Chapter 1285 - Secret of the Sacred Abyss

Chapter 1285 - Secret of the Sacred Abyss

Time passed on the Spiritual Jade Island, and in a blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Luo Li and Ling Xi sat side-by-side in a bamboo pavilion with a chessboard on the table for them to kill time. There would also be waves of laughter that occasionally resounded, and it was a beautiful scene that made everything beyond this bamboo pavilion to be overshadowed.

During the time Mu Chen was cultivating, the two ladies had intended on waiting on the island.

As they talked, an elderly figure suddenly appeared in the pavilion with a flash and Celestial Chi Yan had a sour face as he looked at Luo Li. “Lass, are you really not willing to be the Holy Maiden of my Ancient Spirit Clan?”

During this month, Celestial Chi Yan had come numerous times, but all of his invitations were rejected by Luo Li.

This time, Luo Li still helplessly sighed as she apologised, “Senior, I am currently the Empress of the Luo God Clan, how can I abandon them to be the Holy Maiden of the Ancient Spirit...

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