Chapter 1299 - Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy

Chapter 1299 - Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy

When Dong Shan’s party decisively left, the surging Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from Wen Qingxuan’s party had also calmed down. They had initially expected a battle today, but Mu Chen had arrived on time and intimidated Dong Shan into leaving…

“Are you guys, alright?” Mu Chen turned around and asked Wen Qingxuan’s party with a smile.

Wen Ziyu wore a smile on his face and cupped his fists. “Thanks to Brother Mu for helping today. Otherwise, we would definitely be having an intense battle today.”

“Hmph, they would definitely be the ones to lose, even if we fought.” Wen Qingxuan snorted with a cold flicker in her eyes; clearly, she was still holding grudges against Dong Shan.

Mu Chen was a little surprised, since he could tell that Wen Qingxuan wasn’t trying to show off. However, the strongest amongst their party was only Wen Ziyu, who was only a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign. But even so, he’s still a little lacking if they wanted to face Dong Shan, who was a Perfected Earth Sovereign.

That meant that Wen Qingxuan’s party must have a trump card.

Seeing Mu Chen’s shocked expression, Wen Qingxuan planted her arms on her waist and proudly declared, “Don’t belittle us. If we didn’t have a card or two, how could we dare to come to the Primordial Sacred Abyss?

“But you, on the other hand… don’t tell me that you’re depending on Big Sister Ling Xi and Long Xiang to protect you?” Wen Qingxuan slightly tilted her head as she looked at Mu Chen with a mocking gaze.

Although Mu Chen’s cultivation was at the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, and it’s considered pretty good, Greater Earth Sovereign wasn’t much amongst the teams in the Primordial Sacred Abyss. Only a genuine Perfected Earth Sovereign could intimidate others.

In Mu Chen’s group of four, only Ling Xi appeared to have the ability. So even Wen Qingxuan had thought that Ling Xi was the more powerful one amongst Mu Chen’s group.

Rolling his eyes, Mu Chen did not speak, but he shifted the topic, “You guys got preyed on?”

That team of Demon Slayers from before not only obstructed Wen Qingxuan’s party, they even had others hiding around. Clearly, they’re coming after the Wen Clan.

The smile on Wen Qingxuan’s face retracted and her gaze turned cold. “If I have guessed correctly, they should have been incited by the Wu Clan of the North.”

“Wu Clan of the North?” Luo Li’s eyes narrowed as she continued, “But that is also a supreme force that isn’t any weaker than the Wen Clan. Their reputation is considerable as well.”

Wen Qingxuan nodded her head. “Originally, our Wen Clan has spent quite a bit to obtain the news regarding the Heavenly Sovereign Legacy, but it was meddled with by the Wu Clan and they stole our information as well.

“So only our two clans know about this. So how could Dong Shan know about it and even come to obstruct me in this area? The mastermind must be the Wu Clan.”

Wen Ziyu nodded his head as well. “Furthermore, without the support of the Wu Clan, why would Dong Shan dare to be so fearless?”

“Right now, the Wu Clan’s team must be heading for that Heavenly Sovereign Legacy as we speak.”

Nodding his head, Mu Chen asked, “Can we know more about the Heavenly Sovereign Legacy as well?”

The worth of a Heavenly Sovereign Legacy went without saying. If they did not have Wen Qingxuan as a source, it'd be extremely troublesome for them to find one. Although they have helped Wen Qingxuan’s party, Mu Chen wasn’t the type of person to take advantage of a favor for another. Thus, he had used a discussion tone, since they need the information to estimate the danger that they might be in.

Wen Qingxuan also did not hide this and said, “We’re partners now, so we will naturally tell you what we know.”

“The legacy left by a Heavenly Sovereign is called the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy.”

“The Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy?” Mu Chen and Luo Li exchanged a look.

“Yeah, this Heavenly Sovereign was known for her alchemy skills. Although her strength was only a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, any pellets created by her could sweep waves amongst the powerhouses.”

“It’s just like the Holy Spirit Pellet, which could allow a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign to make that step into the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm. It is something that Wen Ziyu is after as well.”

When Wen Qingxuan pointed at Wen Ziyu, the latter’s face flashed with yearning.

