Chapter 1279 - Killing Intent

Chapter 1279 - Killing Intent

When the palm and fist came into contact, the destructive power had instantly caused space around the two of them to collapse. As if it had turned into a black hole that devoured all light.

With a sinister smile hanging on his lips, Gu Shihuang could practically see the scene of Mu Chen being crippled by him in the next moment.

An ear-piercing noise resounded, but when it rang out, Gu Shihuang’s face drastically changed with shock in his eyes.

That’s because, in that instant of the clash, he could clearly sense that the power coming from Mu Chen’s fist far exceeded a Greater Earth Sovereign!

It’s definitely not something that a Greater Earth Sovereign should possess!

As visible shock waves swept out, a thousand miles in radius were leveled to the ground and even left cracks in the surrounding space.

Mud splattered and Mu Chen’s body trembled before he was blown back by the impact. He took over a hundred steps back, leaving a deep footprint on the ground...

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