Chapter 1282 - Celestial Chi Yan

Chapter 1282 - Celestial Chi Yan

That hand was akin to the hand of a deity, filled with towering might that couldn’t be blocked…

But when that hand was about to envelop the region, the space before Mu Chen’s group suddenly shattered and a red gourd bizarrely flew out.

When the gourd appeared, it covered its path in crimson light that looked like the source of a volcano. That crimson luster was actually blazing flames, and every single speck of that crimson light contained a magmic ocean…

The temperature in this region had also soared, even the surrounding region gradually boiled.

An endless crimson luster soared into the sky and clashed with the massive hand. In that instant of the clash, the entire region trembled with countless clouds starting to blaze from the high temperature.

Under that crimson light, the massive hand swiftly dried up with cracks covering it, and in the next moment, that crimson light was petrified.

The hand soon crumbled, before it was reduced to countless fragments of stones that rained down from the sky, lifting shocking waves in this sea...

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