the way, started to slow down and she looked into the distance.

The gazes of Mu Chen and the rest followed and they saw miasma enveloping the mountain range.

Taking a gentle sniff, Mu Chen felt the Spiritual Energy in his body trembling and a rejection thought rose up into his heart, urging him to leave this area immediately.

“There’s poison in the miasma.” Mu Chen said with a grave expression. Clearly, this miasma contained a fatal poison that would make even an Earth Sovereign unable to take it.

Nodding her head, Wen Qingxuan replied, “It’s said that this miasma was left behind by the decomposition of the godly pellets that were left behind by the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy. The toxin is extremely powerful, even a Perfected Earth Sovereign would be heavily injured.”

Mu Chen knitted his brows, but when he saw the eased expression on Wen Qingxuan, he smiled. “Seems like you guys are prepared.”

Wen Qingxuan smiled and beams of light flew towards everyone. Mu Chen received one of the beams, and when it opened his palm, it was an ice-blue pellet that emanated a chilling aura. It felt comfortable.

“This is the Frost Heart Pellet, an antidote. It’s also a product from the Endless Fire Territory costing a high price. Every single one of them costs a few million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Keep it in the back of your tongue to dissolve the miasma’s poison.”

“A product of the Endless Fire Territory?” Mu Chen looked at the Frost Heart Pellet in his palm with interest as he exclaimed in admiration. As one of the three top alchemists in the Great Thousand World, the pellet from the Endless Fire Territory was known as premium products of the Great Thousand World.

Tossing the Frost Heart Pellet into his mouth, a cold aura instantly dissipated, calming his mind.

“Let’s go. Everyone has to be cautious. Once we’re in the miasma, even if we’re in the legacy’s region, it’s also filled with danger. It will no longer be as easy as before.” Wen Qingxuan reminded.

When she finished her words, she did not continue and moved out first.

Mu Chen and the rest immediately followed up and ten streaks of light dived into the emerald miasma.

Entering the miasma, Mu Chen and the rest instantly felt a little heavy. They could feel the miasma trying to erode their bodies from every direction.

But when the miasma entered their bodies, Mu Chen immediately felt signs of his Spiritual Energy decreasing.

After brief sensing this, he realised that there were small particles that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye invading his body, and absorbing his Spiritual Energy.

Sensing this situation, Mu Chen’s face slightly changed. Before he could do anything, a cold aura circulated in his body and those particles were frozen into specks of dust…

A white mist breathed out of Mu Chen’s nose, containing a powder that was mixed with the toxin of the miasma.

“What a terrifying poison!” Mu Chen’s face turned grave. It was fortunate that Wen Qingxuan did the necessary preparations. Otherwise, just this miasma alone would be able to render them helpless.

While Mu Chen was rejoicing in his heart, there were subtle buzzing noises that rang out, instantly causing him to narrow his eyes.

There was a patch of crimson clouds swiftly traveling, and when it got close, he realised that the clouds were made of countless crimson mosquitoes…

It was a massive swarm that covered the sunlight. Although they were merely the size of a thumb, the tiny spears on their mouths flickered with an emerald light, containing poison.

However, after experiencing how domineering the miasma poison was, Mu Chen did not dare to belittle anything here. Immediately, he waved his hand and boundless Spiritual Energy gushed out, forming a barrier that enveloped everyone.

However, that swarm of mosquitoes still whizzed over before clashing against the barrier.

In that instant of contact, those mosquitoes exploded and crimson blood splattered against the barrier, instantly creating holes in the barrier. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen increasing the amount of Spiritual Energy to preserve it, the barrier would have been shattered.

But even so, Mu Chen’s expression did not look good. Because of the endless amount of mosquitoes, he could sense the amount of Spiritual Energy in his body was swiftly depleting.

Just trying to resist the suicidal attack of these mosquitoes alone would require a considerable amount of Spiritual Energy.

“Mu Chen, these are Pellet-Venom Ghastly Mosquitoes, their blood alone can corrode Spiritual Energy, and they’re extremely domineering!” Wen Qingxuan hurriedly called out.

Mu Chen nodded his head while he maintained the barrier, protecting everyone to get past this swarm as soon as possible.

But his thoughts were soon shattered. He sensed that, for some reason, more mosquitoes were swarming over, making their advance tough.

If this continued, they would not be able to take a step forward, and even moving forth would pose a significant burden to them.

Knitting his brows, Mu Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed and his cold voice transmitted into the ears of everyone else, “Something’s not right; someone is using these mosquitoes to target us!”

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