Chapter 1284 - Mother and Son finally meets again

Chapter 1284 - Mother and Son finally meet again

“A gift from my mother?” Mu Chen’s gaze flashed with joy from the depth of his eyes as he looked at Ling Xi. Clearly, the latter’s words had utterly aroused his interest.

With a slight smile, she waved her hand and the blackstone beneath her dazzled before turning into a brilliant starry sky with specks of light, looking akin to stars.

Mu Chen’s gaze was also fixated on the starry sky before he looked at the trajectory of the stars and vaguely felt a profound fluctuation slowly emanating from it.

“Back then, Aunt Jing had cultivated on this Spiritual Jade Island, so there is a lot of comprehension and experiences that she left behind in this piece of Spiritual Black Mirror. This is something that’s been left behind by a genuine Spiritual Array Ancestor, and it’s akin to a treasure for every Spiritual Array Master.” Ling Xi’s gaze was a little blurred as she looked at the starry sky and gently said, “For three years, I have been cultivating here...

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