Chapter 1294 - High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar

Chapter 1294 - High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar

Over the next period, Sacred Abyss City exploded. Furthermore, more forces and teams have also started to arrive here. The Primordial Sacred Abyss was one of the locations with the decisive battle between the Great Thousand World and Fiend Clans in ancient times. Many experts had fallen here, so the worth was something that would cause even supreme forces to be moved.

If it weren’t for fear of the storm of space and time in the Sacred Abyss Continent, even Heavenly Sovereigns would have made their move. After all, the temptation of Peerless Divine Abilities was something that would make even a Heavenly Sovereign drool.

But even if Heavenly Sovereigns were unable to make a move, the formation from the other forces were powerful, since they intend on trying and see if they could have an opportunity for those legacies left by those powerhouses.

It was precisely...

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