Naturally, not only them, but Long Xiang was also the same. He was also a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign, so the temptation of this Holy Spirit Pellet was also enormous towards him.

That could practically save him years of cultivation time.

“Naturally, this Holy Spirit Pellet isn’t the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy’s proudest product. Legend has it that her proudest product is something called the ‘Promotion Pellet,’ one that can raise the Divine Ability of a person to the next level. It even works for Peerless Divine Abilities as well.”

When Mu Chen heard the effect, his eyes instantly narrowed. Although it didn’t seem much, as someone that possessed a Peerless Divine Ability, he knew how hard it was to raise their level. Just like his Immortal Golden Body, a Sovereign Celestial Body that had three Sovereign Abilities.

The Divine Immortal Runes,  Immortal Lotus, and Immortal Life-Death Transformation.

Even he had only reached the first level of it. As for the second one, the Immortal Lotus, he still hadn’t opened it.

If he could obtain one of the Promotion Pellets, wouldn’t that mean that he would directly unlock the second Sovereign Ability of the Immortal Golden Body?

Thinking about it, even Mu Chen’s heart was blazing with fire.

“Aside from that, the Spirit-Pellet Butterfly Fairy has still left many godly pellets, a huge sum of resources that even my Wen Clan is extremely attracted to.” Wen Qingxuan said.

Mu Chen nodded his head. The legacy left behind by a Heavenly Sovereign that excelled in alchemy could be considered as a treasure chest. If they could obtain it, even a supreme force like the Wen Clan would undergo a considerable increase.

“No wonder the Wu Clan is trying all they can to obstruct you guys. With the benefits before them, how can these means be considered?” Luo Li sighed. If the Wu Clan could obtain this legacy, the Wu Clan’s strength would surely soar. At that time, why would they have to be worried about offending the Wen Clan?

Wen Qingxuan nodded her head before she looked at Mu Chen’s group of four. “If we can succeed in this cooperation, we will split the harvest 50:50.”

As she spoke, she left everyone in shock. Even the several people beside Wen Qingxuan were exchanging looks, since this had exceeded their expectations. After all, the Wen Clan had paid a great price for this information.

Speaking unpleasantly, if they wanted to find other partners with this ratio of the split, they could surely find those stronger than Mu Chen’s team.

However, before they could even sound out their opinions, they were stopped by Wen Qingxuan’s glare and she calmly said, “The Heavenly Sovereign Legacy isn’t ours right now, so don’t treat it as ours. With the Wu Clan being so forceful, they’re determined to obtain this legacy. We have already fallen behind, and just by us alone, we can’t achieve anything.”

“Furthermore…” She briefly paused as she looked at Mu Chen with a playful gaze and smiled. “Out of a woman’s intuition, I feel that, that fellow’s worth this price.”

Although she was teasing Mu Chen a while ago, she still felt that Ling Xi wasn’t the strongest within the group, but Mu Chen who only appeared to be only a Greater Earth Sovereign…

Wen Qingxuan had a high position in the Wen Clan, and since she had already made her decision, others had nothing to say. Wen Ziyu also smiled towards Mu Chen. “Since that’s the case, then we’ll have to depend on Brother Mu so we can obtain an ample harvest.”

Mu Chen responded with a smile as he turned to look at Wen Qingxuan with a brief hesitation before saying, “We might appear to be benefiting, but trust me. I believe that you guys will find it worth your while.”

Although his voice was calm, the confidence behind his smile made the experts of the Wen CLan felt eased.

Perhaps this youth before them might really exceed their expectations…

Wen Qingxuan also took a deep look at Mu Chen. His current confidence was just like at the Spiritual Academy Tournament. At that time, he was still filled with confidence, no matter what he faced, and not only did it make him stronger, it also affected those around him.

After so many years and experiences, Mu Chen’s confidence still existed in his heart.

In this world, only those that could maintain confidence and not be beaten down by anyone could qualify to ascend the peak.

Wen Qingxuan smiled with her charming appearance that could even rival Luo Li’s. Stretching out her hand, she chuckled, “Then let’s have a happy cooperation between us.”

Stretching out his hand and holding onto that tender hand, Mu Chen smiled. “Happy cooperation, we will surely succeed.”

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