Chapter 1294 - High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar

Chapter 1294 - High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar

Over the next period, Sacred Abyss City exploded. Furthermore, more forces and teams have also started to arrive here. The Primordial Sacred Abyss was one of the locations with the decisive battle between the Great Thousand World and Fiend Clans in ancient times. Many experts had fallen here, so the worth was something that would cause even supreme forces to be moved.

If it weren’t for fear of the storm of space and time in the Sacred Abyss Continent, even Heavenly Sovereigns would have made their move. After all, the temptation of Peerless Divine Abilities was something that would make even a Heavenly Sovereign drool.

But even if Heavenly Sovereigns were unable to make a move, the formation from the other forces were powerful, since they intend on trying and see if they could have an opportunity for those legacies left by those powerhouses.

It was precisely so that Sacred Abyss City became the gathering point of the other forces and the popularity this time was the highest amongst the years.

However, despite all the powerful teams gathering together, Mu Chen had not paid any attention to them, since all his focus was on the stuff that his mother left for him. He could already start to feel the border of the breakthrough.

In the Primordial Sacred Abyss that was enveloped with the storm of time and space, all the teams were waiting for it to weaken before the Heavenly Sovereigns of their parties sent them in. Before that, they’re all gathered in Sacred Abyss City to wait for the opportunity to arrive, so Mu Chen intended to bring his Spiritual Array attainments to the High Rank Spiritual Array Scholar Realm in this period!

He knew that there would be an intense battle awaiting him in the Primordial Sacred Abyss. To succeed, he hoped to raise his strength to the best he could…

In a building in Sacred Abyss City

An azure-robed man quietly sat with an ignited emerald incense that emanated a fragrance, filling this entire chamber to enhance the effect of any cultivation.

This man had been cultivating for an hour before he opened his eyes. “What? The invitation was rejected?”

Gu Shihuang stood out with a dark expression. “Young Master, that Mu Chen is arrogant and we’ve sent him the invitation twice. However, it was all rejected by him!”

“That fool, did he really think that he can act as he wishes now that he has the Ancient Spirit Clan backing him?!”

The azure-robed man was naturally the Young Master Xuan Luo of the Ancient Buddha Clan. He shook his head and smiled. “So be it. I initially wanted to leave him a path to live, but since he’s so untactful, so be it.”

Although he wore a gentle smile, his eyes were coldly flickering.

“Hmph, that brat doesn’t know what’s good for him. If he could hand the Three Pures to the Young Master, the Young Master can still help him so that he wouldn’t have to be captured by the Ancient Buddha Clan and suffer.” Beside Gu Shihuang, Liang Xiesha said.

Xuan Luo smiled with indifference in his eyes. “Doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t want to hand it over willingly, then he can’t blame anyone else for suffering.”

“Although Celestial Chi Yan can protect him now, no one will be able to help him in the Primordial Sacred Abyss. How far can a trapped mouse run?”

Xuan Luo gently clenched his fist with ridicule hanging on the corner of his lips. He clearly did not place Mu Chen in his eyes. Compared to that, he was more concerned about whether he could capture Mu Chen, or if Mu Chen would fall in Mo Xin’s hand.

If Mo Xin obtained the Three Pures this way, then the former would be a significant threat to him.

“But the crucial thing is to obtain the Eight-Divisional Pagoda from the Primordial Sacred Abyss. Mu Chen is merely an add-on…” Xuan Luo briefly paused before continuing, “In this period, there are many teams that have gathered in Sacred Abyss City, as well. I need the information on all the other teams sent by Supreme forces.”

Although he was confident in himself, Xuan Luo was a cautious person. He knew that he needed to know if there was anyone that could threaten him amongst the teams.

“Roger!” Gu Shihuang and Liang Xiesha respectfully replied before they disappeared.

Along with their departure, the room turned quiet and Xuan Luo gently flicked his finger, while looking at the direction of Sacred Abyss City. His gaze gradually turned cold.

The atmosphere in the entire room had also turned cold along with his gaze.

“A fool that doesn’t know what’s good for him…” Xuan Luo’s eyes hung low with a cold killing intent flashing in his eyes. “Since that’s the case, then I’ll cripple you and bring you back to the clan. I’ll see if your mother can protect you!”

