Chapter 1291 - The Ancient Buddha Clan’s Arrival

Chapter 1291 - The Ancient Buddha Clan’s Arrival

Three groups entered the Great Thousand Pavilion along with a formless pressure that enveloped the area. The commotion in the pavilion had instantly turned quiet and practically every single gaze was focused on the three groups.

The three groups were led by two old men and a woman. The two old men had white hair and one of them was wearing black, while the other was wearing silver robes. Their bodies were all wrinkly as they strolled.

However, no one dared to direct any ridiculing gazes over. On the contrary, their eyes were filled with dense fear and revere.That’s because anyone that’s not a fool could sense the pressure emanating from the three.

Furthermore, that wasn’t something that they had intentionally released, but the resonance their Spiritual Energy caused by the heavens and earth.

Aside from the two old men, there was also a gorgeous woman, dressed in traditional clothes, who looked mature and charming. However, judging from how she walked in shoulder with the two men, she must also be a Heavenly Sovereign as well.

A formation with three Heavenly Sovereigns had attracted much attention. The azure-robed man walked behind the black-robed elder with a gentle smile on his face. When he swept his gaze around, everyone that connected their gazes with him would have a good impression of the latter.

However, only those with shocking senses could sense that coldness and terror in his eyes.

Behind the silver-robed old man was a man in black clothes. His style was totally different from the azure-clothed man. He gave an indifferent and cold look, like a venomous snake hunting for his prey.

Behind the woman was also a young girl who wore white clothes, possessing stunning and prideful curves. But in contrast to her hot figure, her face was cold and a chilling aura emanated from her. She was akin to an ice mountain that couldn’t be approached.

After them were some young men and women, although they weren’t as outstanding as the three of them, they’re outstanding if they were placed somewhere else.

“Tsk, tsk. What a great hand from the Ancient Buddha Clan, to send out three teams. It looks like they’re determined to obtain the Eight-Divisional Pagoda.” Celestial Chi Yan looked at the three teams and chuckled before casting a glance at Mu Chen.

At this moment, Mu Chen did not have any expression on his face, but as someone familiar to him, Luo Li noticed the ripples in his eyes when the three teams appeared.

Ling Xi and Long Xiang’s gazes had turned grave as they took half a step forth and guarded Mu Chen behind them.

Although they’re facing three Heavenly Sovereigns of the Ancient Buddha Clan, the other party could only dream on doing anything to Mu Chen under their eyes, even if they’re powerless against the other party.

When they saw Celestial Chi Yan and Matron He of the Wen Family, the three groups slightly slowed down.

“I never expected the Ancient Spirit Clan and Wen Clan to have arrived here already.” The silver-robed old man glanced at Celestial Chi Yan and Matron He with a smile.

As he spoke, the others’ gazes fell onto those standing behind Celestial Chi Yan, and all of them were focused on Mu Chen.

In that instant, the three Heavenly Sovereigns’ eyes beamed with a pagoda in their eyes.

At the same time, Mu Chen could also sense the Divine Pagoda in his body being triggered and a crystallised pagoda had also appeared in his eyes.

Mu Chen reacted swiftly and suppressed the pagoda in the next instant before taking two steps back with a dark expression. It was merely an encounter with the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Ancient Buddha Clan, but the pagoda in his body was triggered without his control.

“Nine-Layered Pagoda?!” The three Heavenly Sovereigns were surprised as they looked at Mu Chen in shock.

Those people standing behind them also directed their astonished gazes at Mu Chen. They had clearly sensed the pagoda’s fluctuation from Mu Chen’s body.

Behind the black-robed Heavenly Sovereign, the azure-robed man’s gaze slightly narrowed as he stared at Mu Chen with interest and muttered to himself, “Interesting, I never expected that the Sinful Child would also come to the Sacred Abyss Continent. Searching high and low to only appear before me…”

“Brat, you’re also someone from my Ancient Buddha Clan? Why are you following the Ancient Spirit Clan? Who are your Elders? Which bloodline do you belong to?” The silver-robed old man knitted his brows and barked.

