Chapter 1287 - Sacred Abyss Continent

Chapter 1287 - Sacred Abyss Continent

The Sacred Abyss Continent resided in the far west of the Great Thousand World.

From a certain degree, this wasn’t a continent but an evolved Lower Plaine that could link with the Great Thousand World and form an independent realm.

In ancient times, this Sacred Abyss Continent was one of the locations that hosted the decisive battle between the Great Thousand World and the Fiend Clans.

Thus, no one knew how many powerhouses fell in the Sacred Abyss Continent. Even the number of Heavenly Sovereigns could be counted on two hands. There were innumerable Divine Abilities, inheritances and even Saint Artifacts lost in it. Over the past few tens of thousands of years, there were those fortunate ones that obtained some inheritances, instantly turning from a nobody to a celebrity overnight…

Because of those past cases, there were also more people in the Great Thousand World that wanted to try their luck…

Although the Sacred Abyss Continent...

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