No leniency was needed to deal with the sinful child, and if Qing Yanjing couldn’t hold it and rage, then she would break the bottomline of the clan. At that time, even the Grand Elder could only do everything in the clan’s power to remove Qing Yanjing.

If Qing Yanjing could continue to be suppressed, with his means, he would be able to win over the support of many Elders in the clan. At that time, the Patriarch of the clan would definitely go to him!

At the same time, in another courtyard

“Xuan Luo’s invitation for Mu Chen was rejected twice?” Elder Qing Xuan knitted her brows. “What is that Xuan Luo trying to do? With his character, it’s impossible for him to show any goodwill to Mu Chen.”

“Who knows?” Qing Ling shrugged as her lips flung to the side. “That Mu Chen spoke pretty arrogantly, but I never expect him to be hiding from Xuan Luo now.”

Elder Qing Xuan glanced at her as she shook her head. “Don’t underestimate Mu Chen.”

Qing Ling couldn’t accept this, so she refuted, “I am a Greater Earth Sovereign, as well. At most, he’s on the same level as me, and there’s nothing unremarkable about him.”

Elder Qing Xuan slightly smiled. “He could rely on his own strength to reach the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm at such a young age, and even obtained the Seed of the Continent’s title in the West Heaven Continent. Furthermore, the most important factor was that he even has a relationship with the Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory. Do you think someone like him is simple?”

When Elder Qing Xuan spoke, Qing Ling’s eyes would widen a little. Even Qing Shuang, who had not spoken, showed a flash of graveness in her eyes.

“Is that true?” Qing Shuang asked.

Elder Qing Xuan nodded her head and sighed, “I have used many resources to investigate those pieces of information. Truly speaking, even I was shocked when I heard it…”

A flash of gratification appeared in her eyes as she said, “That fellow is truly Xiao Jing’s son. With such talent, he could be considered as peerless, and if he was in our Ancient Buddha Clan since young, even Xuan Luo might not be a match to him.”

“No matter how powerful he is, he’s just a Greater Earth Sovereign. If he encounters Xuan Luo and Mo Xin, he will definitely suffer.” Qing Ling muttered.

Elder Qing Xuan nodded her head once again. Indeed, if Mu Chen faced Xuan Luo and Mo Xin right now, he surely wouldn’t be able to gain any benefits.

“According to what I know, the best time to enter the Primordial Sacred Abyss is half a month away.”

Elder Qing Xuan looked at Qing Shuang. “Upon entering, you must try your best to protect Mu Chen, don’t let Xuan Luo and Mo Xin try anything against him. After all, he is still Xiao Jing’s child, no matter what. Furthermore, our Qing Bloodline flows in his veins.”

Qing Shuang nodded her head. “Aunt Xuan, rest assured. I definitely won’t standby upon seeing him in trouble.”


Half a month had finally arrived under everyone’s expectations.

When the rare shine of sunlight shone through the layers of clouds into Sacred Abyss City, the entire city exploded with vitality.

Beams of light soared into the sky and flew towards the depths of the Sacred Abyss Continent.

Those powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations were undoubtedly the Heavenly Sovereigns of the various forces.

When the entire Sacred Abyss City boiled, Mu Chen, who quietly sat for half a month, had slowly opened his eyes with a myriad luster beaming from his pupils that looked like a starry sky.

Mu Chen slowly spread his hand out and boundless Spiritual Energy gathered together. Vaguely, he could sense endless spiritual seals integrating into the surroundings, and this entire area had also started to turn red.

A few minutes later, Mu Chen’s palm emerged from that area, filled with devastating fluctuations.

Staring at the crimson area, Mu Chen’s eyes gradually blazed.

A white mist blew out of Mu Chen’s mouth with a gratified smile hanging on the corner of his lips, This was a Spiritual Array.

The High Rank Scholar Spiritual Array, the Soaring Flame Array!

Mu Chen had finally broken through during this period into the High Rank Scholar Realm!

Mu Chen stood up and looked at the boiling Sacred Abyss City with a smile.

“Xuan Luo, Mo Xin…” Mu Chen waved his hand and this crimson area gradually dissipated. His figure had also disappeared with only his voice fluctuating out, “The Eight-Divisional Pagoda is mine for sure!”

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