Facing his questioning, there wasn’t any expression on Mu Chen’s face as he replied, “I’m not someone from the Ancient Buddha Clan.”

The silver-robed old man instantly flew into a rage, “You’ve practiced the cultivation technique of my Ancient Buddha Clan. If you don’t possess our bloodline, how can you achieve it?”

Wen Qingxuan, who was standing beside Mu Chen, was shocked since she did not expect Mu Chen to have connections with one of the five Ancient Clans, the Ancient Buddha Clan.

“Hehe, Elder Mo Yin, he is truly not someone from my Ancient Buddha Clan because he is a sinful child.” When the party from the Ancient Buddha Clan were surprised, a sneer resounded.

A silhouette stood out behind the azure-clothed man. It was the person who fought with Mu Chen’s party on the Spiritual Jade Island, Gu Shihuang.

“What?!” The Ancient Buddha Clan’s party was shocked when they heard his words before they gave odd looks at Mu Chen. Although Mu Chen had not gone to the Ancient Buddha Clan, everyone knew about him since his mother held a high position in the clan.

“So, you are the Sinful Child that the Grand Elder spoke about!” The silver-robed old man was briefly stunned before his gaze locked onto Mu Chen like a hawk and sneered, “Good, you actually dare to appear before me. Since that’s the case, I will bring you back and hand you over to the Grand Elder today!”

As he spoke, he took a step forth and space trembled. The Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth had formed into shackles and enveloped Mu Chen, forbidding him from escaping.

Suddenly, a hand suddenly pushed out and shattered those shackles.

“Chi Yan, this is a matter of my Ancient Buddha Clan, why is your Ancient Spirit Clan interfering?” The silver-robed old man’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Celestial Chi Yan, who had stood out and blocked Mu Chen.

Celestial Chi Yan shook his head. “You can’t make a move against this brat, or all my efforts would have gone down the drain.”

“Hmph, this is an internal affair of my Ancient Buddha Clan, you have no right to interfere!” The silver-robed old man coldly snorted as he turned to look at the black-robed old old man. “Hei Guang, are you planning on watching this sinful child escape from our grasp? If that’s the case, I’ll see how you are going to answer the Grand Elder!”

The black-robed man who had not spoken also looked at Mu Chen as if he wanted to see through the latter.

After that, he turned to look at the azure-robed man, which the latter nodded his head.

Mu Chen possessed the Peerless Divine Ability, the Three Pures, and if they could capture Mu Chen and obtain the cultivation method, it would be the best.

Obtaining an answer from the azure-robed man, the black-robed old man took a step forth and two Heavenly Sovereigns faced Celestial Chi Yan. This pressure even made the latter’s eyes change and he grasped his hand.Then, the crimson gourd appeared in his hand.

When three Heavenly Sovereigns stood in confrontation, even if they did not utilise a trace of Spiritual Energy, the pressure emanated from them was still terrifying, making everyone here drenched in cold sweat.

When the sleepy old man saw this, his brows knitted as well.

“Hold!” Just when the sleepy old man wanted to speak, and indifferent voice resounded, disrupting the three Heavenly Sovereigns.

Directing their gazes over, they saw that it was the woman that spoke out.

When the silver-robed old man saw this, his gaze flickered, “Elder Qing Xuan, what’s wrong? Do you have an opinion about capturing this sinful child?”

The woman replied with a cold expression, “Don’t be so anxious. Did the two of you forget what the Grand Elder said about no Heavenly Sovereigns making a move against him? Aren’t the two of you breaking the rules?’

Mu Chen was a little shocked before he glanced at the woman. He clearly did not expect that she would speak up for him.

Elder Hei Guang chuckled, “Elder Qing Xuan, this person is a sinful child, why bother about the rules? In my view, we’re not the ones anxious but someone else, right?”

The silver-robed old man also mocked, “I’ve forgotten that Qing Yanjing is your Younger Sister. That means that this sinful child is also your nephew! Why? Are you going to help him today?!”

Mu Chen’s body trembled as he directed his gaze with shock at the woman. This woman was the Big Sister of his mother?!

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