Chapter 1291 - The Ancient Buddha Clan’s Arrival

Chapter 1291 - The Ancient Buddha Clan’s Arrival

Three groups entered the Great Thousand Pavilion along with a formless pressure that enveloped the area. The commotion in the pavilion had instantly turned quiet and practically every single gaze was focused on the three groups.

The three groups were led by two old men and a woman. The two old men had white hair and one of them was wearing black, while the other was wearing silver robes. Their bodies were all wrinkly as they strolled.

However, no one dared to direct any ridiculing gazes over. On the contrary, their eyes were filled with dense fear and revere.That’s because anyone that’s not a fool could sense the pressure emanating from the three.

Furthermore, that wasn’t something that they had intentionally released, but the resonance their Spiritual Energy caused by the heavens and earth.

Aside from the two old men, there...

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