Chapter 1280 - Apocalyptic Heavenly Lion

Chapter 1280 - Apocalyptic Heavenly Lion

The clash caused by soundwaves gradually spread to the distance, causing waves to lift in the Spiritual Jade Island that made it look like an apocalypse.

Standing on the Heavenly Lion Immortal Body, Gu Shihuang’s face was dark. The strength that Mu Chen had displayed left him shocked and, at the same time, killing intense grew denser in his heart.

Although Mu Chen had the powerful Qing Yanjing as his mother, he never used a single resource of the Ancient Buddha Clan. But even so, he was still able to reach such heights at such a young age.

In terms of talent, this Mu Chen might not by any worse than Young Master Xuan Luo, the genius of a thousand years back in their clan.

If there’s a day when Mu Chen could return to the clan, then he might become the most powerful competitor against their Young Master for the Patriarch seat.

As dense killing intent surged in his eyes, Gu Shihuang took a deep breath and his hands formed into seals without any hesitation.

As he formed his seals,...

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