Chapter 1290 - Meeting Wen Qingxuan Again

Chapter 1290 - Meeting Wen Qingxuan Again

When the old woman walked in, her face was cold. Although there wasn’t any Spiritual Energy fluctuation around her, no one dared to belittle her. Anyone that could survive in such a dangerous place possessed some eyesight, so they could naturally feel how terrifying that old woman was.

However, many gazes were briefly lured by the old woman before turning to the slender silhouette.

It was a lady in purple clothes with a slender figure. Especially her legs, which were wrapped under her pants, looking stunning.

She had a bright appearance with a pair of charming eyes that looked like stars, emanating endless vitality. Her azure hair was tied into a ponytail that swung a prideful arc as she walked.

This was a gorgeous woman who looked heroic. When she pursed...

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